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Heavy Temple: Chassit

December 9, 2016



Billowing out of your speakers like a thick cloud of smoke is Heavy Temple with their upcoming EP titled Chassit. This release is four songs of nothing but psychedelic doom that takes your mind on a buzzing and colorful ride . Heavy Temple does a great job of sucking you into this release and keeping you interested and listening all throughout all while they take your mind and transplant it in vivid and vast soundscapes. Each of the four songs on this release are just as buzzing and psychedelic as the last and sooner rather than later you become enveloped in a smoke and acid washed soundscape that Heavy Temple creates.

Heavy Temple does a great job within each song to provide you with different sounds and that keeps things interesting and fresh. From one minute to the next you never know whether you will be listening to a faster galloping pace that gets your head nodding, or a slower brooding pace that sends your mind on a wild trip, or you may be getting a low and slow fuzzed out ride through vivid soundscapes and smoke filled atmospheres. You never get the same sound twice, and as mentioned Heavy Temple does a great job of mixing tempos and sounds to keep you intrigued and never bored of listening.

Chassit is an EP that you can sit and rock out to for hours on end and you won’t get tired of it at all. Chassit is a smooth, well performed, executed and produced record and with all of that combined what you get is a sound that is entirely intoxicating and unforgettable. One listen simply is not enough and the more that you listen the more that the fuzzed out riffs, jarring bass lines, acrobatic drumming and smooth and powerful vocals get stuck in your head. You can’t shake this music very easily and it doesn’t seem as though Heavy Temple wants you to be able to as they provide you with solid song after solid song.

With this only being an EP and with this only having four songs on it there is plenty of material to listen to. Each song is fairly lengthy so whether you want to or not you’re stuck on a psychedelic ride with Heavy Temple. Chassit is a solid EP and a fun and entertaining listen that you can listen to for quite some time without tiring of it. This is a heavy, rocking and memorable listen that fans of psychedelic doom and heavy music in general will definitely enjoy.

You can find and throw Heavy Temple a like right on Facebook and you can find them on Bandcamp.

Chassit will be released on January 27, 2017 through Van Records and Tridroid Records.

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