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"Blasphemer, Heretic, Defiler of the Sacred Ones. Thou art Deprived of Your Limbs. Thy Nose Shall be Split. Thou art Cast Down and Overthrown."-Cast Down The Heretic by Nile

Featured Interview: Inquiring Blood

December 24, 2016

Earlier this week I was fortunate enough to ask Inquiring Blood some questions and they were kind enough to answer what questions I did have for them. Below is the full interview! Enjoy!

Can you tell me a little bit about how Inquiring Blood got started?

Daniel: Marco and Florian shared a rehearsal room with their previous bands. After both bands split up at almost the same time, they decided to start a project together. I came by later and started to play bass. When I first sang to one or two songs we decided that I should stick to that and we looked for a bass player. Lars joined us about seven years ago and made us complete again, after we split up with our former bass player.

When/how did the name Inquiring Blood come about, and what other names were you considering?

Daniel: At first we were called TriSynergy, but that sounded not metal at all. We were finding our style and Marco wrote a song which had the combination “inquiring blood” in it. We thought that it sounded cool and that’s it. No special thoughts or intention behind the name. It just felt right at that moment, so we took it.

Was there ever a time after forming Inquiring Blood where you thought that you would have gone in a different direction other than death metal?

Daniel: We came from very different origins of music, so we played a cool mixture of all that styles in the beginning. Marco wrote all our songs back then so the riffs were always a bit connected to what he was listening to in that period. Our drummer played a very groovy style to that riffs and I tried to shout and growl onto these songs. I think we’ve kept that mixture the whole time. I think death metal always was our destiny 

Born in a Grave was/is an album that gets quite a bit of praise. Did you feel any pressure at all trying to create a record that would follow Born in a Grave?

Daniel: I don’t think pressure is the right word, I would say it was the high demands on ourselves which was most important. We really like what we do and we really love our fans and all of the positive feedback we got for our last album, but all we tried was fulfill our own expectations and maybe try to evolve within our own style.

Can you tell a little bit about how you went about the writing and recording process for this record?

Daniel: Lars and Marco had many ideas, which they recorded at home and brought to our rehearsal room, where we discussed them and decided on which we would choose for our pre-production. That’s a big difference we made to our last album; we chose to pre-record every song to know how we feel about them in a moderate sound. After we had 20 songs done, we made a democratic decision on which songs we want to have on our album. It came down to the 12 tracks which are on “Morbid Creation”. Then we recorded the drums and bass in a studio, Marco made the guitars in our rehearsal room with his professional equipment and afterwards I put on the shouts, screams and growls in the studio again. The mixing and mastering was done by Kohlekeller Studios and we’re very proud of the results.

I personally really enjoy that each song on Morbid Creation is bass heavy, you can hear it very well. Was that a conscious decision or did the songs just end up being that way?

Daniel: At first one couldn’t really hear the bass that good, it was kind of quiet and buzzing, but after our bass player described how he would like his bass to sound, we discussed a bit and Kai from Kohlekeller did a very good job to realize his expectations. So it totally was a conscious decision.

Can you tell a little bit about how your current label found you and how it has been getting support from the label?

Daniel: Kay from Kernkraftritter Records came to me one day and asked if we wanted to join his label with our new record. We didn’t hesitate and accepted his offer on the spot. His support is really amazing. He is such a passionate, hard working guy and makes us feel very good. He does a lot of promotional work even though we got ourselves a promotional agency, he tries to do a lot more that we would ever expect him to do, so it’s totally worth it.

Morbid Creation is going to be released here in just a week, and after its release what do you have planned next?

Daniel: By the time this interview is done, it’s already out and we’re really excited about it. I’m trying to book as many shows as possible so we can promote and present our new baby to the metal scene all over the country. Some shows are already booked and hopefully there are many more to come. Our “Morbid Creation” release show will be in January where we hope to party with friends and fans that the album is finally there.

I just have a few standard questions I like to ask. The first is: who/what band has influenced you the most throughout your career?

Daniel: I always think about the bands I started with, so I must say it’s Metallica, George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher from Cannibal Corpse, Destruction, Abbath from Immortal and Kataklysm.

What album has influenced you the most throughout the years?

Daniel: I guess that would be “The Antichrist” from Destruction and the “Live Sh!t” from Metallica.

If you were to play with one person that is alive today who would that be?

Daniel: I would play with Behemoth any day.

And finally, is there anything in conclusion that you would like to add?

Daniel: Thanks to everybody who is interested in our music and is keeping the local scene and the underground including it’s bands alive!

