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Skeletal: Dreadful Life

January 10, 2017


Mixing together thrash and death metal Skeletal comes screeching out of Finland with their debut full length Dreadful Life. This release contains eight face melting songs that get your neck twisted and your headbanging from note one. The only real break that you get within this record is at the halfway point with an interlude titled Life and Dread and right after that you are thrown right back into the death metal fray. Each song is chaotic and played at skin searing pace and once you begin listening you get shoved head first into the ripping storm that is Dreadful Life.

Skeletal seemed to have wanted to play as fast as they possibly could until their limbs fell off and really that could have been possible. Each song is just as blistering as the last and utterly unrelenting and as mentioned above you really only get one breather and that comes at the halfway mark. Other than that you get subjected to headbanging madness from beginning to end and when your listen is over your neck will be twisted and your head screwed on backward. Headbanging is inevitable when listening to Dreadful Life and even if you don’t feel like you want to for whichever reason you end up doing so anyway.

Dreadful Life is a solid record that is filled with flesh tearing riffs coupled with scorching solos, thick bass lines, absolutely chaotic drumming and savage throat tearing vocals. With that combined with good production the listen that you get is a great one that sticks with you even after you have finished listening. As chaotic as it is, this release is a memorable one as well as Skeletal drives each song straight into your brain. Well after you are done listening you will still want to air guitar to this record and bang your head until your brain explodes out of the front of your skull.

This release is just as destructive as it is memorable as well which makes it pretty damn destructive. Dreadful Life is pure chaos and ridiculously explosive so much so that you may blow your speakers out listening. And this is definitely a record that needs to be played at higher volumes and if you don’t you aren’t doing it justice. If your neighbors aren’t listening to this record with you then you need to crank the volume even higher until they can and until their windows rattle right out of their frames.

As a debut full length this is a solid one that gets you involved right from the beginning and keeps your attention all throughout. This release has everything that a thrash and death metal release should have in it. It is raw, powerful, filled with plenty of shredding riffs, monstrous vocals, tumultuous yet precise drumming and thick bass lines and much more. Overall, you can’t go wrong with listening to this record and after being around for some time-since 2007-this is one hell of a solid debut full length.

Dreadful Life will be out February 3, 2017 through Inverse Records.

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