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"Blasphemer, Heretic, Defiler of the Sacred Ones. Thou art Deprived of Your Limbs. Thy Nose Shall be Split. Thou art Cast Down and Overthrown."-Cast Down The Heretic by Nile

Engulfed: Engulfed in Obscurity

February 14, 2017

Engulfed - Engulfed In Obscurity [cover art].jpg

Darkness, destruction and pure death is what you get when listening to Engulfed in Obscurity, and for nine straight tracks you get pummeled into the damp earth with no remorse. Engulfed plays an entirely sinister brand of death metal and right after the two minute intro into the record you get blasted by eight deadly and twisted tunes. Each of these songs is fairly long in length with quite a few of them clocking in at over the five and six minute mark which gives Engulfed plenty of time to mutilate you and melt your face clean off of your skull.

Each of these songs that are on this record are just as barbaric and deadly as the last and once you end up pressing play you become trapped in a swirling tornado of death and chaos. Engulfed does a great job of rolling song after song to pulverize you as there is no fluff within this record to give you any sort of breather. And as mentioned before these songs are pretty lengthy which means you are trapped in a death filled madhouse for longer than you realize. There is nothing on this record that compromises the pure and sickening death metal sound that Engulfed plays as their sound is pure and true death metal in a raw and twisted form.

From song to song you end up getting shredded by gnarled riffs that are coupled with rumbling bass lines, bone cracking drumming and blood curdling unearthly growls. With a tight production to neatly knit this chaos together you end up getting a head severing listen that is wholly unforgiving and barbaric. There isn’t a moment while listening to this record where you don’t want to headbang until the point of brain damage. Each song is anvil heavy and ultimately mutilating and before you know it you feel as though you have been fed to a circular saw.

Engulfed in Obscurity is a rumbling death machine that seems to be only out for blood and will decimate anyone who opposes it. This release is powerful and menacing and does its very best to lay you to rest. This record is a solid mass of twisting, sharp and poisonous death metal that deserves to be played at the highest of volumes and it gets you headbanging with ease until your neck snaps and your head rolls right off of your shoulders.

Overall, Engulfed in Obscurity is a monolithic death metal record that bursts speakers and lacerates ear drums in the best of ways. Not only is this release towering in run time but towering and savage in sound as well. This record is raw and punishing and will please the ears of all of the death merchants out there.

The Crawling: Anatomy of Loss

February 13, 2017

The Crawling - Anatomy Of Loss Artwork.jpg

With a massive and overpowering sound, The Crawling comes out with Anatomy of Loss, their brand new upcoming seven track release. With the combination of death and doom metal as well as some dismal atmospheres, The Crawling creates a sound that is bitter, melancholic, angry, twisted and more and it all strikes at the heart of the listener. The sound is unmistakable and unavoidable once you press play, and as soon as you do you end up getting wrapped up in abyssal clouds of atmosphere and dark, dense and heavy death metal riddled doom.

The Crawling begin Anatomy of Loss with An Immaculate Deception which hits you square in the chest with anvil heavy riffs and sledgehammer drumming and from then on the tone is set for the rest of the record. After the first few minutes of this release you understand just how heavy and monolithic it really is. Anatomy of Loss is a crushing release that engulfs you in bitter darkness for the entirety with not a single ray of light at the end of the abyss. The band themselves state that this record is about “loss, regret and despondency” and they do a great job of making you feel all of those.

All throughout this release you get a healthy dose of both death metal and doom and The Crawling does a great job of sewing the two together to create a heavy and damning sound. Not only that but they change up the tempo quite frequently as one minute you might be listening to some soul crushing doom and the very next they change gears straight into an onslaught of death. The variety and diversity keep you guessing and keep you listening as to what you will be getting next. Anatomy of Loss has a lot of different elements to it that make it an intriguing and unique listen and gives you plenty to look for and listen for.

Each of the seven songs on Anatomy of Loss are lengthy which gives The Crawling plenty of time to wrap you up in their twisting and ever darkening brand of metal. These songs grab you straight away by the throat never to let you go until the final song has concluded and that does not happen for a while. Through this lengthy release you get showered with gut punching drumming and crushed by terrifyingly heavy riffs along with spine rattling bass lines and shoving their way through the wonderfully dark metallic noises are the hellish vocals.

