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"Blasphemer, Heretic, Defiler of the Sacred Ones. Thou art Deprived of Your Limbs. Thy Nose Shall be Split. Thou art Cast Down and Overthrown."-Cast Down The Heretic by Nile

Phase Order: S/T

November 12, 2016

Heavy metal and rock are inherently noisy which is why there is a genre dubbed noise rock, and belonging to that group is Phase Order. Now, Phase Order doesn’t just play noise rock as that is only one element to their overall buzzing sound as they sew in elements of sludge and stoner metal to create a fuzzed out and spine buzzing sound overall. With their new self titled EP they provide you with three new tracks that provide you with that heavy, hard rocking, buzzing and unforgettable sound. Through three songs you become buried under waves of down tuned fuzzed out riffs that get your head nodding immediately and consistently throughout.

Phase Order begins this new EP with a track titled The Idiot I which is soon followed up by The Idiot II. Both of these songs are played at an up tempo pace which gets you headbanging right off the bat. These songs are the type of songs that need to be played as loud as they possibly can so your neighbors five doors down can even hear it. The Idiot II acts as an extension of the first song so as the first song ends the next immediately begins, so if you thought that you would possible be able to give your neck a break between songs you would be mistaken. Phase Order does a great job of keeping you engaged in the music to keep you listening all throughout until the final song has concluded.

Boiler is the title of the final track which is a fourteen minute noise rock and sludge epic. Boiler leads you in with a short intro and as soon as that intro is over you get socked in the mouth with smooth yet harsh and loud metal. There aren’t any vocals in this song, so what you end up getting is fourteen minutes of nothing but pure, heavy, and murky sludge filled rock. If the first two songs didn’t burst your speakers because of all of the fuzz, this song definitely will. The best part about Boiler is the fact that there isn’t any filler, so for fourteen straight minutes you are being bombarded with sludge laced rock.

Through each song you get a lethal dosing of brain rattling riffs, thick bass lines, acrobatic drumming and vocals that have been mixed to be just as fuzz filled as the rest of the music. You just can’t escape from all of the speaker vibrating riffs and as soon as you press play you nearly immediately get buried under it all. This self titled EP is a great listen that provides you with plenty of content to tide you over until a full length is to make an appearance. If you like noise rock, sludge, stoner metal or just some good o’l kick ass metal, then this EP is just the right fit for you.

You can find this EP right on Bandcamp.


Dekadent: Veritas

November 11, 2016

With a unique approach to black metal Dekadent provides you with harsh and damning tones with softer and more melodic tones to create an intriguing listen. Dekadent does a great job of balancing the two completely different tones and sewing them together to create a cohesive and heavy sound. On one side Dekadent can display the raw power and sheer flesh cleaving ability of black metal and on the other hand they display the ability to play softer almost serene tones at times. And even though there are melodic moments of music that isn’t so damning that never takes any heaviness away from the overall sound at all.

Veritas is a captivating listen that grabs your attention from the beginning never to let go until the final song has concluded. Whether you would like it to or not, this release sucks you in from minute one and before you know it this record is stuck in your head and you just can’t get it out. Even with the longer run times on each of the songs that make an appearance on this release, you never feel burdened to finish the record as it feels like no time at all between the times when you press play and when the final note sounds.

This record is harsh at times but other times it is completely hypnotizing and as mentioned above Dekadent does a great job of balancing both sounds. There is a lot to listen for in this record and a lot of music to soak in and with that being said this record warrants a few more listens than just one. Veritas has a ton of layers to it and the more you listen the deeper into those layers you will dig and find new sounds and elements that you may not have noticed the first time around. Dekadent does a pack quite a bit into this release but that just makes it that much more enjoyable.

Dekadent has created a twisting and turning record that throws you for loops than you can keep up with. You never get the same sound twice and each song really is different as Dekadent mixes in songs that have both the symphonic elements and black metal elements as well as songs that have more one than the other. With that being said, through each song you get hellish buzzing riffs, thick bass lines, solid destructive drumming, and savage throat ripping vocals that are only to be complimented further by angelic choir vocals in certain songs.

To push each song further and add and extra element to each song are the symphonic elements. These elements paint harsh and bleak soundscapes that you can get lost in very easily. A lot of the time throughout Veritas the symphonic sounds compliment the harsher black metal tones, so as you are getting shredded by punishing black metal you still drift through nearly serene soundscapes. This is just another element that draws you into this album more and more as well as another element that makes this record that much more memorable.

