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Matanza: Cadaveres / Encontrados Muerte / Muertos

December 20, 2016

This is a three part review for the band Matanza and their releases Cadaveres, Encontrados Muerte and Muertos. Check it out below and enjoy!



After releasing demos in 2006 and 2007 Cadaveres is the first EP that Matanza released. This record includes four original songs as well as a cover of a Brujeria and Mortician song. This EP is just as disgusting as you would like it to be or as disgusting as you would like your gore grind/death metal fusion to be. After a brief intro of gun fire, sirens, people screaming and what sounds like bodies being dismembered, Matanza shoves you into this EP head first. After the intro you get subjected to heavy, harsh and viscera covered music and after a listen you feel as though you need to bathe.

Each song on this release is filled with machine gun drumming, slashing riffs, heavy bass lines and vocals that tend to transition between gutturals, deeper gutturals and pig squeals with the gutturals taking precedence. You really don’t get to catch much of a break when listening to this EP as Matanza rolls out song after song of purely disgusting and filthy gore grind. After one listen you would be lucky to walk away with your head as it may be added to the collection of skulls that you see above.

“Cadaveres” is a ripping and flesh tearing release that gets your headbanging early on. Even though the songs on this EP are fairly short, Matanza manages to pack quite a big and heavy punch with each song. No matter which song it is that you are listening to you just can’t escape all of the sickness that is packed into this EP and with there only being four original songs present here Matanza packs a ton of vile noise that has all of the capability to tear you apart.

When this was first released this was a great jumping off point for Matanza as five years later in 2012 they would release their very first full length record.


Image result for matanza encontrados muertos

Encontrados Muertos is the very first full length from Matanza and the follow up to their Cadaveres EP. This first full length unleashes eleven tracks of complete and utter chaos, grime and everything gore and viscera. Encontrados Muertos of course follows relatively the same formula as its predecessor but with even tighter musicianship and vocals that were honed to be even more savage and unrelenting. While listening to this record you become trapped in a tornado of putrid flesh, rotted bodies, stagnant blood and decapitated heads and Matanza wouldn’t have it any other way.

As soon as you press play you understand what you have gotten yourself into and that is one wild gore filled ride to your ultimate demise. Before you know it you end up looking like the poor saps above in the cover art. Each song on this record is lacerating and purely detrimental to your well being. Out of the eleven songs on this release all eleven have a complete disdain and disregard for human life and as the record goes on it continues to bulldoze through anyone and anything.

Encontrados Muertos is a raw and savage record that seems to be out for blood. It is an unrelenting record that aims straight for the jugular right off the bat and doesn’t stop hacking you up until all of your innards are finally outside of your body. Within the four years between releases Matanza found another hate and gore filled vein and pumped this record full of even more vile and disgusting sounds. As mentioned above with their EP you feel as though you need to bathe afterward, but after this listen you feel the need to soak for at least a year.

Through each song you get more of the same gut ripping riffs, skull caving bass lines, chaotic drumming and savage vocals that sound as though the singer was gargling blood while recording. You get more of the same yet it is all refined and put together better than on their first EP. Encontrados Muertos is a well put together assault that is just bursting at the seams with truck loads of gore and fetid cadavers. The sound is unmistakable just like cries are before death and this record is as brutalizing as it can get.

Overall this record is solid and is for any fan that is remotely interested in gore grind and death metal. It packs everything in here that you would want to hear from this type of band and then some.


Just last year in July Matanza’s newest EP Muertos was released with seven new tracks including a re-recorded version of the song Violador Canibal and four live tracks. Muertos picks up right where Encantrados Muertos left off as Matanza provides you with even more flesh tearing and horror filled music to leave you looking like you just got fed into a wood chipper. The seven new tracks on Muertos are an even further evolution of what Matanza was already doing on Encantrados Muertos as these songs are put together very well, the run times are a little longer and more death metal elements are added in than before.

It seems as though Matanza took menacing to a different level on this EP than that of previous releases. Each song on this track is a complete beat down making you feel bruised and bloodied and after it is all said and done you still want to press play again. Muertos is a stomping slaughterhouse that spits up bloodied pulps and entrails wherever you are playing it. Not only that but to me the sound seems louder than on previous records as well which makes you want to play the music louder than ever before until your neighbors really do think that you are a serial killer.

The raw and bloodied production is still there even though that is more refined as well. You still get the same slit throats ask questions later approach as well that works well on the other releases as well. Muertos is a barbaric listen that keeps coming at you aiming straight for your head until it has fallen clean off of your shoulders. Heavy buzzing riffs grace your gnarled ears and speaker busting bass lines rattle your spine as the drums kick and pummel their way through your chest and the vocals get better and even more menacing.

With everything put together you get one homicidal listen and with the three releases combined you get a collective listen that is just simply out to make you headbang and let all of your blood. The first EP certainly is geared more toward fans of gore grind, the second record caters toward both death metal and gore grind fans alike, and the third EP has a great mixture of both where you just can’t go wrong listening to it no matter what kind of extreme metal fan you are.

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