Thank you very much for your time and for answering the questions that I had!

Daniel: Thanks for having us!


Morbid Creation is out now through Kernkraftritter Records!

Shotgunner: Feliz Navidad

December 23, 2016


Are you tired of the regular old Christmas songs? And are you looking to spice up your holidays with some heavy metal Christmas songs? Well you are in luck and you don’t have to look that far as Shotgunner provides you with four songs on their new EP titled Feliz Navidad and these songs are sure to bring you Christmas joy as well as make you want to drink and party until you pass the fuck out. This EP is incredibly entertaining and no matter how many times you listen you just end up having fun. You can’t not listen to Feliz Navidad without cracking a smile on your face and drinking a pint or twelve.

These are the perfect songs to get smashed to, headbang to and open gifts to and trust me when I say that these four songs are definitely family appropriate. Each of the four songs that are on this release are incredibly infectious and no matter how bad of a mood you are in they will provide you with a laugh and fill you with plenty of Christmas joy. Shotgunner kicks this release off right with Let’s Party Merry Gentleman which gets you in the mood to pour up some drinks for yourself and have yourself a blissful booze riddled Christmas. Let’s Party Merry Gentleman is followed by Lay Ride-which I’m sure you can guess what that is all about-Holy Pint and finally Feliz Navidad. No matter which song you are listening to you know it’s going to be a good time.

Not only are the song titles entertaining but the lyrics are a riot themselves and you will find yourself singing these songs to yourself before you know it. Feliz Navidad is an EP that you can get into especially at this time of year and it is meant to be played loud and with a drink in everyone’s hand. The four songs on this release are just an overall good time and that is certainly undeniable. If you don’t crack a smile and sing along to these songs your Christmas spirit and joy may be in question. Shotgunner does a great job of creating fun songs that are wholly infectious and just a ton of fun to listen to and aside from the joyous Christmas aspect these songs can get quite heavy save for Holy Pint. Each song is filled with solid riffing, rumbling bass lines, heavy drumming and vocals that are clean and clear and transition between a gravely clean and an even more clean vocal.

So the musicianship is great, production is good and Shotgunner provides you with eleven minutes of pure fun. Feliz Navidad certainly is an EP that you want to break out during Christmas to fill your house with plenty of heavy metal joy!

Also extra bonus points for the Edmonton Oilers jersey on the cover.

Hymn: Perish

December 21, 2016

hymn cover.jpg

Following up their 2013 EP with a full length is Hymn and their full length is titled Perish. Perish is filled to the brim with six songs that amass a total run time that is close to fifty minutes and within those minutes you get heavy, loud, emotional and entirely brutal metal. Their brand of doom is uncompromising and unforgettable and as soon as you press play you will find it difficult to peel yourself away from the speakers as the tunes that these heathens provide are completely intoxicating. Hymn has a knack for grabbing your attention from the start and keeping it until the final note has sounded off.

Even with the long run times that these songs sport you never feel as though it is a burden to keep listening. Perish is an easy album to get along with even though at certain points it tries to brutalize you and push the limits of your ear drums. This release is one that you can sink your teeth into and completely enjoy over and over again no matter how many times it is that you decide to listen to it. Even in its heavy nature Perish does provide you with moments of calm and serenity at times but those are for brief moments and those moments are calms before the storm really decides to tear you to pieces.

Throughout this release you get a multitude of sounds that range from the low, slow burning sounds, to heavier stomping, head caving sounds, to full scale romping sounds to even the slower more calm elements. Hymn does a great job of mixing all of these together to create a wholly unique, intriguing and heavy listen that isn’t soon forgettable. From one song to the next and even one minute to the next you never really know what Hymn will be providing you next. Hymn does a great job of keeping you interested with all of the different sounds and elements that they do provide and with each listen you end up finding something new.

From song to song Hymn provides you with down tuned rib shattering riffs, jarring bass lines, heavy drumming and vocals that are screamed at you from every  conceivable direction. To go along with all of that is an anvil heavy and raw production itself that adds yet another heavy element to the music. Each song is well crafted and put together and the musicianship is on point which provides you with a headbanging, sinister and emotional listen that you may need to prepare yourself for. Whatever it is that you do you just cannot escape the anvil heavy, slow burning doom that shifts into overdrive more often than not. You just can’t seem to shake the songs that are on this release and even if you try they tend to follow you.

