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Hymn: Perish

December 21, 2016

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Following up their 2013 EP with a full length is Hymn and their full length is titled Perish. Perish is filled to the brim with six songs that amass a total run time that is close to fifty minutes and within those minutes you get heavy, loud, emotional and entirely brutal metal. Their brand of doom is uncompromising and unforgettable and as soon as you press play you will find it difficult to peel yourself away from the speakers as the tunes that these heathens provide are completely intoxicating. Hymn has a knack for grabbing your attention from the start and keeping it until the final note has sounded off.

Even with the long run times that these songs sport you never feel as though it is a burden to keep listening. Perish is an easy album to get along with even though at certain points it tries to brutalize you and push the limits of your ear drums. This release is one that you can sink your teeth into and completely enjoy over and over again no matter how many times it is that you decide to listen to it. Even in its heavy nature Perish does provide you with moments of calm and serenity at times but those are for brief moments and those moments are calms before the storm really decides to tear you to pieces.

Throughout this release you get a multitude of sounds that range from the low, slow burning sounds, to heavier stomping, head caving sounds, to full scale romping sounds to even the slower more calm elements. Hymn does a great job of mixing all of these together to create a wholly unique, intriguing and heavy listen that isn’t soon forgettable. From one song to the next and even one minute to the next you never really know what Hymn will be providing you next. Hymn does a great job of keeping you interested with all of the different sounds and elements that they do provide and with each listen you end up finding something new.

From song to song Hymn provides you with down tuned rib shattering riffs, jarring bass lines, heavy drumming and vocals that are screamed at you from every  conceivable direction. To go along with all of that is an anvil heavy and raw production itself that adds yet another heavy element to the music. Each song is well crafted and put together and the musicianship is on point which provides you with a headbanging, sinister and emotional listen that you may need to prepare yourself for. Whatever it is that you do you just cannot escape the anvil heavy, slow burning doom that shifts into overdrive more often than not. You just can’t seem to shake the songs that are on this release and even if you try they tend to follow you.

Overall this record is a great listen that provides you with tons of content and plenty to listen for. Hymn is not a one dimensional band and they provide you many different looks into doom. Perish is an unrelenting tower of destruction and this release should be on the radars of anyone who really does enjoy doom or just some straight up heavy fucking music.

Perish will be out February 17, 2017 through Svart Records.

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