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"Blasphemer, Heretic, Defiler of the Sacred Ones. Thou art Deprived of Your Limbs. Thy Nose Shall be Split. Thou art Cast Down and Overthrown."-Cast Down The Heretic by Nile

Holocausto: War Metal Massacre

January 28, 2017

holocausto - war metal cover.jpg

With a complete vengeance Holocausto storms back this year with a brand new release titled War Metal Massacre. The first three songs on this release are re-recordings from their Massacre demo but the last four are brand new face shredding songs. Essentially what you get within this release is exactly what you would expect to get from Holocausto. You get pure ripping and shredding songs that pulverize and bulldoze anyone who  dares listen. As soon as you press play you are bombarded with sickening sounds that get you thrashing about and headbanging nearly immediately.

The only real reprieve that you end up getting while listening is at the half way point when Intro War comes around as it acts as a  near two minute interlude before Holocausto shoves you back into their blistering and buzzing assault head first. Other than that interlude, what you get is six deadly tracks that rip at your ear drums and tear your flesh from your bone, much like the dog on the cover is doing to that poor man and or woman. As soon as you begin listening, there is no escaping the complete visceral metal assault and all that you can do is sit back and let your face get melted.

War metal seems to be an appropriate tag as machine gun drumming fires at you from all directions as razor sharp riffs rip and tear while the bass rumbles along in the background. War Metal Massacre is a chaotic and destructive release that just keeps on rolling supplying you with sinister and skull bashing songs. The overall sound and production is raw and that just fits with Holocausto and if the sound were more refined and if the production were completely polished off it just wouldn’t sound the same and these songs wouldn’t have the same effect.

Holocausto not only nails the re-recordings of course but they hit the nail on the head with the new songs that are present on this release as well, and what you get is an overall comprehensive and cohesive listen. As savage and barbaric as this release is you always want to keep listening and you want to keep coming back for more napalm and machine gun fire. War Metal Massacre is a pretty short release so you can listen to it with ease and it is a release that you can keep coming back to without getting tired of it quickly. With that being said though, as short as this record is it more than makes up for that fact in pure ferocity and explosiveness.

Overall, this is a great listen that keeps you entertained and listening all throughout and it keeps you coming back for more and more punishment. War Metal Massacre is for fans that have heard of Holocausto before and it’s a great release for those that are just hearing of them as well. The final word on this record is that it is a great headbanging listen.

War Metal Massacre will be out March 1, 2017 through Nuclear War Now! Productions.

Maze of Sothoth: Soul Demise

January 27, 2017


With purely deadly intentions Maze of Sothoth blasts their way out of Italy to provide us with one sickening and malignant dose of death metal. Soul Demise is the name of their record and is supplies you with ten tracks of nothing but pure death metal, and I mean nothing but death metal. This record is filled to the bursting point with flesh tearing and soul devouring tracks that get your headbanging and ultimately rolling on the ground from all of the headbanging. Right away that old-school death metal sound hits your gnarled ears and once you hear that first note you know that you are in for a blistering and skin bubbling ride.

Soul Demise starts off with a two minute intro titled Cthulhu’s Calling and once that is over the monstrous and deadly fun begins. As soon as Cthulhu’s Calling has concluded, Maze of Sothoth waste no time at all to get you acquainted with their devilish brand of death metal. The only reprieve that you get within this record is when the ninth song comes around as it acts as a nice prelude to the tenth and final track as well as your ultimate demise. Other than the intro leading into the record and the ninth song-titled Azzaihg’ NimehcMaze of Sothoth roll devastating song after devastating song filling graves as they go and reveling in the death and mayhem.

This record is potent and highly volatile and ultimately you end up ripping the knob off of your stereo as you try to get the volume to go higher and higher. Soul Demise is a completely shredding release and when you are finished listening you just might not have a speaker to play it through anymore. Each song is just as heavy and sinister as the last and really you don’t have a whole hell of a lot of time to catch your breath either as Maze of Sothoth rolls these songs one right after another.

Soul Demise is a monster of an album with a massive sound that is not easily forgettable. Each song drives riff after riff into your skull along with rumbling bass lines, acrobatic drumming and unearthly throat shredding vocals. The eight songs on this release that are not intros are just a whirlwind of death and destruction and Maze of Sothoth seems to revel in it all never looking back at the mayhem that they have left in their wake.

