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"Blasphemer, Heretic, Defiler of the Sacred Ones. Thou art Deprived of Your Limbs. Thy Nose Shall be Split. Thou art Cast Down and Overthrown."-Cast Down The Heretic by Nile

Cryptic Brood: Brain Eater

January 21, 2017

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With their doomed out style of death metal Cryptic Brood offers up Braineater a nine track gnarled release that is sure to make some heads roll. Braineater is filled to the brim with sickening tracks of gore, viscera and enough rotted cadavers to fill your musty basement. As soon as you press play you completely understand what you are about to hear, and what you hear is something that is utterly raw and disgusting and that is exactly what you would expect and want to hear. Not only that, but throughout this release there aren’t any fillers and there isn’t any fluff either, so what you get is nine terrifying tracks that try to add you to their collection of cadavers.

As mentioned above, Cryptic Brood plays a doomed out style of death metal, so what you get frequently through each song is not only flesh tearing death metal but you get sinister doom as well. If one doesn’t eviscerate you the other will. Cryptic Brood does a great job of providing you with plenty of variety through each song and from song to song you never will hear the same thing twice. In some songs you may get more of the doom element than in others and in some songs you may get more death metal than you do in others so you never know what you will be getting next. What you do get is a well balanced sickening listen that incorporates both seamlessly providing you with a wholly entertaining and twisted listen.

Other than the genres themselves, Braineater provides you with raw and blood soaked production which just adds yet another element and layer of filth. This release gives off a nasty and gnarled sound that just works so perfectly with the style of music that is presented. The production is raw and spot on and the atmosphere that is provided for you as well leaves you feeling sickened and repulsed yet you just can’t seem to peel yourself away from the rotted sounds. Each song is just as brain bruising as the last and just as memorable and sickening which ultimately makes for a unique and highly intoxicating and memorable listen.

Aside from the atmosphere and the raw production you get bombarded with buzzing, face shredding riffs, jarring bass lines, rib cracking drumming and vocals that transition between gnarled screams and blood curdling unearthly growls. What is great about all of this is that it never seems forced at all or planned (even though it is) and from that you just get a free flowing album that just seems to do whatever it wants whenever it wants. Cryptic Brood doesn’t stick to one thing at any given moment as they switch up their sound often and keep you guessing as to what you will be hearing next.

Hopefully that all made some sort of sense. If not, what I am trying to get at is that this record that these heathens have created provide you with a sound that is just fluid and well executed and they keep you guessing all the time. It just doesn’t seem as though there is a formula and that just works so well with the style of music. Braineater is a fluid, well executed and well produced record that gets you headbanging from note one and keeps you headbanging even after the final note has sounded. Overall, this is a great record that provides you with everything that you would like to hear in such a grim and gnarled release and then some.

Braineater will be out March 1, 2017 through Xtreem Music.

You can find Cryptic Brood right on Bandcamp as well as their Facebook and own website.

Xtreem Music can be found on their site as well as Facebook.


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