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Ascended Dead: Abhorrent Manifestation

February 11, 2017

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Hailing from sunny Southern California comes not so sunny and bright Ascended Dead and their new release Abhorrent Manifestation. Sunny, bright, cheerful are all words that are the exact opposite of Ascended Dead as they play a brutal and punishing style of death metal. Throughout Abhorrent Manifestation you get pulverized by all sides by ten decimating and terrifying tunes. The only real break that you get within this record is at the half way mark of the record when Dormant Souls plays as it is three minutes of ominous tunes brought to you by acoustic guitars. Other than that, the other nine songs are purely detrimental and unbelievably insane.

Ascended Dead don’t fuck around one bit with this record as they show you pure blood thirst right from the drop of the first note and they carry that all the way through. Each song is blood curdling goodness that do their best to put you in an early grave with you flesh and skin torn completely off. Ascended Dead’s brand of death metal is utterly chaotic and sinister and when you begin listening you get trapped in a madhouse of death and destruction. This is uncompromising death metal in an utterly raw and disgusting form and the more that you listen the more that you get buried under heaps of filth and flesh.

The raw sound of this record doesn’t sound as though it was forced or calculated, in fact it sounds completely natural and it sounds like it comes with ease. Nothing on this record is forced and it sounds as though Ascended Dead went into the studio to record, did all of it in one take and called it a record. Now that more than likely isn’t the case, but the raw sound that they captured doesn’t sound as though it was tampered with or doctored in any way at all and from that what you ultimately hear is a beautifully sickening sound all around.

Abhorrent Manifestation wonderfully disgusting and pure mayhem. This record has a completely perverse and twisted sound to it that is wholly infectious and completely deadly. This release is a flesh tearing and blood draining listen that scars ears and empties you of your innards entirely only to bury you in a shallow grave all within one listen, but even after all of that you need and want more mayhem and carnage.

This album is sickening and intoxicating and one listen just does’t do it justice. Abhorrent Manifestation is a massive and powerful release that aims for the jugular right off the bat and doesn’t quit until gallons of blood have been let, and for that, among many other reasons, this record is a great listen.

Abhorrent Manifestation will be out through Invictus Productions and Dark Descent Records March 17, 2017.

You can catch this sickos out and throw them a like right on Facebook and you can find Invictus Productions on Facebook as well as Dark Descent Records.

And you can also find the both of them on their respective websites here and here.

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