Overall this record is a great listen that provides you with tons of content and plenty to listen for. Hymn is not a one dimensional band and they provide you many different looks into doom. Perish is an unrelenting tower of destruction and this release should be on the radars of anyone who really does enjoy doom or just some straight up heavy fucking music.

Perish will be out February 17, 2017 through Svart Records.

Matanza: Cadaveres / Encontrados Muerte / Muertos

December 20, 2016

This is a three part review for the band Matanza and their releases Cadaveres, Encontrados Muerte and Muertos. Check it out below and enjoy!



After releasing demos in 2006 and 2007 Cadaveres is the first EP that Matanza released. This record includes four original songs as well as a cover of a Brujeria and Mortician song. This EP is just as disgusting as you would like it to be or as disgusting as you would like your gore grind/death metal fusion to be. After a brief intro of gun fire, sirens, people screaming and what sounds like bodies being dismembered, Matanza shoves you into this EP head first. After the intro you get subjected to heavy, harsh and viscera covered music and after a listen you feel as though you need to bathe.

Each song on this release is filled with machine gun drumming, slashing riffs, heavy bass lines and vocals that tend to transition between gutturals, deeper gutturals and pig squeals with the gutturals taking precedence. You really don’t get to catch much of a break when listening to this EP as Matanza rolls out song after song of purely disgusting and filthy gore grind. After one listen you would be lucky to walk away with your head as it may be added to the collection of skulls that you see above.

“Cadaveres” is a ripping and flesh tearing release that gets your headbanging early on. Even though the songs on this EP are fairly short, Matanza manages to pack quite a big and heavy punch with each song. No matter which song it is that you are listening to you just can’t escape all of the sickness that is packed into this EP and with there only being four original songs present here Matanza packs a ton of vile noise that has all of the capability to tear you apart.

When this was first released this was a great jumping off point for Matanza as five years later in 2012 they would release their very first full length record.


Image result for matanza encontrados muertos

Encontrados Muertos is the very first full length from Matanza and the follow up to their Cadaveres EP. This first full length unleashes eleven tracks of complete and utter chaos, grime and everything gore and viscera. Encontrados Muertos of course follows relatively the same formula as its predecessor but with even tighter musicianship and vocals that were honed to be even more savage and unrelenting. While listening to this record you become trapped in a tornado of putrid flesh, rotted bodies, stagnant blood and decapitated heads and Matanza wouldn’t have it any other way.

As soon as you press play you understand what you have gotten yourself into and that is one wild gore filled ride to your ultimate demise. Before you know it you end up looking like the poor saps above in the cover art. Each song on this record is lacerating and purely detrimental to your well being. Out of the eleven songs on this release all eleven have a complete disdain and disregard for human life and as the record goes on it continues to bulldoze through anyone and anything.

Encontrados Muertos is a raw and savage record that seems to be out for blood. It is an unrelenting record that aims straight for the jugular right off the bat and doesn’t stop hacking you up until all of your innards are finally outside of your body. Within the four years between releases Matanza found another hate and gore filled vein and pumped this record full of even more vile and disgusting sounds. As mentioned above with their EP you feel as though you need to bathe afterward, but after this listen you feel the need to soak for at least a year.

Through each song you get more of the same gut ripping riffs, skull caving bass lines, chaotic drumming and savage vocals that sound as though the singer was gargling blood while recording. You get more of the same yet it is all refined and put together better than on their first EP. Encontrados Muertos is a well put together assault that is just bursting at the seams with truck loads of gore and fetid cadavers. The sound is unmistakable just like cries are before death and this record is as brutalizing as it can get.

Overall this record is solid and is for any fan that is remotely interested in gore grind and death metal. It packs everything in here that you would want to hear from this type of band and then some.


Just last year in July Matanza’s newest EP Muertos was released with seven new tracks including a re-recorded version of the song Violador Canibal and four live tracks. Muertos picks up right where Encantrados Muertos left off as Matanza provides you with even more flesh tearing and horror filled music to leave you looking like you just got fed into a wood chipper. The seven new tracks on Muertos are an even further evolution of what Matanza was already doing on Encantrados Muertos as these songs are put together very well, the run times are a little longer and more death metal elements are added in than before.

It seems as though Matanza took menacing to a different level on this EP than that of previous releases. Each song on this track is a complete beat down making you feel bruised and bloodied and after it is all said and done you still want to press play again. Muertos is a stomping slaughterhouse that spits up bloodied pulps and entrails wherever you are playing it. Not only that but to me the sound seems louder than on previous records as well which makes you want to play the music louder than ever before until your neighbors really do think that you are a serial killer.

