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Conscript: Celestial Mechanics

February 2, 2017

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Hailing from Northampton is one man melodic death metal band Conscript and late last year he released a brand new three track EP titled Celestial Mechanics. Each of the three songs that are present on this EP are played at a blistering pace as the razor sharp riffs and blast beats propel it forward straight through your skull. There isn’t a moment on this EP where you won’t be headbanging and the times where you would slow your brain bashing down are in the parts where Conscript slows it down a bit to let the symphonic elements shine.

The lightning quick musicianship is certainly enough to make this EP an entirely entertaining listening experience all on their own, but with the addition of the symphonic elements you ultimately get a sound that is completely massive and even more memorable. The symphonic elements that are added into each one of the songs that are on this EP are sewn in so well and create a unique and diverse listening experience. At the end of the listen you will find it very hard to get these songs out of your head and really you just don’t want to anyway.

This is a release that is played at mach five and each song isn’t very long either so it is over before you know it, but also before you know it you are back pressing the play button over and over again. Celestial Mechanics is an intoxicating release that gets stuck in your head and before you know it you have been listening for hours. Each song is crafted very well, the musicianship is great and the production is spot on as well and that just makes for one hell of an entertaining listen.

Celestial Mechanics is a great EP and through your listen you end up wanting a full length before your listen is even over. This is an incredibly solid EP and really you just cannot go wrong with it at all nor should you pass it up.

Check Conscript out on Facebook as well as Bandcamp.

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