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Morijah: Black Despair

February 9, 2017

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Hailing from Switzerland is Morijah and they play in the vein of deathcore with some death metal and progressive tendencies. Black Despair is the title of their debut record and it is packed full with eleven heavy and interesting tracks. Morijah isn’t a regular deathcore band either as they add some progressive elements into their music as well as mentioned before. They do a great job of mixing tempos and sounds so that you get plenty of variety and you would be hard pressed to find the same sound in any of the songs. Each song is unique in its own way and instead of cramming nothing but deathcore down your gullet they provide you with many different sounds to keep you interested and entertained.

A lot of the songs on this record have intros that sound as though they are provided by keyboards but those intros never really last all too long as they heavy hitting deathcore takes over from there. Not only do they keyboard effects appear at the beginning of most of the songs on Black Despair but they appear throughout each song as well which provides you with some wondrous and at times melancholic atmospheres. These keyboard effects are a nice touch to the songs as they progress the songs nicely and almost tell a story all their own.

Other than the atmospheric sounds you get heavy and hard hitting death metal and deathcore as the main staple. Each song does provide you with some breakdowns but they seem to be sprinkled in when necessary and not every five to ten seconds. Morijah spaces them out nicely so that they are another element to the music and not an entirely over powering force. Throughout Black Despair you get plenty of helpings of crunching riffs and thick bass lines along with heavy hitting drums and vocals that transition between gravel filled growls, higher pitched screams and at times spoken word.

Morijah packs in a lot of different elements  in their music which makes you listen a little harder as well as over again to pick out things that you may not have heard the first time. They provide you with plenty of diversity so that the album does not get stagnant, boring or predictable. The eleven songs that Black Despair sports are relatively short through which ultimately makes the entire record pretty short so it is over before you know it. But, with that being said, “Black Despair” has plenty of replay value as there is plenty to listen for in each song and never do you think that the record is stale in any way.

Overall, this is a pretty good debut album. Morjiah provides you with plenty of content as each song has many layers to them. You get heavy and harsh death metal and deathcore as well as the wondrous and at times melancholic atmosphere, and with everything combined you are provided with an entertaining listen.


  1. It’s a very good band. I saw them last week in Lenzburg!!!

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