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Attalla: Glacial Rule

March 2, 2017


Three years after their self titled debut record Attalla brings forth Glacial Rule this year which is a six track album that is filled to the bursting point with slow burning, head nodding tunes. Glacial Rule is one of those albums that is just so infectious and once you begin listening you know that it will be stuck in your head and you will have to listen more than just once. As soon as that fuzzed out first note hits your ears you understand that you are in for a doomed out treat.

What seems to be heavier than a giant fucking ice burg? Attalla perhaps is as they provide you with some down right weighty tunes that get you rocking before you know it. With buzzing riff after buzzing riff, heavy drumming, rumbling bass lines and powerful vocals, Attalla provides you with a great listen that glides along smoothly. Glacial Rule is an easy record to sink your teeth into and sit and listen to for hours on end, because even as powerful and heavy as it is, it’s still an easy listen to get into.

Glacial Rule is crafted very well from the musicianship, to production, to the overall theme of the record which ultimately provides you with a great listen that you can’t pull yourself away from. Each song is pretty lengthy but when listening you never feel as though they are. This record does a great job of captivating you and getting you lost in all that it has to offer, and before you know it the record has ended and you have to reach for the play button again.

This record is comprised of six great tracks that get you involved and headbanging as soon as the first note comes crawling out of your speakers. Glacial Rule is a low and slow burn to the end and it keeps your attention all throughout. There isn’t a song on this record that you want to skip and there isn’t a song that you feel would be out of place as they all play off of each other very well to create a comprehensive buzzing listen. The whole “sophomore slump” thing doesn’t apply to Attalla here as they present a record that is simply great.

Glacial Rule is a great follow up to their 2014 debut and really you just cannot go wrong with this record. It provides you with tons of content, great musicianship, great vocals, a great story and much more. As mentioned above, Glacial Rule is great.

Glacial Rule will be out March 24, 2017. To pre-order you can find it on Bandcamp

Check Attalla out and send them a like on Facebook and you can follow them on Instagram.

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