Anatomy of Loss is an incredibly heavy record and that is due to the musicianship of course as well as the soul devouring atmosphere and through seven songs all of that encompasses you sealing off all light from your life for the time being. This is a great listen, one that is filled with plenty of emotion and of course some of the heaviest of music. The Crawling have crafted something here that is intoxicating and incredibly heavy and more than that, they have crafted a record that you have a hard time putting down.

Anatomy of Loss will be out April 7, 2017 through Grindscene Records.

You can check The Crawling out on Facebook as well as their own website. And you can find everything Grindscene Records right on their website.

Mordbrand: Wilt

February 12, 2017


In a display of blasphemous death, death metal stalwarts Mordbrand bring forth their newest release titled Wilt. In pure death metal fashion Wilt is a thrashing and head caving release from beginning to end never pausing for a second to let you catch your breath. Wilt is a massive buzzing assault that attacks you from all sides with sickening riffs, demonic vocals, flesh tearing bass lines and acrobatic drumming, and as soon as you press start the mayhem begins to unfold before you. From beginning to end you will find yourself headbanging in a twisted maelstrom of death and reveling in all of the sickness the more that you listen.

With a raw, barbaric and utterly devastating sound, Mordbrand rolls out nine sickening songs that get your head cranking immediately. They don’t wait for you to get acclimated to their wholly destructive sound as they begin Wilt right off the bat and keep on hacking and slashing their way through the record. The only time that you can catch a breather is when the eighth song which is the title track plays before the album comes to a blistering closer titled Give in to Oblivion. Other than that brief moment of reprieve you are stuck in a cycle of death for nine straight songs with not a single ray of light at the end.

Wilt has a great punishing and raw sound to that doesn’t make the record sound over produced or anything at all. The overall sound is grim and gritty which is the way that it should be. Wilt is pure death metal and nothing else and Mordbrand shovels heaps of the sickening stuff upon you whether you are ready for it or not. Each song is just as sickening and blasphemous as the last and they all aim to kill without hesitation. Wilt is a rumbling death machine that has all the intentions in the world to bury you six feet under with no remorse.

As soon as you press play you get a nice tepid whiff of death and then some and that stench never goes away even after you have been listening for a while. Wilt just oozes death and mayhem and before you know it you are being serenaded by a cacophony of sickness. This release is a monstrous one that provides you with enough death metal to last you a bit as you keep wanting to press the play button more and more once your listens are over.

In conclusion, Wilt is a powerful and menacing record that provides you with terrorizing and deadly death metal for nine straight songs and not only that but this record is sure to please the scarred and battered ears of any death metal fan.

Wilt will be out through Carnal Records February 24, 2017.

Ascended Dead: Abhorrent Manifestation

February 11, 2017

ascended dead - cover.jpg

Hailing from sunny Southern California comes not so sunny and bright Ascended Dead and their new release Abhorrent Manifestation. Sunny, bright, cheerful are all words that are the exact opposite of Ascended Dead as they play a brutal and punishing style of death metal. Throughout Abhorrent Manifestation you get pulverized by all sides by ten decimating and terrifying tunes. The only real break that you get within this record is at the half way mark of the record when Dormant Souls plays as it is three minutes of ominous tunes brought to you by acoustic guitars. Other than that, the other nine songs are purely detrimental and unbelievably insane.

Ascended Dead don’t fuck around one bit with this record as they show you pure blood thirst right from the drop of the first note and they carry that all the way through. Each song is blood curdling goodness that do their best to put you in an early grave with you flesh and skin torn completely off. Ascended Dead’s brand of death metal is utterly chaotic and sinister and when you begin listening you get trapped in a madhouse of death and destruction. This is uncompromising death metal in an utterly raw and disgusting form and the more that you listen the more that you get buried under heaps of filth and flesh.

The raw sound of this record doesn’t sound as though it was forced or calculated, in fact it sounds completely natural and it sounds like it comes with ease. Nothing on this record is forced and it sounds as though Ascended Dead went into the studio to record, did all of it in one take and called it a record. Now that more than likely isn’t the case, but the raw sound that they captured doesn’t sound as though it was tampered with or doctored in any way at all and from that what you ultimately hear is a beautifully sickening sound all around.

Abhorrent Manifestation wonderfully disgusting and pure mayhem. This record has a completely perverse and twisted sound to it that is wholly infectious and completely deadly. This release is a flesh tearing and blood draining listen that scars ears and empties you of your innards entirely only to bury you in a shallow grave all within one listen, but even after all of that you need and want more mayhem and carnage.