The raw and bloodied production is still there even though that is more refined as well. You still get the same slit throats ask questions later approach as well that works well on the other releases as well. Muertos is a barbaric listen that keeps coming at you aiming straight for your head until it has fallen clean off of your shoulders. Heavy buzzing riffs grace your gnarled ears and speaker busting bass lines rattle your spine as the drums kick and pummel their way through your chest and the vocals get better and even more menacing.

With everything put together you get one homicidal listen and with the three releases combined you get a collective listen that is just simply out to make you headbang and let all of your blood. The first EP certainly is geared more toward fans of gore grind, the second record caters toward both death metal and gore grind fans alike, and the third EP has a great mixture of both where you just can’t go wrong listening to it no matter what kind of extreme metal fan you are.

Impure Ziggurat: Serenades of Astral Malevolence

December 18, 2016


Mixing together a deadly combo of death and black metal is Impure Ziggurat and above you can see the artwork for their latest EP titled Serenades of Astral Malevolence. This EP treats you to three total songs with the opener being a short intro and the other two songs clock in at over four minutes providing you with a healthy dosing of blasphemous metal. After the intro concludes Impure Ziggurat jumps straight into the blackened heart of the EP and from the first note of the first full song they keep on rolling at a blistering pace. The only reprieve that you get is when each song cuts away to sinister audio samples but right after that they continue with their blasphemous ways.

Impure Ziggurat does a great job of mixing both black metal and death metal together to create a cohesive soul tearing sound. Each song is equal parts black metal and equal parts death metal, so while you feel like you are getting prepped for a sacrifice you are getting brutalized all at the same time. The two full songs on this record are entirely sinister and seem to aim for letting the blood of anything and anyone that stands before them. Both of these songs are well put together death machines that you have no choice but to headbang to.

Each song is riddled with venomous slashing riffs, tumultuous drumming, heavy bass lines and vicious vocals that sound as though the vocalist just ripped off a chunk of flesh and decided to record. The musicianship is on point and the vocals are forceful and menacing and with that coupled with the raw production you are provided with a purely savage listen. With Serenades of Astral Malevolence only packing two full songs it still gives you plenty of content to listen to as both songs-as mentioned before-clock in at over four minutes. This is a short EP but it is wholly entertaining, raw and sadistic.

After releasing a demo in 2015 this is a great follow up and another great jumping off point. From here it seems that Impure Ziggurat can only trend upward and while we wait for a full length we have Serenades of Astral Malevolence to tide us over. This really is a solid release as it displays the destructive power of Impure Ziggurat and it only makes you wonder what a full length would sound like, but until that time comes, get your sacrifices ready and crank up these blasphemous tunes.

Morbid Messiah: In the Name of True Death Metal

December 17, 2016


In the Name of True Death Metal is a name that is just about as appropriate as it can get for a straight up no bullshit death metal record. Morbid Messiah sticks to the true death metal script with this record as they pump out seven blasphemous and face shredding songs that get your neck twisting and your head banging early on. Right after a very brief intro, Morbid Messiah gets right into the putrid meat of the album as they roll one terrorizing song after another in hopes of lowering you straight into the ground.

From note one In the Name of True Death Metal is an all out aural assault and just an all out assault anyway. Morbid Messiah don’t take any songs off and there isn’t any filler in this record either and the only one you could count as such is the intro and really that isn’t either. With that being said, for seven straight songs you are encircled in a death metal storm that just doesn’t let up until everyone has been decimated. Morbid Messiah seems to have a complete disregard for life as they pummel and rip you to shreds for the entirety of this record.

At the very end of this record on the track Legions of Death the very last lyric is, “Fuck you all!” and that just about sums up Morbid Messiah’s attitude and that attitude just fits extremely well with their sinister brand of death. In the Name of True Death Metal is an incredibly pissed off and venomous record that aims right for your throat from note one and it doesn’t stop hacking until your head has been completely severed. This record is raw, heavy and utterly brutalizing and once you are finished listening you feel as though you have been tortured and hacked up.

From song to song you get slaughtered by buzzing grave destroying riffs, flesh ripping bass lines, rib cracking drumming and savage blood thirsty vocals. From song to song you get crushed by a wall of death but even though you feel as though you have been hacked to pieces after a listen you still come back for more. This release does a great job of grabbing you right from the beginning and keeping your attention all throughout. In the Name of True Death Metal is an addicting blitzkrieg that  you end up finding yourself coming back to.

