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Kemerov: FMKD

January 17, 2017

FMKD cover.jpg

Playing a purely infectious and headbanging style of death ‘n’ roll is Kemerov and above is the cover for their upcoming debut full length at the end of this month. FMKD is the name of this record and it provides you with eleven brand new songs that get you involved and headbanging right away. Kemerov doesn’t wait for you to get ready either as they begin right away and from note one on they roll song after song providing you with memorable and infectious tunes that you can play for hours without ever tiring of them.

Through these eleven songs Kemerov provides you with plenty of variation and plenty of content so you never end up hearing the same thing twice. What you do get all throughout though is plenty of energy and grit and all throughout you will find that you can’t stop yourself from nodding your head more and more as the release goes on until your head is in a perpetual headbanging motion. Each song is infectious and highly memorable and as mentioned before you can listen to these songs for hours without tiring of them and after you are finished listening they continue to roll around your head for quite some time.

Each of the eleven songs is filled with their fair share of guitar solos, ripping riffs, very audible rumbling bass lines, solid drum work and gritty vocals that are clear and easy to understand as well. The production for this record is clean as well providing you with a sound that overall is solid and well put together. As a matter of fact, everything on this record is well executed and well put together which ultimately gifts you a great listening experience. Once you press play you end up having a tough time pulling yourself away from your speakers or pulling your headphones off of your head and once it’s all over you feel inclined to press play all over again.

This is a strong outing for a debut full length and everything does come together nicely. The musicianship is on point, the production is great and overall you just get an album that is just a lot of fun to listen and jam out to. FMKD is a well rounded album that is sure to get fans of death metal, rock and of course death ‘n’ roll on board and if you are into any of those genres or just like some good heavy metal to bang your head to then FMKD is a release that you should check out.

FMKD will be out January 31, 2017 through Vault Relics.

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