Overall, this is one killer release that gets your headbanging often and not only that but as mentioned before, this isn’t a release that will soon leave your head. These songs stick to you and get stuck in your head and before you know it one listen turns into many.

Soul Demise is out now through Everlasting Spew Records.

You can find and throw Maze of Sothoth right on Facebook. And you can check out everything Everlasting Spew right on their website.

Bear Mace: Butchering the Colossus

January 25, 2017


With a flesh tearing and completely life endangering sound, Bear Mace brings us Butchering the Colossus. This release is filled with eight songs of nothing but purely filthy, gritty and destructive death metal. These heathens from Chicago don’t skimp on the death or the brutality as they roll out eight sickening songs that are sure to get your headbanging early and often until your spine severs. As soon as you press play you know what you are in for as the grizzly and blood curdling sound hits and shreds your ear drums.

Bear Mace starts off quick with Death of a Constellation and keeps the momentum going from then on bulldozing anything in their path never looking back at the destruction they leave in their wake. Each of the eight songs that are present on this record are utterly destructive and completely face shredding. Once you press play there is nowhere for you to escape the maelstrom of death and since there aren’t any intros or filler songs on this record, you get your face completely peeled back for eight ripping songs.

Butchering the Colossus has a massive and menacing sound to it and it should be and needs to be played at the highest of volumes. There isn’t anything that is over the top on this record and nothing is over done either and nothing needs to be, so what you get is a listen that is straight up brutalizing death metal in the most pure form. Butchering the Colossus is just straight forward buzzing death metal that leaves no one left alive and gets everyone headbanging as furiously as they possibly can.

Throughout this release you get mauled by heavy buzzing riffs that are complimented by screeching solos, thunderous bass lines, bone cracking drumming and some incredibly menacing, blood curdling vocals. What is nice about the vocals specifically is that even though they are unearthly you can still understand the lyrics and follow along as well. With all of that being said, the musicianship, the raw production, the vocals are all great and that just makes for a heavy head caving and headbanging listen.

Butchering the Colossus is a great death metal record from these guys that seemingly have crawled out of nowhere. It’s a menacing and incredibly memorable listen and once it’s all over you want to keep listening. Bear Mace took a page out of the old school death metal, crumpled it up, twisted the sound a little and made it their own. So I don’t go on too much longer and end up repeating myself, this record is a solid one that any death metal fan should be aware of and should not skip out on.

Butchering the Colossus will be out March 1, 2017.

Nasty Surgeons: Exhumation Requiem

January 24, 2017

If you are on the look out for something that is nasty, gritty, filthy and down right deadly, Nasty Surgeons certainly can provide you with all of that and more. Exhumation Requiem is their debut album and what you get inside is ten disgusting songs that are played in the form of death metal mixed with grind. These songs are a good combination of the two genres as you get songs that are wholly chaotic yet they are refined all at the same time, it’s controlled chaos. From note one Nasty Surgeons does their best to peel your face back with their corrosive brand of grind infused death metal and at points it may feel exactly like that.

After a brief intro from the opening song, Nasty Surgeons gets straight into the flesh of the album without hesitation and they don’t look back. There are a few songs on this record with some intros but those hardly slow these heathens down as after those intros are completed it’s straight back to the blasphemous blasting. Each song is played at a mach ten pace and I don’t believe that the word “slow” is in Nasty Surgeons vocabulary. What you get through these ten songs is something that is wholly tumultuous and flesh tearing and if you think you can escape the cacophony of sickness you would be wrong.

The more and more you listen the more you get buried under carved cadavers, assorted innards and fetid entrails and after a listen or so you may feel as though you need to bathe. Grit and grime seeps through your speakers as soon as you press play and more than that you get pelted by buzzing riffs, rib cracking drumming, rumbling bass lines and vocals that are purely savage and blood thirsty. Each song is a sickening display of brutality and Nasty Surgeons doesn’t quit until everything around them has been shredded to bits.

Exhumation Requiem is one bulldozing track after another that tries its hardest to bury you six feet or less under the cold, dark earth. Each song is just as sickening and twisted as the last and you just can’t seem to help but to revel in all of it. This record is well executed and has a nasty production sound to it as well to create an overall disgusting and headbanging sound. Not only that, but this is a pretty easy record to get into and sink your teeth into and you can listen to this over and over again with ease.