Overall, this is on solid record and Morbid Messiah really does stick to the old-school traditional death metal sound. They don’t compromise, cut corners and there isn’t any fluff or fillers in this record and not only that but this release will sure please the gnarled ears of death metal fans.

In the Name of True Death Metal will be released January 31, 2017 through Godz Ov War Productions.

1914: Eschatology of War

December 16, 2016

Not a whole hell of a lot of bands touch on the events of World War I but one of those bands is 1914. Throughout their release Eschatology of War, 1914 walks you through war torn plains and show you the true horrors of World War I. This record is a harrowing listen as 1914 transports your mind to the grizzly and horror filled war and for ten straight songs you get to look dying and dead soldiers as well as death itself in the face. As soon as you press play there is no escaping what horrors lie behind the cover of this record, but as horrific as the content within is you just can’t seem to peel yourself away from your speakers.

1914 mixes together black metal, doom and death metal to provide more uniqueness to an already intriguing and unique listen. 1914 does a great job of balancing all of these genres so not one genre over powers others or one genre gets more play time than the others. Through each song you get a healthy dosing of doom, black metal and death metal, and from one minute to the next you never know what will be thrown your way next. The black metal elements are cold and dismal, the death metal elements are bulldozing and detrimental and the doom elements are as heavy as a bomb being dropped right on your house. With each element combined you get a listen that is unbelievably heavy and unforgettable.

Out of the ten songs that are on this record, eight of them break the five minute mark. These long run times give 1914 all the time in the world to show you their heavy metal prowess. Each song is packed with tight musicianship and great song writing that you find it completely difficult to stop listening. Once you begin 1914 grabs a hold of you never to let you go until the final note has sounded. Eschatology of War is an intoxicating and interesting listen that keeps your attention all throughout and even when you are done listening these songs are still rattling around in your head.

Not only does 1914 provide you with great musicianship and song writing but they provide you with harrowing and bone chilling atmospheres as well. Each song has its own atmosphere that wraps you up in its cold bloodied arms. If the musicianship won’t hold you and keep you listening by itself the atmosphere surely will. Even as dark and forlorn as it can be it’s wonderful all at the same time. 1914 has all the ability in the world to transport your mind right in the middle of battle and that itself is just as powerful if not even more powerful than the musicianship itself.

Eschatology of War is a great listen to say the least. You end up not being able to get enough of it once you start and once you start you feel the need to do nothing else but to listen all the way through. The fact that Eschatology of War is the debut record of 1914 is pretty amazing considering that the sound that comes from these guys sounds as though they’ve been around the block more than a few times. This release has everything in it from history, to ridiculously heavy metal, to all encompassing atmospheres, to great production all the way to great song writing. You really can’t ask for more out of an album and with this record 1914 delivers and then some.

Tomb Mold: Primordial Malignity

December 14, 2016

tomb mold - primordial cover.jpg

Following two demos that were released earlier this year, Tomb Mold is back and on the cusp of releasing their debut full length titled Primordial Malignity. Just by hearing the name of the band and the name of this upcoming full length release you know that what you will be getting is death metal at its rawest and purest form. There isn’t anything else in this release other than straight forward disgusting death metal. There is no fluff and there aren’t any fillers in this record so if you thought that you might escape death, that won’t be the case.

When you begin listening you immediately get hit with the raw, clean and gnarled sound that Tomb Mold has to offer. The production on this record is filthy and grimy and it fits Tomb Mold’s m.o. Everything on this record fits well as a matter of fact. There isn’t anything out of place, the production is great and the musicianship is great as well and when everything is sewn together in this heap of gore and viscera, the listen that you get is purely savage and blood letting. Primordial Malignity is a disgusting album that it revels in all of the filth that it provides you and for thirty-two minutes you are its victim.

Tomb Mold sets the tone early and from the very first note on you understand that what you are getting is a gnarled and nasty sound. From the opener on Tomb Mold does their best to tear your head off of your shoulders and after one listen and after headbanging so much you feel as though you don’t have a head left. One twisting, ghastly song rolls on right after another decimating and digging early graves for anyone or anything that gets in their way. Now, thirty-two minutes isn’t and incredibly long period of time, but after you get done listening you feel as though you have lasted two hours with a sadistic butcher that craves flesh.

Throughout this release you get pelted and torn asunder by eviscerating riffs, rumbling spine rattling bass lines, drums that punch your innards out of your back and vocals that seem to have been unearthed from six feet under. Every element of this record is dripping in filth and grime and really if it wasn’t it just wouldn’t fit Tomb Mold. Primordial Malignity has such a massive sound to it that you need to play it at a level where your neighborhood can hear it.

