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"Blasphemer, Heretic, Defiler of the Sacred Ones. Thou art Deprived of Your Limbs. Thy Nose Shall be Split. Thou art Cast Down and Overthrown."-Cast Down The Heretic by Nile

Analepsy: Atrocities From Beyond

February 10, 2017

After releasing a monstrous EP in 2015 Analepsy is back this year with a full length titled Atrocities From Beyond and it showcases ten brutalizing and flesh tearing songs. Each song is as terrorizing as the last and just as skull grinding and Analepsy doesn’t do much to help you prepare for your dissection as they jump right into the record. There is no fluff or filler within Atrocities From Beyond as it is ten straight songs of nothing but life threatening metal. From the first note on, Analepsy does a great job of pummeling you straight into an early grave with no remorse or second thought, and once your swift burial is complete they move on to their next victim.

As short as this record is with most songs hovering around the three minute mark it still is a massive and bestial record. The sound is monstrous and utterly savage and once you press the play button you succumb to some seriously twisted and barbaric metal. Analepsy rolls song after song that does their very best to add you to their collection of hacked up cadavers. Atrocities From Beyond is a disgusting record that has the capacity to rip you to shreds within one listen, and even though you may feel as though you have been through a compactor after listening you still feel the need to listen and go through the mayhem again.

Hordes of disgusting and twisted riffs end up descending upon you once you begin listening. This release is just a wall of swirling mayhem that is crafted really well and ultimately provides you with a biting and twisted listen. You can’t really rip yourself away from your speakers once you have begun and if you try this record grabs you by the throat and makes you finish. Atrocities From Beyond is a head caving and gut tearing release that shows absolutely no mercy for the listener as it bulldozes through songs as easy as it can tear through flesh.

Analepsy provides you with a listen that leaves everything around you in complete shambles. This record is devastating to say the least as it is anvil heavy and packs such a weighted punch that you have to brace yourself before your face gets sent through the back of your skull. With anvil heavy slams, limb tearing riffs, chaotic drumming and sepulchral vocals, Analepsy tears the flesh off of listeners and scars their ear drums. Combined with solid and sharp production, this debut full length is as heavy as they come.

Atrocities From Beyond is disgustingly heavy and will please all fans of brutal slamming death metal and if you are you don’t want to be missing out on this record.

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