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Leather Lung: Lost In Temptation

December 13, 2016

When Leather Lung first notified me of their newest release Lost In Temptation I figured that it would be a low and slow ride off into the smokey nothing, but quite the opposite is true for the most part. Leather Lung plays a brand of stoner metal that is raw, buzzing and head caving. Each of the seven songs that are on this release is a fuzz and smoke filled listen that just doesn’t want to vacate your mind after you listen. Lost In Temptation is a record that you can listen to over and over again and it just won’t get old.

Leather Lung leads you in to the record with the opener Freak Flag which begins with a nice slow burning intro, but that doesn’t last very long as they slap you across the face with lead heavy riffs and bone rattling bass lines. Freak Flag as well as the rest of the songs on this record are thick with buzz and fuzz to the point where your brain tries its hardest to rattle right out of your skull. Within just a few minutes or even less you become hooked to Lost In Temptation and that play button just can’t any closer to your finger as you feel the need to keep pressing it.

From one song to the next you never will hear the same thing as Leather Lung does a great job of giving you plenty of variety. In the same song you will get heavy, buzzing, stomping sounds and at others Leather Lung will slow it down and give you a serene silky sound that makes your mind drift to the smoke filled soundscapes that they paint. No matter which song you are listening to or which element that you are getting at the time, Lost In Temptation is a heavy and mesmerizing record that grabs you from the get go and lets you go never.

All seven songs are coated in massive anvil heavy riffs, thick rumbling bass lines, drums that feel like they are hitting your ribs and vocals that transition between vocals that sound as though broken glass was chewed before recording and cleans that are calming and light. With all of that mashed together you get a listen that is heavy and undeniably memorable. This is definitely a record that you can light one up to and thoroughly enjoy and you can obviously enjoy it with out that too, but it doesn’t hurt either.

Overall, this record hits on all cylinders and for your ears it’s the equivalent of taking a fat but smooth rip off of a bong. Lost In Temptation is a great listen that you can sink your teeth in and listen to over and over again.

You can find Lost In Temptation right on Bandcamp.

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