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Horte: S/T

March 10, 2017

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With a doomed out style of play, but not quite doom and not quite anything that you can really put your finger on is Horte. Horte is one of those bands that you have a hard time containing to one single genre as they bend numerous and transcend what is real and what is not. Whether you can pigeonhole them into a single category or not is not the main concern however. The main focus is the music as always and the music that is presented within this self titled release leaves you in a trance. This release is enchanting and snags your attention from the first note and keeps it all throughout.

It is hard to turn away from this record once you begin listening. It is obscure, thought provoking, memorable and unlike anything else that you have heard before. Horte have created a sound that is wholly unique and all their own and if you heard this record from feet away you would be able to identify it as Horte. This self titled release is smooth, melodious and captivating in every sense of the word. Once you begin listening you get pulled into the obscure world of Horte and for nine straight songs you just don’t want to leave your speakers.

This record isn’t just doom, nor is it electronic, death metal or any other subgenre of metal, it  just simply is. The sound that Horte has is all their own without identifying with any single genre or numerous genres for that matter and that is the beauty of it all. This release is just a stream of music for you to get lost in and revel in all of its ambiguous glory. With its substantial run times, this self titled release provides you with a great listening experience that has you delve deep into your mind and just enjoy what is being played for you.

The soundscapes that Horte provide are wondrous and vast and ultimately Horte makes your mind drift and wander through these soundscapes whether you are aware of it or not. This record has an innate ability to capture your mind and take it through soundscapes that have been unseen before. Through and through this record impresses and no matter which song it is that you are on you just cannot find yourself able to skip a single one as each of them are powerful and memorable in their own unique and intriguing way.

Horte is an interesting band, one that you can’t really begin to describe and when you can’t really describe a band or a sound you really venture into interesting territory. This record was unlike anything that I had expected to come out of it and what I got from listening was as wondrous, intriguing and a wholly unique listen, one that I will remember for quite some time.

This self titled release will be out through Svart Records April 7, 2017.

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