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Samskaras: Asunder

January 11, 2017


Not all too long ago I posted a little write up for Samskaras’ single Solar and said that if the rest of their EP was anything like that song it would be a treat, and I’m glad to say that I wasn’t wrong. Asunder is a four track EP filled with technical, progressive and melodic death metal and each song is very well executed, produced and everything. You get a lot within this EP even though there are only four songs and the reasoning behind that is because of the substantial play times as well as the many elements that Samskaras adds to each song.

Samskaras doesn’t take long to get you involved and listening to Asunder as they begin right away with Fuelscape and from then on they don’t look back. Samskaras rolls four songs of tight, precise and deadly death metal that you have a hard time turning away from. Right from the get go these guys hook you and keep you on board throughout the entire EP and when it is all said and done you feel a strong need to press play again. Each song is a blistering force to be reckoned with and with the longer run times Samskaras gives you more than enough content to sink your teeth into and headbang to until you bruise your brain.

Since this is an EP it’s a sample of what Samskaras can do and they throw a ton if not everything at you with only four songs. Each song sounds different and you will never get the same sound twice as they do a great job of mixing everything together and utilizing numerous elements in different ways in each song. Asunder is an interesting and captivating listen that keeps you listening and wanting to come back for more. This is an EP that is cohesive as all of the songs flow well and all of the unique elements that are present are sewn in seamlessly to provide a smooth yet deadly death metal ride.

Samskaras bombards you with lethal musicianship as ripping riffs crash down on you, tumultuous and pin point accurate drums crack bones while sharp bass lines can be heard through each song. The vocals are powerful and clear which makes the lyrics easy to follow and really that’s not something that you get a whole lot. Among the screams at points are sung vocals that sound as though they are coming from a cyborg. They are unique and definitely stand out among everything else and they are a nice touch. At first when they graced my ears I figured that they wouldn’t belong anywhere in the music but boy was I wrong.

Asunder is a well put together EP where everything comes together well and everything is well produced as well. This is a solid release to say the least that you can listen to over and over again without tiring of it and it certainly will please the ears of many death metal fans.

Asunder will be out January 20, 2017. You can find this EP right here.

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