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"Blasphemer, Heretic, Defiler of the Sacred Ones. Thou art Deprived of Your Limbs. Thy Nose Shall be Split. Thou art Cast Down and Overthrown."-Cast Down The Heretic by Nile

Call of the Void: AYFKM

November 22, 2016


Mixing sludge with violent spasms of hardcore and grind influence, Call Of The Void unleashes AYFKM (Are You Fucking Kidding Me). This EP is riddled with five crushing and pulverizing songs that not only crush skulls but the get embedded in your brain for quite some time as well. As heavy as these songs are they are just as memorable as Call Of The Void imprints each song in your frontal lobe with a heavy hand. You can try all you want, but this EP will get stuck in your head if you even have a head left after listening to this destructive release. If you yourself don’t headbang while listening, Call Of The Void will make you do so regardless until your neck snaps.

Call Of The Void does a great job of sewing hardcore and grind elements into their overall sludge filled sound. Each song on this release is filled with plenty of buzzing and fuzz filled tendencies while Call Of The Void shreds your eardrums and smashes your face in with undeniably heavy and bone breaking grind and hardcore. Right when you begin listening you become surrounded by a wall of noise that you just simply can’t hide or run from. AYFKM does a great job of grabbing your attention from the get go and not letting you go or letting your attention waver until the final song has concluded. AYFKM is a gripping release that you really can’t pull yourself away from.

Through each song Call Of The Void rumbles along with heavy slabs of sludge soaked riffs, spine rattling bass lines, bone jarring drumming and gritty powerful vocals to provide you with an unholy and heavy sound. The sludge filled riffs combined with the onslaught of grind and hardcore that Call Of The Void brings to the table just ups the intensity and provides you with an even heavier listen. All five songs make you feel as though you have been stomped into the ground by an anvil, but when the whole EP is over you feel the need to get right back up and submit yourself to another beating.

AYFKM is a very intoxicating listen that get stamped into your mind after just a single listen. As mentioned above, this release is hard to stop listening to and you end up having a hard time peeling yourself off of your speakers. The sound is heavy, production is great and the songwriting is on point as well and with everything being mixed together so well, you get a listen that is unbelievably heavy and memorable

AYFKM will be released December 16, 2016 through Translation Loss Records.

You can find and pre-order this record here.

To find everything Translation Loss, you can check them out on their website.

You can find Call Of The Void on Facebook and Twitter.

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