Veritas is a highly intoxicating record that you have a hard time forgetting after listening. This is a record that does take a few more listens to soak in because of all of the elements that are sewn into it, but you never mind listening to it again. This is a record that any black metal fan would listen to and enjoy as well as one that shouldn’t be looked over.

Originally released in 2015, Veritas was just recently released through Graven Earth Records in tape form and that can be found right here.

Furia: Księżyc milczy luty

November 10, 2016


When an album grips you right from the very beginning, you know that you are in for a treat of a listen. Księżyc milczy luty is the newest offering from Nekrofolk band Furia, and this release packs six songs that do a great job of taking over your world while they are playing. As soon as you press play you get lost in the harsh and terrifying yet vast soundscapes that Furia provides. As usual, Furia mixes soft folk elements with harsher hard rocking elements to create a sound that really is all their own. This sound that they have named Nekrofolk is mesmerizing and incredibly hypnotic and before you know it you’re ten listens deep.

Each song is unforgettable and Księżyc milczy luty sticks with you for some time after listening, but just one listen does not do this record justice. Not only does one listen not do this record justice, but more than one listen is warranted as there is so much to soak up through six songs that you find something new each time you listen. All six songs are crafted very well and from one song to the next you never hear the same thing twice. There is plenty to listen for in this record and the more that you do listen the more you get sucked in and the less likely it is for you to put it down.

With Księżyc milczy luty, Furia does a great job of keeping your attention all throughout. Even though the run times of the six songs are pretty lengthy you never really feel as though you are listening to a lengthy album. The more that you listen the more that you get wrapped up in the smooth folk melodies, harsh black metal and vast soundscapes and as mentioned above, the more you listen, the less you want the album to stop. From note one Furia grabs your attention and keeps it all the way through the last note, and as soon as that last note is played you end up pressing play again and again.

Księżyc milczy luty is a wondrous listen that never gets stale no matter how many times you play it. Even if you have listened to the record a dozen times that thirteenth listen still feels like the first. This is just one hell of a solid record that just keeps moving and keeps spinning in your CD player until you wear it completely out. The way that Furia keeps you listening (among other ways of course) is that they have absolutely zero filler within this record. From back to front you get a wholly unique and heavy sound with nothing else in between but more hypnotic metal. There is no fluff, fillers or anything else in this record, and what you can expect upon pressing play is nothing but very well executed Nekrolk.

There is no way that you can go wrong with this release. It’s melodic, harsh when need be, Furia provides you with vast soundscapes, the production is great and the musicianship is great as well. Furia hit the nail on the head with Księżyc milczy luty and really have created one hell of an excellent album that no one should be passing up.

Księżyc milczy luty will be out through Pagan Records November 14, 2016.

Check out Furia and other bands that are a part of the “Let The World Burn” collective here.

All things Pagan Records can be found on their website and you can throw them a like right on Facebook. For Twitter follow them here and you can find them right on Bandcamp as well.

Morbid Panzer: Only The Total Death

November 9, 2016


Hailing from Germany is Morbid Panzer and above is the cover art for their newest EP titled Only The Total Deathwhich sports two songs of blackened fury. Morbid Panzer mix in death metal and thrash with their brand of black metal to create a chaotic and completely shredding sound. With just two songs on this record Morbid Panzer gets your head nodding with their violent brand of blackened metal and not only that but they leave you wanting more music than they provide on this EP.

Morbid Panzer leads you into this EP with a skin crawling intro and as soon as that is over you get your ear holes blasted with dissonant blasphemy and from then on Morbid Panzer don’t let up. After that intro Morbid Panzer kicks into over drive and lets loose and for two straight songs you just can’t help but to headbang into oblivion. Each song is sinister and twisting and in both songs you get a balanced and fair amount of thrash, black metal and death metal. Morbid Panzer does a great job of sewing each genre together to create a cohesive and heavy sound.

Through both songs you get ripping and razor sharp riffs coupled with heavy bass lines and tumultuous drumming. Pushing their way through the sonic assault are the vocals that transition between gravel filled highs to banshee screams that just add to the already abrasive sound. The musicianship is on point and the production is raw and dissonant and with everything sewn together what you get is a heavy and bleak sound. To wrap the EP up nicely, Morbid Panzer adds an outro to the closing song that is just as skin crawling as the intro to the beginning of this EP.

Only The Total Death is a short but good listen that does leave you wanting more. Both songs are face ripping and heavy and if you are a fan of black metal, thrash, or death metal, you can’t go wrong with this EP.

