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"Blasphemer, Heretic, Defiler of the Sacred Ones. Thou art Deprived of Your Limbs. Thy Nose Shall be Split. Thou art Cast Down and Overthrown."-Cast Down The Heretic by Nile

Akouphenom: Flesh Sublimation

March 31, 2017

Hailing from Spain is AkoúΦenom and in 2015 they released Flesh Sublimation, a five track EP that is filled with disease ridden and death riddled blackened death metal. This EP is pretty lengthy for an EP as three of the five tracks clock in at over ten minutes which gives AkoúΦenom plenty of time to bombard you with their raw and dissonant brand of blackened death. Each song is pummeling, unforgiving and pumped full of wrathful evil that seems to seep out of your speakers when listening.

All five tracks are raw and dissonant and have a certain biting edge to them. Whether they meant to or not, each of their songs has an atmosphere that is wholly blackened and sinister. So not only are you being bombarded with sickening blackened death but you are also being subjected to twisting and ever blackening atmosphere.

More than just the atmosphere, AkoúΦenom provides you with slashing riffs, tumultuous drumming and dissonant and hellish screams to provide you with a chaotic and wicked listen. Once you press play you get ran up against a wall of blackened death mayhem. Flesh Sublimation does a great job of not only making the hair on your neck stand up from their sinister atmosphere, but they get you to bang your head and twist your neck all at the same time.

While Flesh Sublimation isn’t a release that is revolutionary, it still is a solid release none the less. Each track on this record is unique in its own way and each track is as heavy as you would like your blackened death metal releases to be. Overall, this is a solid release that provides you with plenty of content to listen to, and at the end of the day this will please the ears of blackened death metal fans.

All Else Fails: The Forever Lie

March 28, 2017

All Else Fails - The Forever Lie Front Cover.jpg

Hailing from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada is All Else Fails and four years after their acclaimed EP Fucktropolis  they are back with six brand new tracks on their new EP titled The Forever Lie. Much like their releases in the past, All Else Fails brings forth a brand of metal that is hard to pigeonhole into any single genre of metal as they mix together numerous. That being said, it isn’t my job to label them as any single thing, but to look at the music as a whole, and what The Forever Lie is is one hell of a solid release.

Each song on this release is excellently crafted and put together to provide you with a very heavy and memorable listen. There isn’t a song on this release that you won’t remember once you stop listening and ultimately you feel compelled to press play over and over again. From the very first note you know that you are in for a heavy, dark and melodic listen and through all six songs All Else Fails doesn’t skimp on any of those attributes.

From song to song you are greeted by pummeling riffs, heavy blasting drums, thick bass lines and vocals that transition between menacing and deadly growls to soaring and highly intoxicating cleans. Before you know it All Else Fails has you headbanging and singing along to each of their songs. They get you involved in this record nice and early with their powerful metallic anthems and they keep you listening all throughout without you ever thinking about skipping over a song.

All Else Fails does a great job with sewing harsher more devastating elements with the more melodic softer elements to provide you with a unique, captivating and wholly memorable listen. You are never completely bombarded with shredding metal nor are you completely struck by the softer tones either as All Else Fails does a great job balancing the two. The Forever Lie is a solid and well  rounded release that you can sit and listen to on repeat without tiring of it at all.

After their acclaimed EP Fucktropolis, All  Else Fails follows that up with another killer EP for everyone to sink their teeth into and really enjoy. Overall, this is a great listen that everyone should keep their eyes open for.

Incontinence: Prey For Us

March 28, 2017

Incontinence - Prey For Us Artwork.jpg

Arising from the depths three years after releasing their debut full length Infecting Paranoid Minds, Incontinence is back this year with Prey For Us. This new record is riddled with eight new destructive and skull grinding death metal tracks for you to break your neck on and bruise your brain to. Prey For Us isn’t just deadly death metal as it does have a powerful theme to it. “The biggest underlying theme of the album is the theme of being under control, losing control and misery in lower-to-middle-class America”, states the band. So not only is Incontinence wanting you to bang your head into oblivion, but they are trying to get an important message across all at the same time.

