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Sunterra: Reborn

January 4, 2017

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Twelve years after their last release Sunterra is back this yeah with Reborn a six track release that mixes gothic metal, techno and some dubstep to create a unique and interesting listen. The sound that Sunterra provides is unmistakable and when you begin listening you know exactly who and what you are listening to. With techno and dubstep mixed in with their main staple-which is gothic metal-you get a listen that you haven’t quite heard before. And even with the addition of both techno and dubstep those two elements never overshadow the gothic elements even in the few songs where dubstep and techno are more prominent than in other songs.

Sunterra does a great job of balancing their songs out giving you plenty of heavy romping metal, melancholy pieces as well as those sharp startling dubstep and techno beats. Everything seems to mesh well to create a cohesive and fluid sound as nothing is out of place or seems to be too forced. Reborn is a sharp and well executed release that is riddled with heavy riffs, solid bass lines, pin point drumming and vocals that transition between deadly growls and sweet angelic cleans. From song to song you get something new and different and you never hear the same thing twice in any of the six songs.

Reborn is an emotionally charged release that shows off its angry edge as well as its melancholic side. Sunterra keeps you guessing from song to song and from minute to minute as you never really know what you will be getting next. The tempo changes and the emotional changes in this release happen so quick at times that you need to pay attention to catch it. There are a lot of moving parts and elements in this release that it warrants more than one listen for it to soak in. From the musicianship, to the techno and dubstep, to all of the emotion sewn into this release there is quite a bit to keep up with and that itself makes this for a memorable listen.

This record does a great job of grabbing your attention from the beginning with its uniqueness and fresh take on gothic metal. Each of the six songs on this record are memorable and they certainly will be stuck with you for a while. Reborn is a release for the adventurous metal head, for the gothic metal head, and for people who like techno and dubstep. Reborn spans across numerous genres of music and this release is sure to land on a lot of people’s playlists and listening devices.

Reborn will be out January 20, 2017 through NRT Records.

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