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Sibiir: S/T

December 10, 2016


Twisting black metal and hardcore together Sibiir provides you with a sound that is chaotic and whiplash inducing and completely heavy and shredding. This is their newest release and their debut full length which follows after their two track EP that was released in 2015. This new full length however offers you ten songs that are completely neck twisting, heavy, and filled with plenty of venom. Each song on this record is just as heavy as the one that came before it, and for ten songs straight Sibiir stomps their brand of blackened hardcore noise into your brain.

Now, Sibiir doesn’t give you many breaks throughout this record so you end up getting pumped full of blackened hardcore violence for ten straight songs. Once the album begins you get trapped in a vortex of sharp riffs, punishing drumming and vocals that are probably just as throat shredding as they sound. This self titled release provides you with everything you would want from a band that combines hardcore and black metal. Sibiir provides you with heavy, chaotic and sinister music that does all it can to have you headbang until your head pops right off of your shoulders.

Sibiir balances their brand of hardcore well with the black metal elements. Throughout each song they provide you with that tumultuous and sinister black metal sound with stomping, pissed off and purely aggressive hardcore to create an interesting and unique sound. With this unique brand of metal Sibiir grabs you right from the first note and has you listening all throughout and then some without wanting to peel yourself from your speakers. Sooner or later these songs get embedded in your brain, either you listen to them so much they get stuck there or they will just stomp their way in their anyway.

It’s fair to say that it is hard to pinpoint exactly what genre that Sibiir does belong to, but really that doesn’t matter all that much. Whatever it is that you decide to classify these heathens as will be up for discussion, but what is not is that Sibiir is heavy and volatile. This release is undeniable and deserves to be played at a very high volume. You can’t not headbang to this release as it just ends up taking a hold of you and making you do so whether you want to or not. With tight musicianship combined with raw production, you get a listen that is highly entertaining that you don’t want to stop listening to.

This debut full length is a solid one that gives you ten solid songs of purely twisted and sinister blackened hardcore. I can see these songs being played at shows and the venue getting fucking destroyed. This is violent, head caving music, and man what a great debut this record is.

You can find Sibiir on their webiste as well as Facebook and Bandcamp.

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