Gravehuffer: Your Fault

November 9, 2016


When “crusty” isn’t enough to describe a crusty metal band, you know that the crust is well off the charts. Gravehuffer sounds like a straight forward death metal band name and while Gravehuffer does mix death metal in that isn’t all that they bring to the table. Gravehuffer uses death metal, elements of thrash, hardcore, punk and even more to create a sound that is all their own, they create crust. Your Fault is the name of their newest release and this record seems to be caked complete filth and it seems that the filthier the music, the better for Gravehuffer.

During an ominous intro for the opening track titled Gravehuffer a deep voice permeates all of the ominous sounds like the stench of a cadaver festering in the walls of your house. After the intro Gravehuffer lays the hammer down and pumps out song after song of incredibly filthy and grime filled metal. Each song is just as filthy as the last and Gravehuffer seems to revel in all of it. As mentioned before, the filthier the better and Gravehuffer provides enough filth for you and whoever it is that is sitting within earshot of your music.

Throughout this record there are songs that are just above one minute as well as just below one minute long but there isn’t any filler. There are no interludes or intros to songs (save for the opening track) there is only metal and plenty of it. Gravehuffer doesn’t quit until your head is rolling around on the ground because you were headbanging too much, and really this record gets you headbanging right off the bat. These songs are infectious and stay with you like a worm that has infested itself inside of your brain. No matter whether you want these songs to get stuck in your head or not they just do.

Each song is filled with more than your fair share of putrid riffs, spine rattling bass lines, acrobatic drumming and vocals that seem to be coated in a nice thick coating of sludge and muck themselves. With each element combined what you get is an undeniably disgusting sound that ultimately clogs your speakers as well as your ear holes. The musicianship is on point and crusty as it is and that combined with the production adding even more crust, sooner or later you just get buried.

Your Fault is a very entertaining listen that gets your head nodding right away, and not only that but these songs do get stuck in your head. Your Fault is a solid record that you find yourself listening to over and over again and this record definitely does warrant plenty more than just a single rotation. If you are looking for an album that is entertaining and unbelievably dirty, then you really don’t have to look any further than Your Fault.

Check out Gravehuffer and throw them a like on Facebook and you can find them right on Bandcamp as well.

Arriver: Emeritus

November 5, 2016


Emeritus is the name of the newest record by progressive metallers Arriver, and within this record you get five songs that tell the story of the catastrophic Chernobyl incident. Through these five songs you become immersed in great and memorable story telling and metal. Through these songs Arriver shows off different genres such as doom, death metal, thrash and others to create a sound that is all their own. From one song to the next you never know what sound you will be getting next and more often than not you get a little bit of everything in each song.

The sound of Arriver is kaleidoscopic and very hard to pigeonhole. As mentioned above doom, death metal and a little thrash show up now and then but that doesn’t even touch the surface. Arriver doesn’t sound like any one genre at any given time and in stating that they don’t sound a whole lot like any other band out there. This inventive sound is all their own which makes for a listen that much more unique and intriguing. Since Arriver’s sound is so diverse there is quite a lot to listen to and for within this record which makes it one that needs to be listened to more than just one time.

Emeritus is a twisting and turning record that keeps you on the edge of your seat all throughout. From one second to the next you could be listening to a sound that is completely different than the one you heard a second ago and that particular sound may be one that you never have heard before in previous songs. Arriver takes you on a roller coaster with this record as you never know what you are about to hear, and really that is just one more element that makes this record that much better.

Not only does Arriver display great musical wizardry, but they provide you with enough atmosphere to have your mind floating through Chernobyl. Not only do they make your mind wander through Chernobyl itself, but at times Arriver makes you feel as though you are there at the time of the incident. This album rips you away from the comfort of your couch and transplants you in a time of absolute menace. Emeritus encompasses you and spits you right back out when it is through with you as there isn’t one song on this release that you would think of skipping.

Arriver displays great technical musicianship, provides you with plenty of atmosphere and spins you captivating story all in one and really that’s more than you can ask for. Emeritus is one hell of a listen that demands your attention and keeps it all throughout. This album warrants well more than just one listen and after one you feel the need to press play again anyway. Emeritus is a well executed, written and produced record that everyone should be looking for.

Emeritus will be released through Scioto Records on December 2, 2016.

