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Ibyss: Hate Speech

March 5, 2017


Ibyss has recently released their newest EP titled Hate Speech and since its release it hasn’t been accepted or reviewed by many magazines or sites due to offensive or problematic material. While that can be understandable at certain times with sites not wanting to review albums with Nazi propaganda on it or something of that nature, this is not one of those releases. The title of this EP is not the focus of all of it as the music inside is what matters and the music that is present on this EP is that of traditional industrial metal influence and Ibyss knocks that out of the park.

To begin the EP, Ibyss hits you with Bois Ton Sang, a more simplistic yet still a punchy and powerful song none the less. This song is paced out a little slower than the rest yet still drives a heavy tone home. With the punchy drums and the mechanical riffs this is a good song to start the release and get you acquainted with the style of music and the overall sound of Ibyss. After Bois Ton Sang the EP does pick up and seems to get stronger and pick up speed as it goes along.

What is nice about Hate Speech and Ibyss in general is that they keep each song on this release fresh, new and unique. Industrial metal can get stale and old after a while, but Ibyss does a great job of mixing their sound up for each of the six songs so that you do not end up hearing six of the same song. Each song on Hate Speech is twisted just a bit here and there to make a difference in sound to keep everything interesting and it keeps you listening.

Hate Speech is stripped down and raw and with the equally raw production you get a sound that is organic and easy to listen to even when Ibyss is accosting you from all sides with their metallic assault. Industrial metal is meant to be cold and calculated and Ibyss hit the nail on the head with that with the programmed drums, simplistic yet diverse riffs and spoken word vocals that transition to screams every now and then when needed. Hate Speech is a well executed release from the musicianship to the lyrics to the production and more.

In conclusion, Hate Speech is a good release that gives you plenty of variation and over thirty minutes of music to listen to. Good on Ibyss for providing a release that is thought provoking and causes people to talk about it, and the taboo effect that it is having just makes you want to check it out even more.

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