Not only are they trying to tell the masses of the oppression and control that the government has over the lower and middle class, but they also have a song on this record titled Escape to the Slaughter. The band states that this track here is based loosely on events that have happened in real life where some bison had escaped from a meat farm only to be cornered and slaughtered anyway. So, again, Incontinence is dealing with some topical issues within this record and what better way to do that and try to get a message across than to do it with some seriously devastating death metal?

The messages and lyrics in this record are huge and certainly important, but they aren’t the only thing that is on this release. Prey For Us also sports excellent musicianship with technical twin guitar assaults, bone smashing blasts, rumbling bass lines and monstrous growls that seem to bellow up from beneath the earth. Each instrument and each musician is on point on this record and when it all comes together it comes at you like a train and hits you like one as well. Each note can be felt as soon as it comes out of your speakers/headphones and before you know it, you yourself are bloodied and bruised from the listen.

You aren’t getting hit constantly with nothing but pure unfiltered death metal as Incontinence does throw in some progressive elements as well. Every now and then such as in the song Capitalist Martyr they break the song down, slow it down and provide you with some menacing calm for a few seconds before they break back into a full on death metal assault. Prey For Us is a varied record and it does provide you with tons of content to listen to over and over again.

This is a solid death metal release that is incredibly heavy and bone breaking and all at the same time it touches on certain issues that are happening here in the good old U.S of A. Prey For Us certainly is a record that needs to be played at the highest of volumes and as often as you can as it is one hell of a solid record.

Prey For Us will be released May 15, 2017 through Ultimate Massacre Productions.

You can find and throw Incontinence a like right on Facebook and you can find their music on Bandcamp.

For everything Ultimate Massacre you can check their store out right here and you can find them on Facebook and Bandcamp as well.

Profound Grave/Occult Pantheon: Immortal Chaos Ascends

March 26, 2017


When two blackened death metal bands meet on a split the end result is something that is entirely blasphemous and face ripping. Both Profound Grave and Occult Pantheon play a sadistic style of blackened death metal and the title of their new split is Immortal Chaos Ascends and it sports ten total song split right down the middle. The first five tracks belong to Profound Grave and the last half belongs to Occult Pantheon, but no matter which side of the split you start on, you are bound to be pummeled and shredded by a barrage of hate fueled blackened death.

Profound Grave begins the split with a brief intro that is a mixture of gun fire and choral singing, but once that is over, Profound Grave kicks it into high gear. For the next four songs you end up being subjected to raw and uncompromising blackened death metal. Profound Grave rolls song after song of twisted fury that gets your head nodding from the beginning to the end. Each of the tracks that Profound Grave provides for you are incredibly raw and unrelenting as they come at you at full speed bulldozing you without so much as a blink of an eye. Nothing on these tracks is over produced or over thought as each one of them is appropriately punishing with a natural raw and dissonant sound. Each song is filled with demonic screams, razor sharp riffs and tumultuous drumming through and through. There is no escaping the demonic assault of Profound Grave once you have begun your listen as your only option is to take the beating.

As mentioned, the second half of this release belongs to Occult Pantheon. Occult Pantheon begins their half of the split with and intro as well, but this time the intro clocks in over three minutes in length. The intro that leads you in is filled with the sounds of rain and thunder with a bell sounding off in the background only to be coupled with ominous orchestral music as well. This intro leads you straight into their first song I’ve Arrived at Charon Port (Omega)”which at first is a slower burning track that morphs into a devastating assault of blackened fury. After the track I’ve Arrived at Charon Port (Omega) an interlude titled Sailing Through the Seas of Realities appears providing you with more atmospheric and foreboding orchestral music which eventually leads straight into (Alpha) The End of the Beginning. Both I’ve Arrived at Charon Port (Omega) and (Alpha) The End of the Beginning are filled with solid riffs, rumbling bass lines, acrobatic drumming and unearthly bellows to provide you with a sinister and purely intense sound that shreds you nearly immediately.

Immortal Chaos Ascends ends with an outro from Occult Pantheon. This split is relatively short and has plenty of replay value. Overall, both bands play a twisted and sinister style of blackened death metal and both bands are solid and execute all of their songs very well. At the end of the day, if you are looking for something to sink your soul into bitter darkness as well as something that you can bang your head to, this split will be a good listen for you. Both bands are raw and uncompromising in their all out assaults and are solid all around, and if you are a fan of blackened death metal, you can’t really go too wrong with this release.

