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"Blasphemer, Heretic, Defiler of the Sacred Ones. Thou art Deprived of Your Limbs. Thy Nose Shall be Split. Thou art Cast Down and Overthrown."-Cast Down The Heretic by Nile

Celestial Grave: Pvtrefactio

February 26, 2017

celestial grave - 7 cover.jpg

After their striking demo Burial Ground Trance, Celestial Grave is back at it again with a two track release titled Pvtrefactio. Even though this release is only two songs it still packs a punch and provides you with plenty of intensity and plenty of content split between these two songs. Each of the tracks that appear on this record are fairly long so you have plenty of sinister black metal to listen to and plenty of darkness to revel in.

For there only being two songs, Pvtrefactio is an unrelenting assault of black metal and right out of the gate Celestial Grave hits you with all that they have with their opener Deteriorating Angel. This track as well as the second-which is the title track-are uncompromising and unapologetic. Each track is damning and played at a blistering pace and each are played in the vein of traditional black metal with some twists of their own however. What is nice about Celestial Grave is that they do play in the vein of traditional black metal but they do add their own twists as well which creates for a unique and memorable listen.

As damning as each song is they both have their fair share of melancholy added in to the mix as well. Neither song is overtly melancholic but that trait is very much so present in each song. So, not only do you get the regular aggression that black metal tends to display and dish out, but you do get a hint of sadness and loneliness as well which ends up making you fee isolated and cold. Pvtrefactio is a twisting, dark and harsh record that hits you right off the bat and keeps rolling, pulling you further and further into a bitter darkness.

From the musicianship, to the great raw production, to the vocals all the way to the atmosphere that Pvtrefactio emits, you get a solid record that you want to keep playing over and over again. With only two songs Celestial Grave creates something that is captivating and unique and that among many other reasons makes for a great listen.

Check out Deteriorating Angel from Pvtrefactio.

Pvtrefactio will be released April 21, 2017 through Iron Bonehead Productions.

Nervochaos: Nyctophilia

February 25, 2017

Nervochaos Nyctophilia.jpg

With powerful and gnarled riffs Nervochaos hits you right in the mouth from the drop of the first note and keeps bulldozing on through their new effort titled Nyctophilia. This record is the seventh full length in the arsenal for Nervochaos and it provides you with thirteen unfiltered, dark, twisting and blackened tracks. Nervochaos sews numerous genres together so pigeonholing them into one specific genre isn’t a completely easy task. These heathens cram together black metal, death metal, punk, some grind and others to create a chaotic yet powerful and memorable sound.

As mentioned, Nervochaos wastes no time at all getting you acquainted with their new record as they begin like a bat out of hell and continue that pace for the entirety of the record. They really only slow down about one time while the intro to Season of the Witch plays for a few seconds before you ultimately get a face full of metal again. Other than that they keep on rolling grave digging song after grave digging song until you really are buried six feet under.

Out of all of the thirteen songs on Nyctophilia each one is just as twisted and menacing as the last. Each song is loud, chaotic, demonic and fearsome and yet as soul banishing as they are you can’t keep yourself from headbanging and enjoying the entertaining listen that Nyctophilia is. This release is a raging storm of blackened nightmares and a completely entertaining one at that as you just want to keep listening over and over again.

There isn’t a song on this record that is lacking at all and there isn’t one that you would think of skipping. Each song plays well off of each other which provides you with an entertaining and utterly bludgeoning listen. From track one to track thirteen you get nothing but metal and nothing else in between and that keeps you headbanging for quite some time. Nyctophilia has a knack for grabbing your attention and keeping it all the way through with high speed grizzly riffs, demonic vocals and an atmosphere that is overtly evil and poisonous.

Nyctophilia is a great listen that gets you engaged from the get go and if you don’t brace yourself from the beginning you may be losing your head in the process of a listen. This record is sharp, headbang worthy and worthy of more than just a few listens. So, the only thing I have to say now is, beware of The Midnight Hunter.

