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Bearstorm: Biophobia

December 1, 2016


Bearstorm is the type of band that is very difficult to classify. Their sound is wholly unique and you can’t exactly pigeonhole them to a single genre as they bend genres just as well as anyone else. Whatever genre it is that you believe that they belong to that doesn’t matter all that much, but what does matter the most is the what the music itself and whether or not it is good. In short, it is excellent. Biophobia is the name of Bearstorm’s newest EP which sports an intro and four other songs that treat you to a vast, heavy and intriguing listen.

After the intro of birds and what sounds like flies has concluded, Bearstorm continues on with the EP rolling memorable song after memorable song. I know I always talk about songs and albums being memorable (and I wouldn’t if they weren’t) and this release is no different. You can’t soon forget Biophobia as one rotation won’t even come close to cutting it. Biophobia demands more than one listen, and after you are done listening just once the second listen and even more aren’t far behind at all. This EP is intoxicating and addicting even and the more that you listen the less likely it is that you can peel yourself away from your speakers.

Bearstorm treats you to thick and fuzzed out riffs, brain rattling bass lines, solid drumming and raspy vocals throughout each song. Bearstorm has a minimalist approach to their music it seems and even though that may be the case their music is still very progressive. They manage to balance out minimalism with progressive tendencies to create a listen for you that is all together unique and interesting. No matter what song it is that you are listening to within this EP it will be undeniably heavy and memorable to the point that they will be imprinted on your brain.

Biophobia is a rocking and completely mesmerizing record that gets you hooked from note one. When you begin listening there is no doubt in your mind that you will be listening all the way through without skipping a song. Each song is crafted and executed very well and all throughout this release there is zero filler. What you get is five straight songs of heavy, hard rocking, headbanging music that you can sit and listen to four hours and just end up losing track of time. Bearstorm does a great job of sucking you into their newest release and keeping you there listening and entertained throughout and then some.

This is a great EP to follow up their last release Americanus and if you enjoyed that release you will get the same enjoyment out of this one. Biophobia is a strong and highly entertaining release and as mentioned before you just can’t put it down. In short and to sum everything up, you shouldn’t sleep on this EP at all.

Check out their song Cryptobiotic Filth Destroyer.

To find and pre-order Biophobia follow this here link to Bandcamp. And you and find them and throw them a like on Facebook and you can find Grimoire Records on Facebook as well.

Biophobia is out through Grimoire Records December 9.

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