Saturday Spotlight: Convulsing: Errata

March 25, 2017

Australia seems to be a breeding ground for some of the heaviest music that is coming out recently and Convulsing certainly is part of that group. Convulsing is a one man band that mixes together black metal, death metal and some elements of doom to create a wholly terrifying, twisting and sinister sound that seems to crawl under your skin. Errata is the name of Convulsing’s record and it sports eight total songs of soul carving and flesh melting metal. Each song is raw and punishing and each note and the emotion that seems to have been poured into this record can all be felt through each song.

Each song is a complex and twisted composition that takes you on a ride through harrowing darkness and back again as you just can’t seem to stop listening. Convulsing does a great job of pulling you in and keeping you listening and intrigued. There isn’t a song on this record that sounds like any of the other songs as this entire record is incredibly varied and diverse. There is so much to listen to and for on this release that it will keep you busy listening for hours. And not only that, but even as dark and sinister as this release is there is something about it that is wholly  inviting and welcoming. Now that is an odd line to skirt but Convulsing does it very well providing you with tracks that are both entirely punishing yet completely palatable.

Errata is crafted wonderfully and there is not a single song on here that doesn’t catch your attention and there certainly isn’t one on here that you would ever feel inclined to skip. Each song is powerful and so well done that you end up having a very difficult time putting the record down or taking a break from the listen. Errata provides you with so much content and an incredible amount of diversity within each song transitioning between the harsh and poisonous blackened death elements to the abyssal doomed out elements to providing you with atmospheric sounds as well and so much more.

You can’t just spin Errata once as it deserves so many more listens than just one. Each song is just woven together expertly and the entire record has one cohesive sound to it which makes listening that much more enjoyable. Instead of sounding like eight songs that belong on other records, Errata comes at you as a whole punishing you with blackened death noise from front to back. This is a wonderfully dark and grim record that has you coming back for more and more and rightfully so. You really just can’t go wrong with this release and no matter which way you slice it, simply put, this is a great record.

You can find Errata right on Bandcamp.

Buckshot Facelift: Ulcer Island

March 24, 2017

BSFL - Ulcer Island.jpg

With a mixture of death metal, grind and power violence, Buckshot Facelift storms out of your speakers with Ulcer Island, a fifteen track and forty-one minute record that is sure to make you look like you’ve just had a buckshot facelift. Within this record, Buckshot Facelift does a great job of morphing and twisting their sound seamlessly between death metal, grind and power violence keeping you guessing as to what sound you will be getting next. Each song sounds entirely different from the one(s) that came before it and the only constant through each song is just how in your face and violent they are.

There aren’t too many moments on this record where you get to relax as Buckshot Facelift comes at you full tilt from beginning to end. The only reprieve that you get are when certain songs have intros before getting into the brain and face melting metal, other than that you are presented with a barrage of razor sharp and incredibly deadly metal. Each song is sharp, furious and gets you headbanging until you sever your spine. Once you press play you are greeted by the title track which leads you in to the record with and intro that states, “If you clear out now, I won’t fill your ass full of buckshot”, and really that sets the tone for the rest of the record.

After that very brief intro on the title track you jump directly into the maelstrom that is Ulcer Island. Each track that comes after the first is just as bombastic, chaotic and ripping and there is just no hiding from the barrage of metallic fury. Through each song you are greeted with slashing riffs, tumultuous drumming and devastating vocals that transition between unearthly gutturals, gravel filled lows and raspy hair raising screams. Overall, this record is raw, powerful and utterly devastating and after only one listen you feel as though you have been through the wringer.

Ulcer Island is an unforgiving listen and even though that may be it is incredibly entertaining and unforgettable. Whether you wanted it stuck in your head or not, Buckshot Facelift does a great job of stomping this release into your brain so that you have to remember it for quite some time. Not only that, but Buckshot Facelift’s sound is unique and not easy to pigeonhole into any single genre. Their sound is ever shifting and changing throughout this release never sticking to a formula and that particular aspect among many is what makes this record so genuine and memorable.

