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Vermilion Whiskey: Spirit of Tradition

December 11, 2016

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With some buzzing southern fried riffs and music that sounds as though it is soaked in whiskey anyway, Vermilion Whiskey forks out some heavy but slick music that you don’t have many problems getting right into. Spirit of Tradition is the name of their upcoming six track EP and what you get inside of this EP are heavy songs that get your head nodding from the first note on. This release is one that you can sink your teeth into as Vermilion Whiskey provides you with plenty of content to rock out to with only six songs being present.

As you begin listening the very first thing that hits you are those buzzing, fuzz filled and whiskey soaked riffs. They come pouring out of your speakers like a nice bottle of Johnny Walker and that is exactly what you get all throughout. As a matter of fact the musicianship all the way around is tight and well executed. The drumming is solid and on point and the bass lines are heavy and to add a nice touch to everything, Vermilion Whiskey provides you with scorching guitar solos. Coming through the rumbling riffs and heavy bass lines are the vocals that are powerful, gritty and soulful at times.

When listening you just can’t help yourself but to rock out as hard as you can. This EP ends up grabbing you by the collar and making you headbang whether you had intentions to or not. Not only do these guys provide you with a slick rumbling fast paced sound but they also provide you with these heavy slower tempo stomping sounds every now and then which gives you variety as well as just another heavy neck cranking aspect. Each song on this EP is executed very well and with gritty production you get a listen that sounds as though it should be putting some hair on your chest.

Spirit of Tradition is a solid release and with it only being an EP you get a lot more out of this record than you would think. All six songs clock in at pretty substantial times so through six songs you get to headbang and enjoy some whiskey all at the same time for quite some time. If you are looking for a straight up shots of pure southern fried metal Vermilion Whiskey is a band that you shouldn’t over look. They provide you with everything in this EP from heavy buzzing riffs, gritty vocals, straight forward ass kicking lyrics and good production, you can’t ask for too much more.

Spirit of Tradition will be out February 17, 2017 through 10 South Productions.

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