Nyctophilia will be released April 7, 2017 through Greyhaze Records.

Hate Unbound: Plague

February 23, 2017


With pure energy and aggression Hate Unbound comes storming out of the gate with their new release titled Plague. This new record shows off ten new songs that are filled with thrashing death metal that get you up out of your seat and headbanging before you can say the word “headbang”. Hate Unbound wastes no time submerging you in their brand of heavy and destructive metal as right when you press play you are right in the thick of things. From the first note on, Hate Unbound rolls track after track that hits you square in the chest and they just keep on rolling without hesitation.

Plague doesn’t spare you with any interludes at all as what you get is ten vicious tracks of thrashing death metal, nothing more and nothing less. From song to song you don’t even have enough time to rest your neck from headbanging so much as Hate Unbound rolls straight into the next song. Each of the ten tracks on Plague are heavy and filled with plenty of variety so that you don’t ever end up hearing the same thing twice throughout the record and you never end up getting tired of the record easily.

This record is a well crafted bulldozing death machine that provides you with a cohesive and head smashing listen. Each song tends to play well off of each other but none of the songs sound the same so that you get plenty of diversity and plenty to listen to and for. Not only that, but each of these songs are fairly lengthy so you end up getting plenty of time to soak the record in and take in all that it has to offer. There is plenty of content on Plague for you to smash your brain to and headbang to until your heart is content.

This new release from Hate Unbound is fueled by what seems to be raw intensity and a pure and genuine love for heavy metal and that definitely shines through and remains to be a theme throughout the record. Each of the ten songs that are present on this release are played with a great intensity that you can feel in every note that is played. Plague doesn’t skimp on anything as Hate Unbound seems to have laid it all on the table with this release which ultimately provides you with a heavy and incredibly entertaining listen.

Overall, Plague is a great listen that gets you engaged early on as it gets you up and thrashing about until you just can’t do it anymore. This record is intense, well executed and produced and from that, you the listener are provided with a great listen that you feel you can listen to over and over again.

Foetal Juice: Masters of Absurdity

February 23, 2017

MOA album art.jpg

Bringing forth their very first full length titled Masters of Absurdity is Foetal Juice. Since beginning their sickening journey in 2005, Foetal Juice have put out a number of singles, a few EPs and a couple of splits, but last year marked their release of their very first full length album. Masters of Absurdity  is ten straight tracks of disgusting, filthy and vile grind infused death metal. When it comes to this record, Foetal Juice doesn’t mess around with anything but that and if you expect there to be some interludes or fluff anywhere in Masters of Absurdity,  you won’t be finding any.

Foetal Juice starts you off with Dutch Oven which hits you right in the chest from the get go and you get the exact same treatment all throughout the record. Each song blasts you right in the face from the get go with barbaric riffs, savage screams and chaotic drumming which ultimately makes for a headbanging listen. As mentioned, there isn’t anything on this record but grinding death metal from beginning to end. Foetal Juice does a great job of pouring their sickening brand of metal on thick and keeping it going all throughout the listen.

These gents don’t lift their boot off of your throat even for a minute as they roll through twisted song after twisted song. Masters of Absurdity is a wonderfully disgusting album that has you reveling and rolling in all of the disgust and filth whether you want to or not. As soon as you press play you get trapped in the warped and twisting world of Foetal Juice and the only thing that you can do is headbang until your head rolls off of your shoulders. One of the nice things about Foetal Juice is that they don’t seem to take themselves very seriously at all and even if that is the case, the music that they put forth is still raw, punishing and headbanging none the less.

It’s very hard to not enjoy Masters of Absurdity as it does provide you with some ripping tunes to knock your brain around to and it just overall is an entertaining record to sit and listen to for hours on end. There is a lot of variety in this record as well as they provide you with more of a traditional death metal sound in a lot of the songs on this record and in a few songs here and there they provide you with a more traditional grind sound as well. And of course, in more cases than not they combine the two to create a wholly vile, nasty and an undeniably intoxicating sound.

