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Ensnared: Dysangelium

March 11, 2017

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With a demo and an EP behind them, Ensnared set out this year with their debut full length titled Dysangelium. This release is an eleven track debut that gifts you with corrosive and ripping death metal. Each song-including the five interludes-is raw, unfiltered, filthy and incredibly heavy. Since coming around in 2005, Ensnared have put in the  work and the time and toiled away at their craft, and now twelve years later they bring forth their burning cauldron of hate. Dysangelium has the sound of death metal bands of old and yet Ensnared twist it to create their own disease ridden sound.

Ensnared start out with Crushing the Meek of Heart and from then on they don’t look back and keep the death metal bulldozer rolling. Dysangelium bursts at the seams with energized death metal that melts faces, tears flesh from limbs and leaves you lifeless in a shallow grave. This release is a sonic representation of death and when you end up listening to this record you can get a tepid whiff of  the stench of death. Dysangelium oozes death metal and through eleven songs they make that very apparent.

This release is a flesh carving and neck snapping good listen and the moment that you hear the first note come through your speakers you know that it’s going to be a hellish ride to the end. Ensnared is uncompromising in their approach to their craft as they bash you over the head over and over again with disgustingly fetid death metal. You can’t help but to feel grimy and disgusting yourself after you listen as Ensnared bury you under countless bodies while you listen.

As mentioned above, this release does have five interludes but they play extremely well with the rest of the record. Each interlude is haunting, damning and sinister and they end up providing you with a sort of mysterious and malicious atmosphere. Generally, I don’t like interludes too much as they seem to break the flow of the album, but the ones that these guys have included in this record end up working very well and cohesively with the rest of the record.

Burning with malevolence, hatred, and pure twisting darkness, Dysangelium provides you with sickening death metal that you can’t get enough of. The old-school sound throws you back some thirty years but with modern twists Ensnared make this chaotic sound their own. Overall, Dysangelium is a great death metal record that will please fans of old and new-school alike.

Check out Apostles of Dismay. You can find and throw a like Ensnared’s way on Facebook and you can also check Invictus Productions on Facebook.

You can find everything Dark Descent Records right on their website and you can find them on Facebook.

Dysangelium will be out through Dark Descent and Invictus Productions May 12, 2017.

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