This album is sickening and intoxicating and one listen just does’t do it justice. Abhorrent Manifestation is a massive and powerful release that aims for the jugular right off the bat and doesn’t quit until gallons of blood have been let, and for that, among many other reasons, this record is a great listen.

Abhorrent Manifestation will be out through Invictus Productions and Dark Descent Records March 17, 2017.

You can catch this sickos out and throw them a like right on Facebook and you can find Invictus Productions on Facebook as well as Dark Descent Records.

And you can also find the both of them on their respective websites here and here.

Analepsy: Atrocities From Beyond

February 10, 2017

After releasing a monstrous EP in 2015 Analepsy is back this year with a full length titled Atrocities From Beyond and it showcases ten brutalizing and flesh tearing songs. Each song is as terrorizing as the last and just as skull grinding and Analepsy doesn’t do much to help you prepare for your dissection as they jump right into the record. There is no fluff or filler within Atrocities From Beyond as it is ten straight songs of nothing but life threatening metal. From the first note on, Analepsy does a great job of pummeling you straight into an early grave with no remorse or second thought, and once your swift burial is complete they move on to their next victim.

As short as this record is with most songs hovering around the three minute mark it still is a massive and bestial record. The sound is monstrous and utterly savage and once you press the play button you succumb to some seriously twisted and barbaric metal. Analepsy rolls song after song that does their very best to add you to their collection of hacked up cadavers. Atrocities From Beyond is a disgusting record that has the capacity to rip you to shreds within one listen, and even though you may feel as though you have been through a compactor after listening you still feel the need to listen and go through the mayhem again.

Hordes of disgusting and twisted riffs end up descending upon you once you begin listening. This release is just a wall of swirling mayhem that is crafted really well and ultimately provides you with a biting and twisted listen. You can’t really rip yourself away from your speakers once you have begun and if you try this record grabs you by the throat and makes you finish. Atrocities From Beyond is a head caving and gut tearing release that shows absolutely no mercy for the listener as it bulldozes through songs as easy as it can tear through flesh.

Analepsy provides you with a listen that leaves everything around you in complete shambles. This record is devastating to say the least as it is anvil heavy and packs such a weighted punch that you have to brace yourself before your face gets sent through the back of your skull. With anvil heavy slams, limb tearing riffs, chaotic drumming and sepulchral vocals, Analepsy tears the flesh off of listeners and scars their ear drums. Combined with solid and sharp production, this debut full length is as heavy as they come.

Atrocities From Beyond is disgustingly heavy and will please all fans of brutal slamming death metal and if you are you don’t want to be missing out on this record.

Morijah: Black Despair

February 9, 2017

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Hailing from Switzerland is Morijah and they play in the vein of deathcore with some death metal and progressive tendencies. Black Despair is the title of their debut record and it is packed full with eleven heavy and interesting tracks. Morijah isn’t a regular deathcore band either as they add some progressive elements into their music as well as mentioned before. They do a great job of mixing tempos and sounds so that you get plenty of variety and you would be hard pressed to find the same sound in any of the songs. Each song is unique in its own way and instead of cramming nothing but deathcore down your gullet they provide you with many different sounds to keep you interested and entertained.

A lot of the songs on this record have intros that sound as though they are provided by keyboards but those intros never really last all too long as they heavy hitting deathcore takes over from there. Not only do they keyboard effects appear at the beginning of most of the songs on Black Despair but they appear throughout each song as well which provides you with some wondrous and at times melancholic atmospheres. These keyboard effects are a nice touch to the songs as they progress the songs nicely and almost tell a story all their own.

Other than the atmospheric sounds you get heavy and hard hitting death metal and deathcore as the main staple. Each song does provide you with some breakdowns but they seem to be sprinkled in when necessary and not every five to ten seconds. Morijah spaces them out nicely so that they are another element to the music and not an entirely over powering force. Throughout Black Despair you get plenty of helpings of crunching riffs and thick bass lines along with heavy hitting drums and vocals that transition between gravel filled growls, higher pitched screams and at times spoken word.

Morijah packs in a lot of different elements  in their music which makes you listen a little harder as well as over again to pick out things that you may not have heard the first time. They provide you with plenty of diversity so that the album does not get stagnant, boring or predictable. The eleven songs that Black Despair sports are relatively short through which ultimately makes the entire record pretty short so it is over before you know it. But, with that being said, “Black Despair” has plenty of replay value as there is plenty to listen for in each song and never do you think that the record is stale in any way.

