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Holycide: Annihilate…Then Ask!

February 7, 2017

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Starting off with a completely bombastic blast and never looking in the rear view mirror at all of the mayhem and destruction is Holycide and their new album titled Annihilate..Then Ask! which is a pretty appropriate title. Holycide aren’t gentle with their introductions at all as they start you off at mach five shredding your face off and they just don’t quit from there. Each song on this record is completely face melting and unforgiving and really why shouldn’t they be? This is pure thrash metal that gets your headbanging and ultimately twisted straight off of your shoulders if you aren’t careful, and trust me, you will be cranking your neck quite a bit.

Holycide is relentless in their thrash assault as you are trapped in a maelstrom of ripping metal from note one until the final note. You aren’t eased into this release either with an intro or anything like that as Holycide pushes you in face first letting you feel the full flesh tearing power. Each song motors on without any thought about human life what so ever and really the only break that you get is the half of a second between each song, other than that you get bombarded all throughout. Once you press play there is no turning back and you just have to know that you may not have a face after listening.

With sharp mach five riffs, rumbling bass lines, acrobatic drumming and gritty and intense vocals, you get a powerful and memorable listen, that is if you have a brain to remember the songs. You end up headbanging furiously to this record whether you really wanted to or not as it nearly immediately compels you to do so. The amount of brain bashing and headbanging goodness that is thrown into this record is massive and you might just leave the listen beaten and bruised, but you keep finding yourself pressing play.

Annihilate…Then Ask! is pure thrash in every sense. This release is played at an incredible speed, with plenty of grit and grime and you just can’t help but to want to start a mosh pit and start throwing your body around. Each song is incredibly infectious as you will find that they will be rattling around in your head for days and not only that but you end up catching yourself air guitaring to the skin peeling guitar solos as well.Annihilate…Then Ask! is a pure thrashing madhouse and that’s exactly what you would want to hear and expect.

Overall, this release is a great one that gets you headbanging early on and very often until you just don’t have any brain cells left. Annihilate…Then Ask! is a must listen for all heavy metal and thrash fans alike.

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