This is a great release from Buckshot Facelift as it provides you with a plethora of songs, a substantial run time and overall head stomping and shredding tunes, and really, you just can’t go wrong with that.

You can pre-order Ulcer Island here.

And you can find Buckshot Facelift and throw them a like right on Facebook and you can find them right on Bandcamp. Paragon Records can also be found right here on Facebook as well.

Decaying Days: The Fire Of A Thousand Suns

March 22, 2017

The Fire of a Thousand Suns - album artwork.jpg

After a brief and melodious intro, Decaying Days pushes you head first into the rest of the record which provides you with ten more songs that are filled with doomed out death metal. Decaying Days does a great job of sewing the two genres together to create a heavy, atmospheric and emotional sound that is all together memorable and intoxicating. Since forming in 2010, Decaying Days has released a demo that came out in 2013 and now four years later they have released their debut full length The Fire Of A Thousand Suns which could not be any more of a solid debut full length than it already is.

The balance between death and doom on this record is great as you get both in healthy doses and never does one genre steal the show from the other. Each genre works together in harmony to create a cohesive and heavy sound that gets you headbanging and following along right from the get go. Each song on this release-even the shorter ones that act as interludes-is crafted really well to provide you with a comprehensive, smooth and overall enjoyable listen.

The Fire Of A Thousand Suns is a record that is harsh when needed and melodic and almost serene when needed as well and Decaying Days mix it up quite a bit. But with that being said, each song no matter whether you are getting your daily dose of death metal or doom, it is all melodic and palatable. Nothing on this record is over the top or over done as everything seems to be done just right and each element works together to provide you with a great overall sound.

Not only is this release filled with death and doom, but it is charged with plenty of emotion as well and that certainly can be felt through each song. Whether it be melancholy, aggression or anything in between it is all very palpable throughout The Fire Of A Thousand Suns. There isn’t a song on this record where you can escape from all of the emotion that is packed in as each and every song is riddled with emotion including the shorter interludes. This just adds yet another element to each song that draws you in more and more and keeps you listening and keeps you coming back.

The Fire Of A Thousand Suns is a solid, well produced and heavy album that provides you with a ton of content to listen to. Each of the eleven songs is solid and the album as a whole is simply a great listen. Decaying Days seems to have waited a long time for this record to happen, and now that it has, I can say this is one hell of a good record.

Casket Huffer: Gospels of Scum

March 21, 2017


Coming seemingly out of nowhere to provide us with the sweet taste of death is Casket Huffer and their new debut full length Gospels of Scum. For this being their debut it sure doesn’t sound like they’ve just begun to make their mark on the death metal scene. This nine track release sounds like that of seasoned veterans as each song is well put together and well executed. But more than that, each song is a flesh tearing and thunderous death metal machine that rolls on decimating anyone and anything in their path.

From the drop of the first note you realize what a sickening ride you are on. Gospels of Scum is a twisting, blackened and rot filled release that showers you in entrails and fetid blood until you are buried six feet below it all. This release is as raw, blood curdling and blood thirsty as it gets and for nine straight songs it does its best to let your blood and spill your guts. With brain scrambling speed Casket Huffer rolls out putrid song after putrid song without so much as a pause in between to provide you with an all out death metal assault.

As the gnarled notes hit your ears you are taken on a wonderfully grim and destructive ride until the last note has been played. Gospels of Scum doesn’t stop for anyone or anything as one song melts into the next ripping you to shreds with precision, technicality and lobotomizing brutality. Casket Huffer has created something that is wholly perverse, foul and incredibly infectious as you can’t just listen to this record once. Gospels of Scum is a record that gets stuck in your head whether you wanted it to or by pure force, and regardless of the circumstance you keep coming back for more punishment.

Not only does Casket Huffer play death metal but they blend that with some punk elements as well to provide you an even more aggressive and pissed off sound. The anger in this release is palpable and inescapable and the more that you listen the more that you seethe with anger yourself. Gospels of Scum is a record that gets under your skin-in a good way-and works its way into your brain festering there for days to come. You can’t shake this record and you ultimately can’t stop listening.