Overall, this is a pretty good debut album. Morjiah provides you with plenty of content as each song has many layers to them. You get heavy and harsh death metal and deathcore as well as the wondrous and at times melancholic atmosphere, and with everything combined you are provided with an entertaining listen.

Petrification: Summon Horrendous Destruction

February 8, 2017


With a putrid stench and utterly terrifying sound, Petrification rises from the crypts to bury you in an early grave with Summon Horrendous Destruction. This demo consists of four songs of nothing but blood boiling and flesh tearing death metal that really do just that. From start to finish you are bombarded with sickening sounds of death that try to empty your bones of your marrow and your veins of your blood. Petrification plays in the infected vein of old-school death metal as this demo sounds as though it should be coming straight from the eighties. But with that being said, this isn’t to be a part of a trend, this is about brutalizing and mutilating the listener beyond recognition.

From the very first gnarled note on you get attacked from all sides by poisonous riffs and zombie like growls that are accompanied by blasting drums and rotted bass lines which ultimately provides you with a stomach churning listen. All four tracks on this release are just as sick as the one that came before it and once you begin listening you get trapped in a madhouse of death and disease that you can’t crawl out of. They all hack and slash at you while reveling in all of the horror and viscera and even though you look like you crawled out of a grave yourself after a listen, you come back for more.

Summon Horrendous Destruction has a monstrous sound to it that bursts your speakers and shreds your ear drums. This demo needs to be played at the highest of volumes while you headbang as fast as you can until your neck snaps. This release is barbaric and utterly savage as it provides you with plenty of death and annihilation until a full length appears from the murky depths of hell. Overall, this release is a great one and is sure to please the scarred ear drums of all death metal fans.

Holycide: Annihilate…Then Ask!

February 7, 2017

Holycide - Annihilate... Then Ask.jpg

Starting off with a completely bombastic blast and never looking in the rear view mirror at all of the mayhem and destruction is Holycide and their new album titled Annihilate..Then Ask! which is a pretty appropriate title. Holycide aren’t gentle with their introductions at all as they start you off at mach five shredding your face off and they just don’t quit from there. Each song on this record is completely face melting and unforgiving and really why shouldn’t they be? This is pure thrash metal that gets your headbanging and ultimately twisted straight off of your shoulders if you aren’t careful, and trust me, you will be cranking your neck quite a bit.

Holycide is relentless in their thrash assault as you are trapped in a maelstrom of ripping metal from note one until the final note. You aren’t eased into this release either with an intro or anything like that as Holycide pushes you in face first letting you feel the full flesh tearing power. Each song motors on without any thought about human life what so ever and really the only break that you get is the half of a second between each song, other than that you get bombarded all throughout. Once you press play there is no turning back and you just have to know that you may not have a face after listening.

With sharp mach five riffs, rumbling bass lines, acrobatic drumming and gritty and intense vocals, you get a powerful and memorable listen, that is if you have a brain to remember the songs. You end up headbanging furiously to this record whether you really wanted to or not as it nearly immediately compels you to do so. The amount of brain bashing and headbanging goodness that is thrown into this record is massive and you might just leave the listen beaten and bruised, but you keep finding yourself pressing play.

Annihilate…Then Ask! is pure thrash in every sense. This release is played at an incredible speed, with plenty of grit and grime and you just can’t help but to want to start a mosh pit and start throwing your body around. Each song is incredibly infectious as you will find that they will be rattling around in your head for days and not only that but you end up catching yourself air guitaring to the skin peeling guitar solos as well.Annihilate…Then Ask! is a pure thrashing madhouse and that’s exactly what you would want to hear and expect.

Overall, this release is a great one that gets you headbanging early on and very often until you just don’t have any brain cells left. Annihilate…Then Ask! is a must listen for all heavy metal and thrash fans alike.

Shadow Giant: Honkytonk on the Moon

February 5, 2017

Now, who doesn’t like some southern fried cooking and some southern fried doom? I know I sure do and Shadow Giant provides the latter in heaps. They mix doom with a little bit of stoner metal seasoning to create an epic dish that is best served as loud as you can take it. Honkytonk on the Moon is the name of their newest release off of Graven Earth Records and it provides you with five tasty songs that stick to you like some good old fried chicken. In all seriousness, these songs are infectious and once you are done with one helping you keep coming back for more helpings.