Overall, Exhumation Requiem is a solid debut album that provides you with enough filth to last you a while and enough headbanging metal to keep you going until your head rolls off of your shoulders. At the end of the day, this is a good grind infused death metal record that is sure to please the ears of death metal and grind fans alike.

You can find this record on Bandcamp as well as on the Xteem Music webiste.

And you can find these heathens and throw them a like right on Facebook.

Cryptic Brood: Brain Eater

January 21, 2017

Cryptic Brood - Brain Eater 12x12cm.jpg

With their doomed out style of death metal Cryptic Brood offers up Braineater a nine track gnarled release that is sure to make some heads roll. Braineater is filled to the brim with sickening tracks of gore, viscera and enough rotted cadavers to fill your musty basement. As soon as you press play you completely understand what you are about to hear, and what you hear is something that is utterly raw and disgusting and that is exactly what you would expect and want to hear. Not only that, but throughout this release there aren’t any fillers and there isn’t any fluff either, so what you get is nine terrifying tracks that try to add you to their collection of cadavers.

As mentioned above, Cryptic Brood plays a doomed out style of death metal, so what you get frequently through each song is not only flesh tearing death metal but you get sinister doom as well. If one doesn’t eviscerate you the other will. Cryptic Brood does a great job of providing you with plenty of variety through each song and from song to song you never will hear the same thing twice. In some songs you may get more of the doom element than in others and in some songs you may get more death metal than you do in others so you never know what you will be getting next. What you do get is a well balanced sickening listen that incorporates both seamlessly providing you with a wholly entertaining and twisted listen.

Other than the genres themselves, Braineater provides you with raw and blood soaked production which just adds yet another element and layer of filth. This release gives off a nasty and gnarled sound that just works so perfectly with the style of music that is presented. The production is raw and spot on and the atmosphere that is provided for you as well leaves you feeling sickened and repulsed yet you just can’t seem to peel yourself away from the rotted sounds. Each song is just as brain bruising as the last and just as memorable and sickening which ultimately makes for a unique and highly intoxicating and memorable listen.

Aside from the atmosphere and the raw production you get bombarded with buzzing, face shredding riffs, jarring bass lines, rib cracking drumming and vocals that transition between gnarled screams and blood curdling unearthly growls. What is great about all of this is that it never seems forced at all or planned (even though it is) and from that you just get a free flowing album that just seems to do whatever it wants whenever it wants. Cryptic Brood doesn’t stick to one thing at any given moment as they switch up their sound often and keep you guessing as to what you will be hearing next.

Hopefully that all made some sort of sense. If not, what I am trying to get at is that this record that these heathens have created provide you with a sound that is just fluid and well executed and they keep you guessing all the time. It just doesn’t seem as though there is a formula and that just works so well with the style of music. Braineater is a fluid, well executed and well produced record that gets you headbanging from note one and keeps you headbanging even after the final note has sounded. Overall, this is a great record that provides you with everything that you would like to hear in such a grim and gnarled release and then some.

Braineater will be out March 1, 2017 through Xtreem Music.

You can find Cryptic Brood right on Bandcamp as well as their Facebook and own website.

Xtreem Music can be found on their site as well as Facebook.


Devourer Heaven: When the Sky Fell

January 20, 2017

Low, slow and mesmerizing is what you get when listening to Devourer of Heaven and his EP When the Sky Fell. This band is a one man act so what you hear is all him and what he provides is some heavy and melancholic tunes to jam out to. With a little bit of a jazzy influence he provides you with a unique and memorable listen and with only four songs on the EP you get plenty of content and plenty to listen for. Each song clocks in at over six minutes which gives him plenty of time to encompass you in cold biting atmospheres, and that’s just what happens.

Devourer of Heaven starts you into the EP with a melancholic intro and slowly has you work your way into the bludgeoning abyss. After the intro is over you end up getting into the meat of the EP where you find that each song is just as slow burning, melancholic and heavy as the last. When you begin listening you end up getting submerged in the music and once you are you find that you can’t leave all to easily. Each of the four songs is enchanting and each of them so in their own way and before you know it you keep coming back to hear more sinister tunes.

