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Hate Unbound: Plague

February 23, 2017


With pure energy and aggression Hate Unbound comes storming out of the gate with their new release titled Plague. This new record shows off ten new songs that are filled with thrashing death metal that get you up out of your seat and headbanging before you can say the word “headbang”. Hate Unbound wastes no time submerging you in their brand of heavy and destructive metal as right when you press play you are right in the thick of things. From the first note on, Hate Unbound rolls track after track that hits you square in the chest and they just keep on rolling without hesitation.

Plague doesn’t spare you with any interludes at all as what you get is ten vicious tracks of thrashing death metal, nothing more and nothing less. From song to song you don’t even have enough time to rest your neck from headbanging so much as Hate Unbound rolls straight into the next song. Each of the ten tracks on Plague are heavy and filled with plenty of variety so that you don’t ever end up hearing the same thing twice throughout the record and you never end up getting tired of the record easily.

This record is a well crafted bulldozing death machine that provides you with a cohesive and head smashing listen. Each song tends to play well off of each other but none of the songs sound the same so that you get plenty of diversity and plenty to listen to and for. Not only that, but each of these songs are fairly lengthy so you end up getting plenty of time to soak the record in and take in all that it has to offer. There is plenty of content on Plague for you to smash your brain to and headbang to until your heart is content.

This new release from Hate Unbound is fueled by what seems to be raw intensity and a pure and genuine love for heavy metal and that definitely shines through and remains to be a theme throughout the record. Each of the ten songs that are present on this release are played with a great intensity that you can feel in every note that is played. Plague doesn’t skimp on anything as Hate Unbound seems to have laid it all on the table with this release which ultimately provides you with a heavy and incredibly entertaining listen.

Overall, Plague is a great listen that gets you engaged early on as it gets you up and thrashing about until you just can’t do it anymore. This record is intense, well executed and produced and from that, you the listener are provided with a great listen that you feel you can listen to over and over again.

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