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Featured Interview: Inquiring Blood

December 24, 2016

Earlier this week I was fortunate enough to ask Inquiring Blood some questions and they were kind enough to answer what questions I did have for them. Below is the full interview! Enjoy!

Can you tell me a little bit about how Inquiring Blood got started?

Daniel: Marco and Florian shared a rehearsal room with their previous bands. After both bands split up at almost the same time, they decided to start a project together. I came by later and started to play bass. When I first sang to one or two songs we decided that I should stick to that and we looked for a bass player. Lars joined us about seven years ago and made us complete again, after we split up with our former bass player.

When/how did the name Inquiring Blood come about, and what other names were you considering?

Daniel: At first we were called TriSynergy, but that sounded not metal at all. We were finding our style and Marco wrote a song which had the combination “inquiring blood” in it. We thought that it sounded cool and that’s it. No special thoughts or intention behind the name. It just felt right at that moment, so we took it.

Was there ever a time after forming Inquiring Blood where you thought that you would have gone in a different direction other than death metal?

Daniel: We came from very different origins of music, so we played a cool mixture of all that styles in the beginning. Marco wrote all our songs back then so the riffs were always a bit connected to what he was listening to in that period. Our drummer played a very groovy style to that riffs and I tried to shout and growl onto these songs. I think we’ve kept that mixture the whole time. I think death metal always was our destiny 

Born in a Grave was/is an album that gets quite a bit of praise. Did you feel any pressure at all trying to create a record that would follow Born in a Grave?

Daniel: I don’t think pressure is the right word, I would say it was the high demands on ourselves which was most important. We really like what we do and we really love our fans and all of the positive feedback we got for our last album, but all we tried was fulfill our own expectations and maybe try to evolve within our own style.

Can you tell a little bit about how you went about the writing and recording process for this record?

Daniel: Lars and Marco had many ideas, which they recorded at home and brought to our rehearsal room, where we discussed them and decided on which we would choose for our pre-production. That’s a big difference we made to our last album; we chose to pre-record every song to know how we feel about them in a moderate sound. After we had 20 songs done, we made a democratic decision on which songs we want to have on our album. It came down to the 12 tracks which are on “Morbid Creation”. Then we recorded the drums and bass in a studio, Marco made the guitars in our rehearsal room with his professional equipment and afterwards I put on the shouts, screams and growls in the studio again. The mixing and mastering was done by Kohlekeller Studios and we’re very proud of the results.

I personally really enjoy that each song on Morbid Creation is bass heavy, you can hear it very well. Was that a conscious decision or did the songs just end up being that way?

Daniel: At first one couldn’t really hear the bass that good, it was kind of quiet and buzzing, but after our bass player described how he would like his bass to sound, we discussed a bit and Kai from Kohlekeller did a very good job to realize his expectations. So it totally was a conscious decision.

Can you tell a little bit about how your current label found you and how it has been getting support from the label?

Daniel: Kay from Kernkraftritter Records came to me one day and asked if we wanted to join his label with our new record. We didn’t hesitate and accepted his offer on the spot. His support is really amazing. He is such a passionate, hard working guy and makes us feel very good. He does a lot of promotional work even though we got ourselves a promotional agency, he tries to do a lot more that we would ever expect him to do, so it’s totally worth it.

Morbid Creation is going to be released here in just a week, and after its release what do you have planned next?

Daniel: By the time this interview is done, it’s already out and we’re really excited about it. I’m trying to book as many shows as possible so we can promote and present our new baby to the metal scene all over the country. Some shows are already booked and hopefully there are many more to come. Our “Morbid Creation” release show will be in January where we hope to party with friends and fans that the album is finally there.

I just have a few standard questions I like to ask. The first is: who/what band has influenced you the most throughout your career?

Daniel: I always think about the bands I started with, so I must say it’s Metallica, George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher from Cannibal Corpse, Destruction, Abbath from Immortal and Kataklysm.

What album has influenced you the most throughout the years?

Daniel: I guess that would be “The Antichrist” from Destruction and the “Live Sh!t” from Metallica.

If you were to play with one person that is alive today who would that be?

Daniel: I would play with Behemoth any day.

And finally, is there anything in conclusion that you would like to add?

Daniel: Thanks to everybody who is interested in our music and is keeping the local scene and the underground including it’s bands alive!

Thank you very much for your time and for answering the questions that I had!

Daniel: Thanks for having us!


Morbid Creation is out now through Kernkraftritter Records!

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