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"Blasphemer, Heretic, Defiler of the Sacred Ones. Thou art Deprived of Your Limbs. Thy Nose Shall be Split. Thou art Cast Down and Overthrown."-Cast Down The Heretic by Nile

Grave Plague: The Infected Crypts

January 8, 2017

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Spewing forth from the crypts is Grave Plague and emanating a particular putrid stench is their upcoming release titled The Infected Crypts. This release is filled with two tracks where both songs are just as putrid and horrifying as the other. The “old-school” moniker for death metal bands especially is thrown around quite a bit and for good reason when a band does have that old-school sound, and Grave Plague does to a degree. But with that being said, Grave Plague isn’t trying to resurrect a sound or anything, instead they are just providing deadly and horrifying death metal in the most putrid, rotting way possible.

Both songs on this release are equally disgusting and filthy and as soon as you press play a raw, twisting, putrid, and terrifying sound spews from your speakers. Neither song gives you a break to catch your breath as what you get is two songs that are played at a blistering pace that ultimately bury you under a wonderful amount of filth and viscera. You can’t escape from the horrors that await you when you begin listening and when you do Grave Plague grabs you from the beginning with a rotted hand and doesn’t let you go until the final gnarled note has been played.

Even though The Infected Crypts sports only two songs, these songs are a great headbanging listen that gives you just enough to tide you over until a full length appears and it keeps you coming back for more. If you like that heavy eviscerating sound The Infected Crypts is what you should be listening to. Not only are both songs eviscerating and filled with gore and entrails but each song has a haunting spine chilling sound to them as well. Grave Plague does a great job of providing you with both a raw and filthy sound as well as a purely haunting and menacing sound.

Throughout both songs you get bombarded with grave shaking bass lines, rumbling riffs, chaotic drumming and putrid vocals and with those elements mixed with a  raw and dirty production, you get an all together raw and punishing listen. The Infected Crypts is a blasphemous and utterly filthy album and if you are in need of some filth in your life then this should be for you.

The Infected Crypts will be out January 13, 2017 through Caco-Daemon Records and March 10, 2017 through Redefining Darkness Records and Give Praise.

You can check out Grave Plague and throw them a like right on Facebook.

To find everything Caco-Daemon Records you can check them on their website and you can find them on Facebook.

Check out Redefining Darkness Records at their website as well as Bandcamp and Facebook.

Give Praise can be found right here as well as on Facebook.


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