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Gloson: Grimen

December 6, 2016

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I think that when you look up heavy in the dictionary Gloson would be a part of the definition. Following up their EP Yearwalker which was released in 2015, Gloson is on the verge of unleashing a true monster of an album early next year titled Grimen. Grimen is a six track behemoth that just about crushes you under its weight. Throughout this release there are zero breaks and no filler as Gloson bulldozes on from one song to the next so if you think you may catch a break from all of the crushing heavy, that would be wrong.

Mixing the likes of sludge, doom and progressive metal elements, Gloson creates a wholly devastating buzzing sound that you just can’t get out of your head. While doom and sludge may not be completely new genres of metal, Gloson adds their own twists to provide a unique and intriguing listen. There isn’t a track on this record that is easily forgettable as each offering is solid and completely mesmerizing. Right from the get go, Gloson sucks you into Grimen never to be let go until the last note has sounded off, so with that being said, you become captive to this release for quite some time.

Even though each song on this release is long you never want to peel yourself away from it or your speakers. It is never a burden to continue listening and even after one listen is over you keep coming back for more and more. Grimen is a highly intoxicating record that gets stuck to you whether you would like that to happen or not. The more you listen and the longer you listen the more engrossed you become and sooner rather than later you end up getting lost in the dark abyssal soundscapes that Gloson provides.

Throughout this release, the atmosphere that Gloson provides is apocalyptic with no sign of light anywhere to be found. As soon as you press play you become tossed into atmospheres that are dark and damning with no way to escape and the longer you listen the more the darkness closes in on you. There is not a song on this release that would give you any hope of finding any sort of refuge from the onslaught that is Gloson, and when you do press play you are in for a dark, sinister ride.

Coupled with the damning atmospheres are anvil heavy riffs that crash down upon you with the intent to kill, and on top of that you get subjected to vertebrae rattling bass lines, rib smashing drumming and powerful grizzly vocals. With the heavy atmospheres combined with the heavy handed and solid musicianship you get a listen that will crush you without a second thought. Not only does the atmosphere and the musicianship make this record great, but the solid production gives each song yet another element that makes this entire record that much more heavy.

Grimen is a hell of a way to kick 2017 off and if you dig sludge, doom, progressive metal or just heavy fucking music, this is a record that you should keep an eye on.

Grimen will be out February 13, 2017 through Art of Propaganda.

Check out the official lyric video for their new song Cringe.

You can find Gloson right on Facebook.

Check out everything Art of Propaganda on their website and you can find them on Facebook and Bandcamp.

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