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Skeletoon: Ticking Clock

March 16, 2017


If you are looking for a pick me up or just some straight up entertaining metal, then I think a dose of Skeletoon will do you some good. Ticking Clock is the name of their recently released record and within this release you are provided with nine total songs that take your mind on a whimsical and highly entertaining listen. This record makes it really hard not to break the air guitar out and sing a long as each song is catchy and very memorable. From the second that you begin listening you just end up having a feeling that what you are about to listen to is something that will just entertain you to no end and make you jam along throughout the entire record.

Ticking Clock is simply metal that is suppose to be fun and be heavy at the same time, and this record is both very much so. Skeletoon mixes the heavy up from time to time as they provide you with scorching tempos as well as a slower more stomping tempo such as in the song Drowning Sleep. Not only that, but Skeletoon slow it way down with songs such as Watch Over Me as well as Falling Into Darkness. Watch Over Me is filled with prominent pianos as well as orchestral music and strong soaring vocals. Falling Into Darkness is an acoustic track with softer yet strong vocals, and yet after both of these songs, Skeletoon kick it into high thrashing gear once again.

Each track on this release is a solid one and each one gets you involved one way or another whether it be by headbanging, soloing with the guitar solos, belting the lyrics out or just simply getting sucked into the slower melodious songs Watch Over Me and Falling Into Darkness. This new release from Skeletoon keeps you listening and gets you to listen many more times than you thought you would. