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Foetal Juice: Masters of Absurdity

February 23, 2017

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Bringing forth their very first full length titled Masters of Absurdity is Foetal Juice. Since beginning their sickening journey in 2005, Foetal Juice have put out a number of singles, a few EPs and a couple of splits, but last year marked their release of their very first full length album. Masters of Absurdity  is ten straight tracks of disgusting, filthy and vile grind infused death metal. When it comes to this record, Foetal Juice doesn’t mess around with anything but that and if you expect there to be some interludes or fluff anywhere in Masters of Absurdity,  you won’t be finding any.

Foetal Juice starts you off with Dutch Oven which hits you right in the chest from the get go and you get the exact same treatment all throughout the record. Each song blasts you right in the face from the get go with barbaric riffs, savage screams and chaotic drumming which ultimately makes for a headbanging listen. As mentioned, there isn’t anything on this record but grinding death metal from beginning to end. Foetal Juice does a great job of pouring their sickening brand of metal on thick and keeping it going all throughout the listen.

These gents don’t lift their boot off of your throat even for a minute as they roll through twisted song after twisted song. Masters of Absurdity is a wonderfully disgusting album that has you reveling and rolling in all of the disgust and filth whether you want to or not. As soon as you press play you get trapped in the warped and twisting world of Foetal Juice and the only thing that you can do is headbang until your head rolls off of your shoulders. One of the nice things about Foetal Juice is that they don’t seem to take themselves very seriously at all and even if that is the case, the music that they put forth is still raw, punishing and headbanging none the less.

It’s very hard to not enjoy Masters of Absurdity as it does provide you with some ripping tunes to knock your brain around to and it just overall is an entertaining record to sit and listen to for hours on end. There is a lot of variety in this record as well as they provide you with more of a traditional death metal sound in a lot of the songs on this record and in a few songs here and there they provide you with a more traditional grind sound as well. And of course, in more cases than not they combine the two to create a wholly vile, nasty and an undeniably intoxicating sound.

In conclusion, Masters of Absurdity is surely absurd but it also kicks your fucking teeth in. This is an entertaining record that you don’t mind sitting and listening to over and over again and bang your head to until you don’t have any brain cells left.


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