Shadow Giant does a great job of mixing tempos on this release as one moment you will be bombarded with hard rocking up tempo tunes and the next you are drifting through the low and slow fuzzed out doom that they provide as well. Each song is completely different from one another and you will never end up getting the same sound twice. All of the five songs on this release provide you with something unique and unforgettable and as mentioned above you just end up coming back for more and more until you are completely stuffed.

Right from the get go, Honkytonk on the Moon draws you in and keeps you listening all throughout. This record is unique and has a great sound to it that ultimately gets embedded in your brain for quite some time. Even after you finish the listen you will be able to hear these songs rattling around your brain. Honkytonk on the Moon is a completely entertaining and instantly gratifying listen. Shadow Giant provides you with plenty of content and plenty of variety on this record so that you never get bored listening and so you can listen over and over again without wanting to stop.

Each song is packed with heavy sludge filled riffs that ultimately break your speakers down the more you listen. To go along with the riffs you get rumbling bass lines and solid drumming as well as whiskey soaked vocals that are just so powerful and highly memorable. To switch everything up on you, the fourth song titled Spiro Agnew has some “clean guitars” in it at the very beginning of the song as well as sprinkled in all throughout the song as well. It’s a “lighter” song that is just so smooth as it goes down like a nice bottle of scotch. That isn’t to say the rest of the songs are just like that, because they all are, but Spiro Agnew stands out among the rest of the songs.

Honkytonk on the Moon is a great listen that provides you with plenty of buzz, fuzz, great lyrics, musicianship, vocals, production and everything. There isn’t much more to say other than this release is a kick ass one that shouldn’t be slept on if you are a fan of southern rock, doom, sludge or stoner metal.

Featured Interview: Bear Mace

February 4, 2017

Not too long ago I had the pleasure of reviewing Bear Mace and their record Butchering the Colossus and now I present an interview with their lead singer Lord Devourer! Enjoy!

Thank you guys very much for taking the time out to do this interview I really appreciate it! Can you tell a little about how Bear Mace came to be?

Back in 2012, guitarist Crossbow Death and myself (Lord Devourer) got into a discussion about Death Metal and our fondness for the bands like Death, Bolt Thrower, Massacre, and many others. We decided that we would create some tracks in the vein of those bands, which eventually ended up as our cassette demo “Kodiak Killers”.

How did you come to the name Bear Mace, and were there other names that you had been considering?

Originally the name was going to be “Blood Eagle” but there were at least 10 bands with that name when we researched it. Somehow the name Bear Mace came up and we thought it was excellent, so that’s what we went with.

Can you tell a little bit about the writing and recording process of Butchering the Colossus?

As far as writing, Crossbow would come up with killer riffs and I would then listen and write lyrics to fit the mood of the music, which was always angry. When we later became a full band, we decided to record a full-length and ended up at Iron Hand Audio here in Chicago. We pretty much recorded live in the studio, with minimal overdubbing.

For this record was there a lyrical theme that you were trying to go for and what message are you trying to convey through them?

The theme of this entire record is death: whether it’s about dying in combat (“Cyclone of Shrapnel”) or the irony of a gigantic prehistoric bear having to fatten up on the dead meat of Mammoths to survive winter hibernation (“Lord Devourer of the Dead”) every track deals with death and destruction, and the fallout from these situations.

Your sound is pretty unique, rooted a bit in old-school death, but what are some of the things that you did to create your unique sound?

What you’re hearing is just the chemistry between the five of us as musicians. Our intention is to pay homage to old-school death metal, and we have done our homework.

When Bear Mace first began did you ever contemplate playing a different genre, or was it always death metal for you guys?

It was always Death Metal, because we can kill with power directly. We are not about subtlety.

Butchering the Colossus has a super dense and grizzly kind of sound to it. Was the an intentional decision to go with that kind of sound, or was it more natural?

 It was totally natural because that’s just how we play, but it was always our intention to sound massive.

How has the response been to Butchering the Colossus so far for you guys?

 To this point, the response has been totally positive. The throwback style we play seems to appeal to a lot of metal fans who grew up on records like ‘Spiritual Healing’ and ‘From Beyond’.

Butchering the Colossus has still a little over a month before it does come out. But now that you have that in the bag, what are your plans for the future moving forward?

 We will continue playing live in the Chicago area and beyond, and we are also starting work on our next record. It’s going to be heavier than the core of a dying star…

Thank you guys again for taking the time to answer some questions that I had for you. And my final question will be, is there anything that you would like to say in conclusion to your fans?

Thanks for checking out our music. And as always, support music, not rumors!
Butchering the Colossus will be out March 1!
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