The atmosphere isn’t the only thing that stands out on this record as the musicianship is just as on point. Each instrument is played well as you get memorable riff after memorable riff, thick bass lines, solid drumming and to top it all off you get vocals that transition from unearthly growls to gritty gravel filled cleans. When everything comes together as it does on the EP of course, you get a sound that is dark, dense and unique. For me the entire vision for Devourer of Heaven comes together in the last two songs Empire Dead and Gallows Prayer. In those two songs everything seems to come together effortlessly to provide you with a complete well rounded sound. Not that the other two songs don’t have that, but the last two songs really bring it all home.

When the Sky Fell is a great EP and a great building block and from here on things could only get better. The musicianship is great, production is good, vocals are good as well, the atmospheres provided are as melancholic as you would like them to be and with all of that you just end up getting a well rounded good listen. If you are looking for some doom that is dark, dismal and all around solid you can’t go wrong with When the Sky Fell.

You can find this record right on Bandcamp. And you can watch and listen to the official video of Rise right here.

Hollow Leg: Murder

January 19, 2017

murder final cover N.png

Last year Hollow Leg released Crown and now this year they are already back with another release this time in the form of an EP titled Murder. This release is a two track release that supplies you with more of what you would come to expect from Hollow Leg and that is riff and groove laden songs that get your head nodding as soon as they begin. Both of these songs end up getting stuck in your head whether you wanted them to or not, and really you end up not having much of a choice.

Once you begin listening Hollow Leg’s unique mix of doom and sludge creeps through your speakers as thick as molasses. Each song is just as chunky and heavy as the other and once you hear note one you can’t help but to headbang. Both songs Raven and Murder are intoxicating songs that rattle around in your head getting stuck there for quite some time. You understand that once you begin listening that what you are about to listen to is anvil heavy and unquestionably memorable and mesmerizing as well.

Through both songs you get groove filled buzzing riffs to go alongside rumbling bone shaking bass lines, solid drumming and powerful smokey vocals that immediately please the ear. As a matter of fact, everything in this EP pleases the ear as the musicianship, production and vocals are all on point. There isn’t a thing that is out of place on this EP as everything comes together very nicely to provide you with a thick sludge filled release. With past releases Hollow Leg has shown that they know how to create songs that you just don’t want to stop listening to and with this EP these songs are definitely no different.

Overall, this is a very solid EP and with the songs running over five and seven minutes respectively you are provided with plenty of content and plenty to listen to and on the other side of things, this EP is short enough for you to want to come back more and more. The massive sound that Hollow Leg provides means that this EP needs to be cranked until the devil himself can hear it. Without being too wordy now at this point, what I have to say now is that Murder is a great EP.

Murder will be out March 3, 2017 through Argonauta Records.

Kemerov: FMKD

January 17, 2017

FMKD cover.jpg

Playing a purely infectious and headbanging style of death ‘n’ roll is Kemerov and above is the cover for their upcoming debut full length at the end of this month. FMKD is the name of this record and it provides you with eleven brand new songs that get you involved and headbanging right away. Kemerov doesn’t wait for you to get ready either as they begin right away and from note one on they roll song after song providing you with memorable and infectious tunes that you can play for hours without ever tiring of them.

Through these eleven songs Kemerov provides you with plenty of variation and plenty of content so you never end up hearing the same thing twice. What you do get all throughout though is plenty of energy and grit and all throughout you will find that you can’t stop yourself from nodding your head more and more as the release goes on until your head is in a perpetual headbanging motion. Each song is infectious and highly memorable and as mentioned before you can listen to these songs for hours without tiring of them and after you are finished listening they continue to roll around your head for quite some time.

Each of the eleven songs is filled with their fair share of guitar solos, ripping riffs, very audible rumbling bass lines, solid drum work and gritty vocals that are clear and easy to understand as well. The production for this record is clean as well providing you with a sound that overall is solid and well put together. As a matter of fact, everything on this record is well executed and well put together which ultimately gifts you a great listening experience. Once you press play you end up having a tough time pulling yourself away from your speakers or pulling your headphones off of your head and once it’s all over you feel inclined to press play all over again.

This is a strong outing for a debut full length and everything does come together nicely. The musicianship is on point, the production is great and overall you just get an album that is just a lot of fun to listen and jam out to. FMKD is a well rounded album that is sure to get fans of death metal, rock and of course death ‘n’ roll on board and if you are into any of those genres or just like some good heavy metal to bang your head to then FMKD is a release that you should check out.

