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1914: Eschatology of War

December 16, 2016

Not a whole hell of a lot of bands touch on the events of World War I but one of those bands is 1914. Throughout their release Eschatology of War, 1914 walks you through war torn plains and show you the true horrors of World War I. This record is a harrowing listen as 1914 transports your mind to the grizzly and horror filled war and for ten straight songs you get to look dying and dead soldiers as well as death itself in the face. As soon as you press play there is no escaping what horrors lie behind the cover of this record, but as horrific as the content within is you just can’t seem to peel yourself away from your speakers.

1914 mixes together black metal, doom and death metal to provide more uniqueness to an already intriguing and unique listen. 1914 does a great job of balancing all of these genres so not one genre over powers others or one genre gets more play time than the others. Through each song you get a healthy dosing of doom, black metal and death metal, and from one minute to the next you never know what will be thrown your way next. The black metal elements are cold and dismal, the death metal elements are bulldozing and detrimental and the doom elements are as heavy as a bomb being dropped right on your house. With each element combined you get a listen that is unbelievably heavy and unforgettable.

Out of the ten songs that are on this record, eight of them break the five minute mark. These long run times give 1914 all the time in the world to show you their heavy metal prowess. Each song is packed with tight musicianship and great song writing that you find it completely difficult to stop listening. Once you begin 1914 grabs a hold of you never to let you go until the final note has sounded. Eschatology of War is an intoxicating and interesting listen that keeps your attention all throughout and even when you are done listening these songs are still rattling around in your head.

Not only does 1914 provide you with great musicianship and song writing but they provide you with harrowing and bone chilling atmospheres as well. Each song has its own atmosphere that wraps you up in its cold bloodied arms. If the musicianship won’t hold you and keep you listening by itself the atmosphere surely will. Even as dark and forlorn as it can be it’s wonderful all at the same time. 1914 has all the ability in the world to transport your mind right in the middle of battle and that itself is just as powerful if not even more powerful than the musicianship itself.

Eschatology of War is a great listen to say the least. You end up not being able to get enough of it once you start and once you start you feel the need to do nothing else but to listen all the way through. The fact that Eschatology of War is the debut record of 1914 is pretty amazing considering that the sound that comes from these guys sounds as though they’ve been around the block more than a few times. This release has everything in it from history, to ridiculously heavy metal, to all encompassing atmospheres, to great production all the way to great song writing. You really can’t ask for more out of an album and with this record 1914 delivers and then some.

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