Kratornas: Devoured By Damnation

November 5, 2016

Dead burning.jpg

There are a lot of bands that are evil and sound like they came straight from hell, but not all of those bands have the potential to instill fear into Jesus and that is what Kratornas has the ability to do. The cover that you see above is for their new song Dead Burning Christ, however Devoured By Damnation is the name of their new blasphemous release and this ten track record is just enough to make the blood boil of Christ himself. Each song sounds as though evil incarnate has been pumped into them and when played they unleash a hellish fury.

With their brand of chaotic black metal combined with some grindcore, Kratornas aim to rip the faces off of anyone who comes within earshot. There is zero time to be prepared before you listen and since there aren’t any fillers in this record to give you a breather you end up suffocating under the volatile black metal. Kratornas rolls song after song with no space in between so you go from one pummeling song to the next and after a listen you look like you have been fed into a meat processor. Devoured By Damnation is a venomous and wholly violent neck twisting album that mutilates you and your soul beyond recognition.

Devoured By Damnation is complete chaos from the very second that the first note hits your shredded ear drums. What you get pouring out of your speakers is a complete barrage of blackened fury that pummels you straight into your cold dark grave. Devoured By Damnation is entirely unforgiving and doesn’t think twice before beating you into submission. Each track is blasphemous enough to make anyone turn in their grave especially Jesus, and if he had any plans of coming back and heard this record he would crawl back into his cave.

With lacerating riffs being coupled by spastic and bone shattering drumming you have no choice but to headbang until your skull cracks. Not only is the musicianship itself sinister but the vocals that force themselves through the wall of soul draining metal are just as potent and venomous. To make this record completely damning and visceral is the raw production. With everything combined Kratornas has created something with this record that is unbelievably sinister. This heaven corrupting album as chaotic and damning as it is is also intoxicating and hard to shake as one listen just doesn’t cut it.

Devoured By Damnation is a disgusting, filthy and damning record that would make any highly religious person jump off of the nearest bridge. With all hyperbole aside, Devoured By Damnation is a great listen that is just as violent as it is memorable and intoxicating.

You can watch the video as well as listen to the song Dead Burning Christ right here.

Devoured By Damnation will be out December 2, 2016 through Grathila Records.

Witchmaster/Voidhanger: Razing the Shrines of Optimism

November 5, 2016


When you have two blasphemous blackened thrash metal bands all on one split, the outcome is that of total chaos and blasphemy and that is exactly what you get with this Witchmaster and Voidhanger split. The first five songs belong to Witchmaster which is one new track, a cover and three live ones and the second half of the split belongs to Voidhanger which sports three new tracks as well. Razing the Shrines of Optimism does exactly as the title says. It smashes all optimism, hope and obliterates anything else that could be good in your life and these bands have no second thoughts about it.

Each song between both bands are blasphemous, soul shredding and entirely damning. As soon as you begin listening you become surrounded in nothing but barbaric and relentless blackened thrash. Each song is a maelstrom of hate and completely shredding metal and after one listen you will be lucky to have all of your skin attached to your flesh and your flesh still attached to your bones. Both Witchmaster and Voidhanger play at a dizzying speed that gets you headbanging until you finally twist your melon right off of your neck leaving nothing but a stump.

Razing the Shrines of Optimism is a chaotic yet highly intoxicating and memorable listen that gets you headbanging right off the bat and after one listen is over you press play again only to bruise your brain more than you did the time before. Both Witchmaster and Voidhanger do a great job of getting you involved in the record and getting you engrossed and keeping you listening all throughout the aural assault. There are absolutely zero breathers throughout this split since when one song finishes another equally pulverizing song takes its place to further bury you in your final frigid resting place.

Each of the eight songs on this record are filled with venomous and razor sharp riffs, tumultuous drumming and unholy vocals that would rip the throat and vocal chords out of any mortal man. Not only is the musicianship itself dangerous but the hellish soundscapes that come along with the music are just as detrimental to your health. Once you begin listening you become dragged into the darkest and deepest depths of hell with no way at all to climb out.

If there was an apocalypse and Satan himself crawled out of his burning pit of hell fire, this split would be added to the playlist to our (un)timely demise. Overall, this split is a great head caving and soul stealing listen as it gets you involved early as you begin headbanging from note one and don’t stop until the release is finally over. Razing the Shrines of Optimism is packed with great songs from two great bands that you just can’t seem to stop listening to.

Check out a disturbing video for Voidhanger’s song Burnout Hearts Exhibition.

Razing the Shrines of Optimism will be released through Third Eye Temple.

Check out everything Third Eye Temple right on Bandcamp as well.

And you can find them and throw them a like on Facebook.