FMKD will be out January 31, 2017 through Vault Relics.

Alseyoung: Who Passes Through Fire (Demo)

January 16, 2017


Alseyoung is a one man band hailing from Massachusetts and Who Passes Through Fire is his brand new twelve track demo that is compiled of demos from both 2016 and 2017. Within this release what you get is blasphemous and utterly sinister doom and once you begin listening you can feel the cold bitter evil that creeps out from your speakers. Even though this is a demo that is compiled of numerous demos the songs flow well and are cohesive which provides you with an all encompassing sinister listen. From one song to the next you become submerged even deeper into the darkened abyss from which you cannot escape until the entire demo is over.

Who Passes Through Fire is a pretty dense and massive release with twelve songs on it that have pretty substantial run times. Within those run times Alseyoung gets to trap you in a dense and abyssal cloud of gloom. The atmospheres that are provided for you in this demo are intense and as captivating as they are deadly. There isn’t a song on this demo that doesn’t encompass you in a blasphemous swirling atmosphere that you just can’t seem to get out of or want to get out of. As deadly as it all is-and it’s pretty damn deadly-it’s just as captivating and mesmerizing as well.

Each song greets you with a wall of sinister riffs that are supported by heavy rumbling bass lines, punchy drums and vocals that sound as though they themselves have been to hell and back. The vocals transition between powerful growls to ear drum shredding screams at the drop of a hat. Who Passes Through Fire has plenty of variation and plenty of elements thrown in the mix to keep you listening and entertained all throughout without wanting or needing to take a break, and quite frankly you just don’t need one. There is a lot packed into this release and it all flows well providing you with a memorable and heavy listen.

This release oozes evil and blasts you with nothing but sinister noise from beginning to end. Each song is soul shredding goodness that keeps your attention all throughout the listen and then when you’re done you feel the need to keep pressing that play button. There isn’t a song on here that is lacking anything and there isn’t a song on here that feels out of place either and to top it all off you don’t get any filler or fluff. What you do get is twelve straight songs of utterly filthy and buzzing doom that does its very best to submerge you completely in molten darkness, and man does it ever do that.

Who Passes Through Fire is a solid listen to say the least that packs in a ton of great content. Alseyoung does a great job of grabbing you right from the beginning and keeping you busy headbanging all throughout. Each song is memorable and each song has something new to it that you did not hear in previous songs so that you never get to hear the same thing twice. Overall, this is one solid release that will get you ready for a full length when that does come, and when one does come out you better prepare. For now, this is an excellent release to tide you over until the next blasphemous and blistering doom release from this heathen.

You can find this morbid release right here on Bandcamp.

Beg: S/T

January 14, 2017

Providing you with a twisting, sharp and completely destructive brand of grind is Beg and they are back with their second release which is self titled. Within this EP you get six scorching songs that do their very best to melt your face right off of your skull and then some. Even though each song is short in typical grind fashion and only two songs surpass the two minute mark these songs are powerful and incredibly explosive. Not only that but they get your neck cranking and your head banging from the get go.

Beg doesn’t take very long to get going as they drop right into the first song and never look back from there as they leave a mass of twisted metal and mangled bodies in their wake. Each song is high octane neck snapping grind that will bulldoze you into the ground if you aren’t careful and even if you are you would probably get bulldozed anyway. When listening you can’t help but to play this EP as loud as you can until your neighbor hears and their ears get shredded as well.

This self titled EP is just a loud release no matter which way you slice it and that is due to the razor sharp riffs, punchy drums and the vocals that are screamed and barked at you from all different directions. Each song is a maelstrom of twisting and chaotic metal that just doesn’t quit and even after you are done listening you still have the songs whirling around in your head. This is a short yet sharp and well executed release that leaves your head spinning and your neck hurting.

Throughout this EP Beg rolls six songs of unrelenting grind and once you press play they send you on a twisted grind fueled ride and when it’s over you want to press play again. If grind is what you are looking for and you are looking for something that is explosive, high energy and completely whiplash inducing then you can’t go wrong with this self titled release from Beg. This is a solid six track release that provides you with plenty of grind and plenty of content even though the tracks are short and it gets you to come back for more.


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