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Malacoda: Ritualis Aeterna

December 3, 2016


Ritualis Aeterna is the brand new EP from Malacoda which follows up their full length from last year. This new EP sports six new songs that are riddled with gothic power metal influences all throughout. Ritualis Aeterna is pumped full of different elements that work together in harmony to create a clean, harrowing and often times haunting and emotional sound. Malacoda does a great job of giving you both the harsh and heavy tones as well as the more emotional and sinister tones. You never get the same sounds twice and more often than not you get both the emotional elements with the darker slithering elements all at the same time.

From one song to the next you really don’t know what you will be getting from this release. Malacoda does a great job of mixing together a ton of sounds throughout this release to the point where you yourself are guessing what may be coming up next. As mentioned, through these six songs you get a great combination of everything and really nothing here seems out of place at all. Nothing seems forced or like these guys were trying to do too much in any area of any song. Malacoda weaves together a unique sound that is not easily forgettable and sooner or later and whether you realize it or not you end up singing along to each song.

Throughout this EP and coming straight out of your speakers and into your ears you get heavy headbanging riffs coupled with slick piercing solos, solid drumming, thick bass lines as well as mystical and mysterious atmospheres brought on by masterful keyboard work. On top of all of the solid musicianship are the vocals that are powerful and clean that on occasion transition to somewhat of a death metal style growl, but that itself only pops up a few times throughout this EP. Coupled with everything is a great clean production that ties everything together well to provide you with a unique crisp listen.

In the above paragraph I touched a bit on the keyboards and a little bit about what they bring to the round table. And with that being said, the keyboards do bring a mystical yet dark and sinister kind of tone to each song when need be as well as a lighter not so grim tone when needed. The keyboard brings about great atmospheres for each song that ultimately end up sucking you into the music and the EP as a whole even more. They’re mystical, dark, sinister at times, more uplifting at other times and with these atmospheres and sounds present, it makes the listen as well as each song that much more enjoyable.

There are a lot of layers and elements in this EP and the more you listen the more you can pick out. This is a well executed and put together release and if you enjoy some power metal with a little extra touch of darkness to it, this EP is the one for you.

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