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Hollow Leg: Murder

January 19, 2017

murder final cover N.png

Last year Hollow Leg released Crown and now this year they are already back with another release this time in the form of an EP titled Murder. This release is a two track release that supplies you with more of what you would come to expect from Hollow Leg and that is riff and groove laden songs that get your head nodding as soon as they begin. Both of these songs end up getting stuck in your head whether you wanted them to or not, and really you end up not having much of a choice.

Once you begin listening Hollow Leg’s unique mix of doom and sludge creeps through your speakers as thick as molasses. Each song is just as chunky and heavy as the other and once you hear note one you can’t help but to headbang. Both songs Raven and Murder are intoxicating songs that rattle around in your head getting stuck there for quite some time. You understand that once you begin listening that what you are about to listen to is anvil heavy and unquestionably memorable and mesmerizing as well.

Through both songs you get groove filled buzzing riffs to go alongside rumbling bone shaking bass lines, solid drumming and powerful smokey vocals that immediately please the ear. As a matter of fact, everything in this EP pleases the ear as the musicianship, production and vocals are all on point. There isn’t a thing that is out of place on this EP as everything comes together very nicely to provide you with a thick sludge filled release. With past releases Hollow Leg has shown that they know how to create songs that you just don’t want to stop listening to and with this EP these songs are definitely no different.

Overall, this is a very solid EP and with the songs running over five and seven minutes respectively you are provided with plenty of content and plenty to listen to and on the other side of things, this EP is short enough for you to want to come back more and more. The massive sound that Hollow Leg provides means that this EP needs to be cranked until the devil himself can hear it. Without being too wordy now at this point, what I have to say now is that Murder is a great EP.

Murder will be out March 3, 2017 through Argonauta Records.

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