In conclusion, Masters of Absurdity is surely absurd but it also kicks your fucking teeth in. This is an entertaining record that you don’t mind sitting and listening to over and over again and bang your head to until you don’t have any brain cells left.


Vorzug: Three

February 21, 2017


With a brand new EP to their name, Vorzug storms out of the gates of hell drenched in blackened hell fire. Three is the name of their new EP and as I’m sure you can guess the EP has three songs on it that played in the vein of death metal. Each song that appears on this EP is crisp, clean, well executed and of course very heavy. Three is an EP that you can sit and listen to on repeat and just enjoy endlessly without getting tired of it quickly and really with only three songs on the EP that’s saying something.

Vorzug immediately gets you acclimated to their music as they just begin the EP without hesitation. There is no intro or anything of that nature as what you get is pure death metal right off the bat and pure death metal throughout the rest of the EP as well. Vorzug rattles off song after song without pause so what you get is a cohesive and comprehensive listen without sitting through anything extra.

While Vorzug does play in the vein of old-school death they do add their own twist to it to make their sound their very own. They even add some black metal undertones as well to create some atmosphere for you to get lost in so that you don’t just have to get hammered in the face by smashing death metal over and over again. Each of these genres is sewn together nicely to create a great and overall memorable sound.

Each of the three tracks on this EP are propelled by savage riffs, heavy drumming and monstrous growls. Individually each of those things just mentioned are impressive, but when put together you get a vicious and deadly sound that doesn’t soon leave your mind. All three songs have a tight, sharp and bulldozing sound to them that gets your head nodding from note one and keeps it nodding all throughout.

It’s easy to see why Vorzug has spent time at the top of Amazon and iTunes charts as they play as they are a well rounded destructive death metal machine.

Resonance Cascade/Järnbörd: Hyperakusi

February 20, 2017

RC JB Split cover 1400px.jpg

Both Resonance Cascade and Järnbörd hail from Sweden and their new split titled Hyperakusi is on the verge of being released unto the world. Hyperakusi is nearly split right down the middle fifty-fifty between both bands as this new record holds sixteen loud, devastating and chaotic songs. If grind is your thing then this record will be for you as you are blasted right in the chest from the get go with neck breaking grind. The first band to come up on this record is Resonance Cascade and they play in the more traditional grind vein where as Järnbörd who closes the split out combine both grind and punk.

While both bands do play a similar style their sounds are different. Within this split it’s easy to tell the two bands apart which is refreshing so that you don’t get a sound that is wholly repetitive and you don’t get worn out on it either. Hyperakusi provides you with plenty of content and plenty to listen for and listen to which makes the replay value of the record higher than if it were just two straight forward old-school grind acts all on one split.

As mentioned above, Resonance Cascade starts this split off with nine of their own songs and each song is just as buzzing and skull caving as the last. Once Resonance Cascade begins they don’t stop for anything as they keep their destructive metallic assault rolling for nine straight songs. Each song is tumultuous and dizzying in pure grind fashion and not only that but the songs are shorter in length either in typical grind fashion. So, each of these songs is a powerful quick check to the gut and after listening to their side of Hyperakusi you end up feeling as though you have been swallowed up and spit out by a tornado.

Bringing in the remainder of the songs is Järnbörd where they play a cross between punk and grind where both influences are prominently heard. Järnbörd does a great job of weaving both genres together and not having one overshadow the other. Both the punk and grind elements work in harmony together to create a loud, twisting sound that gets you headbanging and bruising your brain from the first note on. The songs that Järnbörd are slightly longer than the songs that Resonance Cascade plays which gives them a little more time to attack you with their own metallic assault. Järnbörd has the attitude of punk and the disdain for human life that is prominent in grind, and combined what you get is an interesting listen that sends your head into a spin cycle.

