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Speedwhore: On the Verge of Dysfunction

November 28, 2016

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When combining black metal and thrash what you get is a cacophony of sound, a blitzkrieg of metal, and with Speedwhore and their newest EP that is exactly what you get. On the Verge of Dysfunction is the title of their EP and it sports seven total songs that are jam packed with ripping, high octane blackened thrash. On the Verge of Dysfunction is an aural assault that just doesn’t quit until your head is screwed on backwards. There are only two spots in this release where you will get reprieve from an all out assault, and that is at the very beginning of the listen when the intro is playing, and about halfway through when an interlude of sorts makes an appearance. Other than that, On the Verge of Dysfunction is seven straight songs of harsh, face shredding and violent blackened thrash.

This release by these demons is set at a blistering pace to the point where your head and neck can’t keep up with how fast you do and need to headbang to each song. Each song is a maelstrom of metal and as soon as you press play you become trapped in the storm that is On the Verge of Dysfunction. All seven songs on this release are a violent, whiplash inducing display of blackened death metal and as this EP rolls along you feel more and more inclined to thrash about, destroy whatever is in your immediate area and headbang until it just isn’t possible to anymore.

All throughout On the Verge of Dysfunction you get razor sharp cutting riffs, rumbling bass lines, tumultuous drumming and gravel filled venomous vocals coupled with high pitched screams on occasion. Each of these elements comes together to create a heavy intoxicating listen that when it is over you just can’t help it but to listen all over again. The sound that pumps through your speakers is raw blasphemy that you can’t get out of your head. After the listen is over you have these songs stuck in your head where the riffs bounce around and you end up air guitaring without realizing it.

Overall, this EP is a solid one and with it only being an EP there is a lot of content packed in. All seven songs are solid and there isn’t one on this release that you would want to skip. On the Verge of Dysfunction is a release that will please the ears of thrash and black metal fans alike.

You can check Speedwhore out on Bandcamp.

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