Gospels of Scum is a ripping, decapitating wall of death and man is it fun to listen to. This is a killer release to say the least, and all I have left to say is to keep your eyes peeled not just for this record alone but for Casket Huffer in general as they are an incredibly exciting band to listen to.

Gospels of Scum will be released April 21, 2017 through Hibernation Release Records.

You can catch them and throw them a like right on Facebook and you can find them on Bandcamp as well.


Tirades: Here Comes the Rain

March 21, 2017

Here Comes The Rain Cover.jpg

After a near fifty second intro that chants “execution”, Tirades gets right into the meat of their new EP Here Comes the Rain with the song Actions of Fear. From then on Tirades rolls on providing you with six total bone breaking punk infused hardcore. Each song including their cover of the Circuit song Your Element is heavy, in your face and as pissed off as you would imagine. These songs aren’t just anger without a purpose though as each song has its very own theme.

Actions of Fear deals with people-specifically politicians-caring more about themselves more than they care about others as well as letting fear and selfishness making decisions for us. Blind Obedience/Scared to Death speaks out about how we will do whatever our leaders and our idols say without questioning and following in the paths of others instead of blazing our own. No Drugs screams about living in denial and hatred fueled by next to nothing and the closer Here Comes the Rain speaks out about our war against nature and how nature will always come out on top. So, with all  of that being said, this record isn’t misguided anger. Instead it is directed at numerous things and people including the entire population aiming to wake people up and have them realize that what is going on should not in fact be happening and that change is definitely due in the world.

Coupled with the outcry for change and the heavy and dense lyrics are the ultimately shredding tunes. Each song is a stomping hardcore and punk anthem that is in your face from the very beginning until you reach the final note. Throughout this release you will find yourself headbanging and snapping your neck every chance that you get. Each song attacks you from all sides making you listen and pay attention whether you wanted to or not. There is no denying Tirades and their in your face all out attack as their presence is very much known and felt all throughout Here Comes The Rain.

Overall, this release is a solid, heavy, neck cranking and memorable one. These songs are short and the replay value of this release is high and ultimately you will end up spinning this release more than you thought originally. This is a heavy EP that is sure to suck you in and get you headbanging within the first few minutes.

Virulent Depravity: Fruit of the Poisoned Tree

March 20, 2017

Virulent Depravity album art.jpg

As soon as you press play on Fruit of the Poisoned Tree you get hit with the song Serpentine Messiah and your brain immediately begins to tumble over itself. This release scrambles the brain and leaves you headbanging for hours afterward only for you to come back again and again for some brain cell frying technical death metal. Virulent Depravity is the owner of this record and within this release is ten songs of pure technical and melodic death metal for your gnarled ears.

Fruit of the Poisoned Tree is a well put together record from beginning to end. Each song is very well crafted and highly memorable and this release just has you coming back for more and more. This effort is already great as it is, but it seems to get better and better with every listen. There isn’t a song on this release that is lacking or missing something as each and every one is incredibly entertaining and heavy and when you stop listening you come back for more to curb you technical death metal fix.

Each song is played at a frantic and flesh burning speed and even so Virulent Depravity works in some melodic moments here and there as well. These melodic moments help break up the all out technical death metal assault and provides you with a different and unique sound. In certain songs such as Only Human and the closer Crushed By Futuristic Filth you will be headbanging until your neck completely twists around and the next moment you are thrown off guard with a slower more melodic and atmospheric sound. Virulent Depravity does a great job of providing you with variation and diversity within each song so everything is always fresh and unique.

From the head spinning musicianship, the larynx shredding vocals and the tight production, what you get is an all around solid record. Each song on this release is great and you end up just getting lost in all of the tech death madness. If you are a technical death metal fan, this record definitely should be on your list to pick up. You simply cannot go wrong with Fruit of the Poisoned Tree and you definitely shouldn’t skip over it if you have a chance to get it or listen to it.

Fruit of the Poisoned Tree will be out April 7, 2017.

You can pre-order this release here, at The Artisan Era Bandcamp or over at the Virulent Depravity Bandcamp.


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