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Curse of Denial: The 13th Sign

January 5, 2017


Bubbling up from the depths of the underground to provide you with some sickening tunes is Curse of Denial and towing behind them is their debut full length titled The 13th Sign. Curse of Denial mixes together death, black metal and thrash to provide you with an explosive, headbanging and completely destructive listen. Within The 13th Sign you get eleven total songs of pure face shredding metal that just doesn’t quit. At the beginning of this release is an intro and at the end is an outro and what I found immediately satisfying is the fact that the intro and outro are not just thirty second clips, instead they are full blown ear drum shredding assaults.

Continuing on what was stated above, each song on this record is a full blown assault. Curse of Denial doesn’t take a song off and there aren’t fillers and there definitely isn’t any fluff within this release either. What you get for eleven straight songs is pure, twisted and sinister metal and each song does its best to twist your neck right off of your shoulders. Curse of Denial leads you into their new record with Ophiuchus the Winding Serpent which starts you off with a mellow lead in but that does not last very long at all as that is just the calm before the storm. Right after a brief moment of calm Curse of Denial kicks into overdrive to provide you with pummeling speaker bursting metal.

As mentioned above as well, Curse of Denial does a great job of combing death metal, black metal and thrash to create a sound that is unrelenting and harsh. Not only that but their sound is cohesive and fluid which creates for an easy listen even though each song is trying its best to tear your head off. None of the genres hide as well and each genre can be heard throughout each song. The overall sound is fresh, tight and clean with great musicianship and solid production and really you can’t ask for much more. The 13th Sign is loaded with ripping riffs, rumbling bass lines, chaotic drumming and savage vocals that transition between deadly growls to throat shredding screams and with everything put together you get a listen that you just can’t stop headbanging to.

The 13th Sign is a rumbling and deadly piece of work that doesn’t allow you to ease yourself into a listen. Instead it pushes you in head first without warning as it takes you on a twisting sadistic ride through the sinister soundscapes that it provides. With different weapons at their disposal whether it be with thrash, death metal, or black metal at any given moment or all at the same time, or whether it be with a brooding damning sound or a neck twisting assault, what you get is one hell of a solid listen. All around, this record is a great listen that is for fans of any of the genres listed above as well as fans of metal in general. You can’t really go wrong listening to this release and once you start you may not be able to put it on the shelf.

This is a strong debut full length that provides you with a ton of content and within each listen you will find something new each time. The run times on each song aren’t short either which gives Curse of Denial plenty of time to display their abilities and flex their musical muscles as well. Overall, this isn’t a record that should be slept on, and with that, crank it to eleven and headbang into the abyss.

The 13th Sign will be out February 3, 2017 through Redefining Darkness Records.

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