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Samskaras: Solar ( Single)

January 5, 2017


Formed in 2014 by Eric Burnet and Alexandre Dupras, Samskaras is a melodic and technical death metal machine. In 2014 they released two singles titled Red Hill and Consecrate and now three years later they are on the verge of releasing an EP titled Asunder and the first single from Asunder is titled Solar. Solar has a great mixture of technical, melodic and progressive death metal. Within this three minute song you get a little bit of everything which provides you with a headbanging, heavy yet smooth, melodic and memorable sound.

Throughout Solar you are bombarded with great musicianship, solid production and growls that are powerful yet you can hear every word that Eric Burnet screams. This is a solid track that is very easy to sink your teeth into and it hooks you from note one and keeps your attention all throughout. There is never a dull moment within Solar as what you get is three minutes of pure technical and melodic death metal. Each minute is filled with great riffs, drum work, bass lines and vocals and if this single is any indication as to what the rest of Asunder will sound like, then I think we are in for a treat.

To see what I am talking about and going on about you can listen to Solar right here.

Asunder will be out January 20, 2017.

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