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"Blasphemer, Heretic, Defiler of the Sacred Ones. Thou art Deprived of Your Limbs. Thy Nose Shall be Split. Thou art Cast Down and Overthrown."-Cast Down The Heretic by Nile

Frowning: Extinct

January 7, 2017


Slow burning, depressive, dark, grim, all of those are descriptors for Frowning’s style of doom. Extinct is a massive funeral doom album that sports only five songs but lasts over an hour. This release builds up to a twenty minute epic and before that twenty minute epic is a fourteen minute one and to wrap everything up in a coffin is the six minute closer that is an instrumental backed with sounds of rain just to drive pure sadness home. Extinct as a whole is epic and even as long as it is, it is an album that you need to listen to all at one time. Breaking this record up and listening to it in sections just does not do it justice.

Each song on this release is palpable and you can feel the depression and melancholy hitting you square in the chest. There is just no escaping that as soon as you press play as you feel as though you yourself are being lowered into the ground. From the very first note all of the light wherever you are listening to this record gets sucked out and all that is left is something that is dark and dismal and very real. The man behind this music does a great job of creating an atmosphere that is cold, damp and dreary almost suffocating in certain areas and even though that is true you just can’t bring yourself to leaving the listen.

As dense and soul shattering as this release is it is also incredibly mesmerizing and enchanting in a way. Once you begin listening you don’t want to stop and once the album has concluded you feel the need to press play again. Extinct is an intoxicating record that grabs you right from the beginning and drags you asunder into the darkened and damp depths that await you six feet below the surface. When you begin listening you become cocooned in a thick and massive cloud of melancholy from where you cannot crawl or climb out of until the album has concluded.

Extinct is a beautiful sounding record that is immediately pleasing to your ears and no matter the run time you sit and listen without breaking your own silence until the album is over. With massive riffs, rumbling bass lines, sharp drumming and vocals that crawl out of your speakers like a vengeful spirit, Frowning creates a massive and heavy sound that is truly unforgettable. On top of that all throughout each song you can hear melancholic pianos among other non traditional instruments in the background to further the depressive soul reaping sound.

As mentioned before, when listening to this record you feel as though you are at your own funeral procession being lowered into the ground and really that’s a testament to how the great sound and atmosphere that Frowning provides. There isn’t any filler in this record and nothing is overdone or out of place at all, so what you get is over an hour of solid, heavy and atmospheric funeral doom that you can’t tear yourself away from. Extinct is a great follow up to Funeral Impressions and just builds off of what that album did to create an even colder and darker sound.

Overall, Extinct is a great record and if you are a funeral doom fan or just a fan of doom in general you just cannot go wrong with this record.

Extinct will be out February 2017 through Black Lion Records.

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