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Bear Mace: Butchering the Colossus

January 25, 2017


With a flesh tearing and completely life endangering sound, Bear Mace brings us Butchering the Colossus. This release is filled with eight songs of nothing but purely filthy, gritty and destructive death metal. These heathens from Chicago don’t skimp on the death or the brutality as they roll out eight sickening songs that are sure to get your headbanging early and often until your spine severs. As soon as you press play you know what you are in for as the grizzly and blood curdling sound hits and shreds your ear drums.

Bear Mace starts off quick with Death of a Constellation and keeps the momentum going from then on bulldozing anything in their path never looking back at the destruction they leave in their wake. Each of the eight songs that are present on this record are utterly destructive and completely face shredding. Once you press play there is nowhere for you to escape the maelstrom of death and since there aren’t any intros or filler songs on this record, you get your face completely peeled back for eight ripping songs.

Butchering the Colossus has a massive and menacing sound to it and it should be and needs to be played at the highest of volumes. There isn’t anything that is over the top on this record and nothing is over done either and nothing needs to be, so what you get is a listen that is straight up brutalizing death metal in the most pure form. Butchering the Colossus is just straight forward buzzing death metal that leaves no one left alive and gets everyone headbanging as furiously as they possibly can.

Throughout this release you get mauled by heavy buzzing riffs that are complimented by screeching solos, thunderous bass lines, bone cracking drumming and some incredibly menacing, blood curdling vocals. What is nice about the vocals specifically is that even though they are unearthly you can still understand the lyrics and follow along as well. With all of that being said, the musicianship, the raw production, the vocals are all great and that just makes for a heavy head caving and headbanging listen.

Butchering the Colossus is a great death metal record from these guys that seemingly have crawled out of nowhere. It’s a menacing and incredibly memorable listen and once it’s all over you want to keep listening. Bear Mace took a page out of the old school death metal, crumpled it up, twisted the sound a little and made it their own. So I don’t go on too much longer and end up repeating myself, this record is a solid one that any death metal fan should be aware of and should not skip out on.

Butchering the Colossus will be out March 1, 2017.

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