Both bands bring something different to the grind table which provides the listener with some diversity and variety instead of just getting pummeled over the head with pure face shredding grind. Hyperakusi is volatile and explosive and if you are a fan of grind, then this split is definitely something that you should keep your eyes open for.

Hyperakusi will be out through Wooaaarggh and Downfall Records on February 24, 2017.

Pandemic Outbreak: Rise of the Damned

February 19, 2017

PANDEMIC OUTBREAK - Rise of the Damned MC front pict.jpg

When an album begins with a song titled Fuck Off and Die you know that it’s going to be a good one. Pandemic Outbreak does begin their release Rise of the Damned with Fuck Off and Die and from then on they don’t look back as they lay everything and everyone to waste that stands in their way. Pandemic Outbreak plays in the vein of old-school thrash with their own added twists and wrinkles to create a wholly destructive and face melting sound. With there only being five songs on this release there isn’t much time for fluff or fillers, so what you get out of Rise of the Damned is five straight songs of nothing but pure thrash and mayhem.

Rise of the Damned gets you headbanging and thrashing about as soon as you press play and you don’t stop until the listen has finished. You don’t have much time to catch your breath either as Pandemic Outbreak rolls song after song without so much as a pause in between. The only real break that you get from the metallic assault is the brief second between songs, but really that’s all and then you’re right back in the middle of the shredding thrash attack.

Throughout this release you get a sound that is wholly raw and blistering. Once you begin listening, Pandemic Outbreak mashes their foot on the gas never to slow down for anyone or anything. Each song is a blazing thrash anthem that gets stuck in your head, or rather they bounce around in your head creating a mosh pit of their own. Rise of the Damned is a memorable listen that you end up having a hard time putting down and after several listens you still want to come back for more.

Each of these songs is packed with blood boiling, lightning quick riffs that are supplemented by scorching solos, tumultuous drumming, thick bass lines and gritty vocals that are yelled at you from all directions. Rise of the Damned is a solid thrash attack in the purest and most raw form. There isn’t anything in this release that would lead you to believe otherwise as you get pummeled by five straight thrashing face melting songs.

Overall, Rise of the Damned is a great, shredding and headbanging listen that gets you involved right off the bat, and once you are done listening you feel the need to come back for more thrashing mayhem.

Rise of the Damned will be out February 28, 2017 through P-18 Records.

Candle: Demo 2016

February 18, 2017


Just straight forward heavy metal doesn’t seem to be as prominent as it use to be and yet Candle doesn’t seem to mind one bit. Withing their demo what you get are four songs of pure traditional heavy metal, nothing more and nothing less. Candle also plays the same sort of style of heavy metal that Mercyful Fate and Savatage does and you can hear influences from both bands as well. Each song has a haunting quality to it that gets you even more intrigued the more that you listen. If you are looking for some straight forward pure heavy metal that has some haunting qualities to it, you don’t need to look much further than Candle.

Each of the four songs on this demo are riddled with slick heavy riffs that are supplemented by scorching solos, thick prominent bass lines, heavy drumming and soaring powerful vocals that end up getting stuck in your head for days. The musicianship on this demo is great and even though it is a demo the production is good as well which ultimately brings you a cohesive full bodied listen. Each aspect of this demo from the musicianship, to the production to the vocals is executed well to provide you with a smooth and heavy listen.

As mentioned before, you get a little bit of a haunting quality to the music as well which provides you with a darker atmosphere in which Candle wraps you up in. Some of the tones in this demo are sinister and dark and it ends up cloaking you in a haunting fog. This particular atmosphere drives each song further and frankly without it you wouldn’t nearly get the same feeling that you get with it being present in each song.

Overall, this demo is a good one as it provides you with more content than you would come to expect from a demo and not only that but it’s just an overall good listen that you can sink your teeth into.

