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Shadow Giant: Honkytonk on the Moon

February 5, 2017

Now, who doesn’t like some southern fried cooking and some southern fried doom? I know I sure do and Shadow Giant provides the latter in heaps. They mix doom with a little bit of stoner metal seasoning to create an epic dish that is best served as loud as you can take it. Honkytonk on the Moon is the name of their newest release off of Graven Earth Records and it provides you with five tasty songs that stick to you like some good old fried chicken. In all seriousness, these songs are infectious and once you are done with one helping you keep coming back for more helpings.

Shadow Giant does a great job of mixing tempos on this release as one moment you will be bombarded with hard rocking up tempo tunes and the next you are drifting through the low and slow fuzzed out doom that they provide as well. Each song is completely different from one another and you will never end up getting the same sound twice. All of the five songs on this release provide you with something unique and unforgettable and as mentioned above you just end up coming back for more and more until you are completely stuffed.

Right from the get go, Honkytonk on the Moon draws you in and keeps you listening all throughout. This record is unique and has a great sound to it that ultimately gets embedded in your brain for quite some time. Even after you finish the listen you will be able to hear these songs rattling around your brain. Honkytonk on the Moon is a completely entertaining and instantly gratifying listen. Shadow Giant provides you with plenty of content and plenty of variety on this record so that you never get bored listening and so you can listen over and over again without wanting to stop.

Each song is packed with heavy sludge filled riffs that ultimately break your speakers down the more you listen. To go along with the riffs you get rumbling bass lines and solid drumming as well as whiskey soaked vocals that are just so powerful and highly memorable. To switch everything up on you, the fourth song titled Spiro Agnew has some “clean guitars” in it at the very beginning of the song as well as sprinkled in all throughout the song as well. It’s a “lighter” song that is just so smooth as it goes down like a nice bottle of scotch. That isn’t to say the rest of the songs are just like that, because they all are, but Spiro Agnew stands out among the rest of the songs.

Honkytonk on the Moon is a great listen that provides you with plenty of buzz, fuzz, great lyrics, musicianship, vocals, production and everything. There isn’t much more to say other than this release is a kick ass one that shouldn’t be slept on if you are a fan of southern rock, doom, sludge or stoner metal.

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