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Shotgunner: Feliz Navidad

December 23, 2016


Are you tired of the regular old Christmas songs? And are you looking to spice up your holidays with some heavy metal Christmas songs? Well you are in luck and you don’t have to look that far as Shotgunner provides you with four songs on their new EP titled Feliz Navidad and these songs are sure to bring you Christmas joy as well as make you want to drink and party until you pass the fuck out. This EP is incredibly entertaining and no matter how many times you listen you just end up having fun. You can’t not listen to Feliz Navidad without cracking a smile on your face and drinking a pint or twelve.

These are the perfect songs to get smashed to, headbang to and open gifts to and trust me when I say that these four songs are definitely family appropriate. Each of the four songs that are on this release are incredibly infectious and no matter how bad of a mood you are in they will provide you with a laugh and fill you with plenty of Christmas joy. Shotgunner kicks this release off right with Let’s Party Merry Gentleman which gets you in the mood to pour up some drinks for yourself and have yourself a blissful booze riddled Christmas. Let’s Party Merry Gentleman is followed by Lay Ride-which I’m sure you can guess what that is all about-Holy Pint and finally Feliz Navidad. No matter which song you are listening to you know it’s going to be a good time.

Not only are the song titles entertaining but the lyrics are a riot themselves and you will find yourself singing these songs to yourself before you know it. Feliz Navidad is an EP that you can get into especially at this time of year and it is meant to be played loud and with a drink in everyone’s hand. The four songs on this release are just an overall good time and that is certainly undeniable. If you don’t crack a smile and sing along to these songs your Christmas spirit and joy may be in question. Shotgunner does a great job of creating fun songs that are wholly infectious and just a ton of fun to listen to and aside from the joyous Christmas aspect these songs can get quite heavy save for Holy Pint. Each song is filled with solid riffing, rumbling bass lines, heavy drumming and vocals that are clean and clear and transition between a gravely clean and an even more clean vocal.

So the musicianship is great, production is good and Shotgunner provides you with eleven minutes of pure fun. Feliz Navidad certainly is an EP that you want to break out during Christmas to fill your house with plenty of heavy metal joy!

Also extra bonus points for the Edmonton Oilers jersey on the cover.

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