Carnal Decay: You Owe You Pay

February 15, 2017

Carnal Decay album art.jpg

Since coming around in 2002, Carnal Decay have released two demos, a split and three full lengths up until this point. Now, fifteen years later since their inception, Carnal Decay is on the verge of releasing their fourth full length titled You Owe You Pay. This new record is as packed as a garbage truck filled with rotted cadavers as it sports ten destructive and completely mutilating songs that try to tear your flesh straight from your bones. There isn’t anything but barbaric, savage and blood letting tunes on this record and that’s all you could ever ask for as there aren’t any fillers and no fluff at all. Instead there is only death, decay and depravity.

Carnal Decay put the ax to your throat immediately without warning as before you know it the album has started and you are caught in a deafening and deadly mosh of brutal slamming death metal. The ten songs that fill this record like a mortuary when a serial killer is on the loose are terrifying and life threatening tunes that beat you into submission before making you dig your own shallow grave. From track one to track ten these songs hit you with everything that they have and then some and after one listen the results are quite sickening.

One of many things that is nice about this record is that the slams are spaced out properly so that the entire record doesn’t sound exactly like one giant slam fest. The devastating and bone breaking slams are spread out throughout the album proportionally so that you get a healthy dosing of it but you don’t end up getting overwhelmed. But that being said, when they do hit they hit like a sledgehammer and the only thing that you can do is do your best to hold on to your life.

Other than the slamming aspects of this album, Carnal Decay play some ultra brutal brutal death to the point where you can smell the reeking stench of decaying bodies through your speakers. Each song is bludgeoning and played at a blistering pace to the point where you want your neck to snap from all of the headbanging. You Owe You Pay is a barbaric, blood letting and savage release that doesn’t show any sort of remorse to the listener. You Owe You Pay is a rolling death machine that doesn’t stop until it’s blood thirst has been quenched, and even then it doesn’t stop.

Now all that’s left to say is that, if you owe, you will pay and Carnal Decay will make fucking sure you do.


Nocrul: Khorne

February 15, 2017

Nocrul - Khorne frontpict.jpg

Nocrul takes primitive black metal and adds some sinister melodies as well as a fair amount of atmosphere to create a wholly blistering, dark, twisted and unique sound. There are seven original songs on their newest release titled Khorne and one cover and out of the seven original songs you get purely damning and soul tearing black metal without any reprieve. Once you press play you are stuck in their dark and slithering world of black metal until the final song has concluded. Nocrul does a great job of mixing skin scorching tempos with slower and mid tempos to create some atmosphere for you so that you aren’t just getting hit over the head completely with nothing but disgustingly fast torment.

Khorne begins with a sinister and skin crawling intro before they head right into the twisting and blasphemous music. After that intro is over Nocrul provides you with seven damning songs that you just can’t seem to shake no matter how hard you try. As mentioned before, these songs on this release aren’t your typical barbaric black metal as they are pumped full with melody and atmosphere, and each song has plenty of both. Throughout this release you get dark and twisting melodies and just as dark and twisting atmospheres to compliment that.

Each of the seven songs that are present in this release provide you with a dark, sinister and cold atmosphere that wraps you up nearly immediately and it follows you all throughout. Nocrul add some keyboard elements in to each song to give you a darker and more biting listen. Not only that, but when the wall of black metal calms down a bit the keyboards get a chance to shine and display their full capabilities of providing you wondrous, melancholic and blasphemous atmospheres. The keyboard elements tie in very well with everything never overshadowing or taking a backseat to anything and they help propel each song to new darkened heights.

The atmosphere is one thing about this record that makes it a great listen, but the slashing riffs, solid drum work and wraith like vocals are the other elements that make this record a great listen. From song to song you get pummeled by a wall of blackened noise that is filled with pure darkness and evil so much so that you may be lucky to escape with your soul in tact after listening. Each aspect of this album from the keyboards, to the drumming, to the riffs and vocals is executed very well and sewn together nicely to create a cohesive and raw listen.

Khorne is a unique listen that provides you with much more than just straight up and down black metal, and that is what makes this a great listen.

Khorne will be out February 28, 2017 through Neverheard Distro.

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