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Pandemic Outbreak: Rise of the Damned

February 19, 2017

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When an album begins with a song titled Fuck Off and Die you know that it’s going to be a good one. Pandemic Outbreak does begin their release Rise of the Damned with Fuck Off and Die and from then on they don’t look back as they lay everything and everyone to waste that stands in their way. Pandemic Outbreak plays in the vein of old-school thrash with their own added twists and wrinkles to create a wholly destructive and face melting sound. With there only being five songs on this release there isn’t much time for fluff or fillers, so what you get out of Rise of the Damned is five straight songs of nothing but pure thrash and mayhem.

Rise of the Damned gets you headbanging and thrashing about as soon as you press play and you don’t stop until the listen has finished. You don’t have much time to catch your breath either as Pandemic Outbreak rolls song after song without so much as a pause in between. The only real break that you get from the metallic assault is the brief second between songs, but really that’s all and then you’re right back in the middle of the shredding thrash attack.

Throughout this release you get a sound that is wholly raw and blistering. Once you begin listening, Pandemic Outbreak mashes their foot on the gas never to slow down for anyone or anything. Each song is a blazing thrash anthem that gets stuck in your head, or rather they bounce around in your head creating a mosh pit of their own. Rise of the Damned is a memorable listen that you end up having a hard time putting down and after several listens you still want to come back for more.

Each of these songs is packed with blood boiling, lightning quick riffs that are supplemented by scorching solos, tumultuous drumming, thick bass lines and gritty vocals that are yelled at you from all directions. Rise of the Damned is a solid thrash attack in the purest and most raw form. There isn’t anything in this release that would lead you to believe otherwise as you get pummeled by five straight thrashing face melting songs.

Overall, Rise of the Damned is a great, shredding and headbanging listen that gets you involved right off the bat, and once you are done listening you feel the need to come back for more thrashing mayhem.

Rise of the Damned will be out February 28, 2017 through P-18 Records.

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