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Resonance Cascade/Järnbörd: Hyperakusi

February 20, 2017

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Both Resonance Cascade and Järnbörd hail from Sweden and their new split titled Hyperakusi is on the verge of being released unto the world. Hyperakusi is nearly split right down the middle fifty-fifty between both bands as this new record holds sixteen loud, devastating and chaotic songs. If grind is your thing then this record will be for you as you are blasted right in the chest from the get go with neck breaking grind. The first band to come up on this record is Resonance Cascade and they play in the more traditional grind vein where as Järnbörd who closes the split out combine both grind and punk.

While both bands do play a similar style their sounds are different. Within this split it’s easy to tell the two bands apart which is refreshing so that you don’t get a sound that is wholly repetitive and you don’t get worn out on it either. Hyperakusi provides you with plenty of content and plenty to listen for and listen to which makes the replay value of the record higher than if it were just two straight forward old-school grind acts all on one split.

As mentioned above, Resonance Cascade starts this split off with nine of their own songs and each song is just as buzzing and skull caving as the last. Once Resonance Cascade begins they don’t stop for anything as they keep their destructive metallic assault rolling for nine straight songs. Each song is tumultuous and dizzying in pure grind fashion and not only that but the songs are shorter in length either in typical grind fashion. So, each of these songs is a powerful quick check to the gut and after listening to their side of Hyperakusi you end up feeling as though you have been swallowed up and spit out by a tornado.

Bringing in the remainder of the songs is Järnbörd where they play a cross between punk and grind where both influences are prominently heard. Järnbörd does a great job of weaving both genres together and not having one overshadow the other. Both the punk and grind elements work in harmony together to create a loud, twisting sound that gets you headbanging and bruising your brain from the first note on. The songs that Järnbörd are slightly longer than the songs that Resonance Cascade plays which gives them a little more time to attack you with their own metallic assault. Järnbörd has the attitude of punk and the disdain for human life that is prominent in grind, and combined what you get is an interesting listen that sends your head into a spin cycle.

Both bands bring something different to the grind table which provides the listener with some diversity and variety instead of just getting pummeled over the head with pure face shredding grind. Hyperakusi is volatile and explosive and if you are a fan of grind, then this split is definitely something that you should keep your eyes open for.

Hyperakusi will be out through Wooaaarggh and Downfall Records on February 24, 2017.

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