Primordial Malignity continues what Tomb Mold has been doing already, and that is ripping faces off and supplying you with down right disgusting and addicting death metal. There isn’t much else to say other than this album is heavy as fuck and death metal fans should keep an eye out for this record when it comes out.

Primordial Malignity will be released through Blood Harvest Records on February 3, 2017.

To find this record, you can do so here .

Leather Lung: Lost In Temptation

December 13, 2016

When Leather Lung first notified me of their newest release Lost In Temptation I figured that it would be a low and slow ride off into the smokey nothing, but quite the opposite is true for the most part. Leather Lung plays a brand of stoner metal that is raw, buzzing and head caving. Each of the seven songs that are on this release is a fuzz and smoke filled listen that just doesn’t want to vacate your mind after you listen. Lost In Temptation is a record that you can listen to over and over again and it just won’t get old.

Leather Lung leads you in to the record with the opener Freak Flag which begins with a nice slow burning intro, but that doesn’t last very long as they slap you across the face with lead heavy riffs and bone rattling bass lines. Freak Flag as well as the rest of the songs on this record are thick with buzz and fuzz to the point where your brain tries its hardest to rattle right out of your skull. Within just a few minutes or even less you become hooked to Lost In Temptation and that play button just can’t any closer to your finger as you feel the need to keep pressing it.

From one song to the next you never will hear the same thing as Leather Lung does a great job of giving you plenty of variety. In the same song you will get heavy, buzzing, stomping sounds and at others Leather Lung will slow it down and give you a serene silky sound that makes your mind drift to the smoke filled soundscapes that they paint. No matter which song you are listening to or which element that you are getting at the time, Lost In Temptation is a heavy and mesmerizing record that grabs you from the get go and lets you go never.

All seven songs are coated in massive anvil heavy riffs, thick rumbling bass lines, drums that feel like they are hitting your ribs and vocals that transition between vocals that sound as though broken glass was chewed before recording and cleans that are calming and light. With all of that mashed together you get a listen that is heavy and undeniably memorable. This is definitely a record that you can light one up to and thoroughly enjoy and you can obviously enjoy it with out that too, but it doesn’t hurt either.

Overall, this record hits on all cylinders and for your ears it’s the equivalent of taking a fat but smooth rip off of a bong. Lost In Temptation is a great listen that you can sink your teeth in and listen to over and over again.

You can find Lost In Temptation right on Bandcamp.

Vermilion Whiskey: Spirit of Tradition

December 11, 2016

Front Cover HI.jpg

With some buzzing southern fried riffs and music that sounds as though it is soaked in whiskey anyway, Vermilion Whiskey forks out some heavy but slick music that you don’t have many problems getting right into. Spirit of Tradition is the name of their upcoming six track EP and what you get inside of this EP are heavy songs that get your head nodding from the first note on. This release is one that you can sink your teeth into as Vermilion Whiskey provides you with plenty of content to rock out to with only six songs being present.

As you begin listening the very first thing that hits you are those buzzing, fuzz filled and whiskey soaked riffs. They come pouring out of your speakers like a nice bottle of Johnny Walker and that is exactly what you get all throughout. As a matter of fact the musicianship all the way around is tight and well executed. The drumming is solid and on point and the bass lines are heavy and to add a nice touch to everything, Vermilion Whiskey provides you with scorching guitar solos. Coming through the rumbling riffs and heavy bass lines are the vocals that are powerful, gritty and soulful at times.

When listening you just can’t help yourself but to rock out as hard as you can. This EP ends up grabbing you by the collar and making you headbang whether you had intentions to or not. Not only do these guys provide you with a slick rumbling fast paced sound but they also provide you with these heavy slower tempo stomping sounds every now and then which gives you variety as well as just another heavy neck cranking aspect. Each song on this EP is executed very well and with gritty production you get a listen that sounds as though it should be putting some hair on your chest.

Spirit of Tradition is a solid release and with it only being an EP you get a lot more out of this record than you would think. All six songs clock in at pretty substantial times so through six songs you get to headbang and enjoy some whiskey all at the same time for quite some time. If you are looking for a straight up shots of pure southern fried metal Vermilion Whiskey is a band that you shouldn’t over look. They provide you with everything in this EP from heavy buzzing riffs, gritty vocals, straight forward ass kicking lyrics and good production, you can’t ask for too much more.

Spirit of Tradition will be out February 17, 2017 through 10 South Productions.

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