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Pissed On: The Hanged Man

March 1, 2017

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With a sonic assault that will leave you in shock and leave you headbanging and coming back for more and more punishment, is Pissed On and their new EP The Hanged Man. While this release is only five songs in length it is conceptual and thought provoking. “Thematically, this record carries a narrative through 5 songs; a nihilist writes a final manifesto, in an attempt to warn the world of our true lack of purpose and the discouraging and sometimes relieving fact that we all die”, states the band about The Hanged Man. So not only does this release provide you with some neck stomping tunes, but it provides you with an intriguing and unique story as well that is told through the lyrics.

The Hanged Man is a disgustingly heavy release that whips you around and gut checks you every chance that it gets. It punches you right in the mouth and assaults you from all sides for five straight songs, but at the end of the listen you don’t mind that you have been beaten into a pulp as you reach for the play button again and again. Sewn together is grind, death metal, hardcore and other genres to create a wholly terrorizing, powerful and ultimately heavy sound.

For the majority of this release you get shorter songs in typical hardcore and grind fashion until you hit the last two songs on the record where the run times are over two and four minutes. The fourth song Shriveled Minds takes you on a wild and grinding ride for half of its length until you hit that one minute mark and the song slows down and beats you over the head with slow hammering drumming and screeching vocals.

As soon as Shriveled Minds is over you immediately end up listening to the title track with almost zero pause in between. The title track is a four minute song that takes a slower approach. In fact, this song is a slow crawl to the gallows as it burns along almost like a doom song would. You get a bit of buzz and fuzz, those hammering drums, sharp guitar work and vocals that are incredibly forceful and throat shredding. This song-as it was meant to be-is a great closer to this EP and it shows that Pissed On not only can break your neck through  mach five tempos, but they can do so with a slower burning tempo as well.

In conclusion, The Hanged man is a great listen and for there only being five total songs on this EP you get a ton of content. Not only do you get heavy and punishing tunes, but you are provided with a great story as well. The musicianship, vocals, production; everything is spot on on this EP.

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