Un: Tomb of All Things

November 5, 2016


Doom is a genre that is suppose to wrap you up in atmosphere and have your mind waft through vast and twisting soundscapes, and with Tomb of All Things that is what Un had done when this record was originally unleashed. Originally released in December of last year, Tomb of All Things will be getting the tape treatment as the tape version will be released November 11, 2016. For those of you that are already familiar with Un and their work this tape is a great addition to your collection, and if you are unfamiliar with them, this is something that you wouldn’t want to pass up.

After a two and a half minute atmospheric intro, Un immediately hits you with their brand of dark and melancholic doom. From note one you become engrossed and wrapped up in all of the atmosphere that they have to offer. Even though each song on this record is on the longer side you never really realize it as Un does a great job of grabbing your attention right from the get go and keeping it. There isn’t a song on this record that you feel you need to skip as every single one of them is powerful and highly memorable and when done listening, you feel the need to press play and enter the dark twisting soundscapes that Un provides.

Tomb of All Things is a massive album packed with enough low and slow doom to last you for the rest of the year. Whether you realize it or not you get wrapped up in the music so much that you could be five listens deep and you wouldn’t know it. Tomb of All Things is an all encompassing record that once you begin listening you become shrouded in dark and abyssal atmospheres and soundscapes from which you can’t and don’t want to escape. The style of doom in which Un plays is almost enchanting and completely mesmerizing as not only do they provide you with speaker busting fuzz filled riffs, but they also balance that out with melancholic yet serene moments when you aren’t getting buffeted by a wall of unrelenting abyssal doom.

Un incorporates buzzing back breaking riffs as well as solid drum work, thick bass lines and unearthly monstrous vocals. With all of that combined with dense and head spinning atmosphere what you get is an interesting and enveloping listen that you just can’t quit. The more that you listen the more that you get buried under all of the atmosphere as well as the solid and powerful musicianship and the deeper you are into your listens the harder it is to put the record down.

Tomb of All Things was a monolithic record when it was first released and it still is a monolithic release nearly a year later and it will continue to be for quite some time. This is a massive record that folds you into a cacophony of atmosphere and excellent doom. Tomb of All Things was and still is a great record that supplies you with so much more than just doom and not only that, but this record is a great one for doom fans of any kind that love heavy soul crushing riffs, great song writing and production wrapped all into one abyssal package.

To find Tomb of All Things and to pre-order you can do so on Bandcamp.

Nulla+: Stornelli Distopici

November 2, 2016

Seeping up from the Italian metal underground is Nulla+ and above is the cover for their debut record titled Stornelli Distopici. Nulla+ plays a brand of metal that is a cross between black metal, hardcore and some death metal and that mixture is what you get across eleven chaotic tracks. These Italians lay the hammer down quick and as soon as you press play this record takes off without looking back. For the most part the songs that appear on this record are pretty short-save for a few songs-and that makes for a suffocating and wild ride to the end.

Stornelli Distopici is a violent and unapologetic release that grabs you by the throat right from the get go and doesn’t let go until the final song has concluded. From note one Nulla+ pushes you straight into a violent maelstrom of blackened fury that does everything it can to rip your head off and tear your eardrums to shreds. Not only is this record violent, but with the raw production that accompanies these songs it only makes listening that much more detrimental.

Not every single minute of this blasphemous record is filled with face peeling and flesh shredding metal as Nulla+ tones it down a notch to provide a more down tempo yet soul eating sound. The down tempo moments don’t come all too often however and when they do it is only for a fleeting moment before they rev the pace back up to a whiplash inducing tempo. With all of that being said, there isn’t much time to breathe when listening to Stornelli Distopici as each and every minute and second is filled with raw and pummeling metal.

With black metal and hardcore being the main staples of the sound that pours out of your speakers you should expect nothing less than a chaotic and frenzied sound. All throughout this record you get subjected to a complete mauling by vicious and razor sharp riffs, utterly spastic drumming and vocals that sound as though the vocalist will need a new throat. Once you press play all of this rains down upon you in blackened fury until you headbang straight into oblivion. It’s hard not to headbang to this as much as you can as Nulla+ gets you right in the mood to do so from minute one.

With a raw and pulverizing sound Stornelli Distopici sucks you in and keeps you listening until you have had your fill of blackened hardcore. Overall, this is a good solid debut and listen that needs to be cranked beyond what your stereo will allow.

You can find Stornelli Distopici right on Bandcamp and you can find Nulla+ and throw them a like right on Facebook.

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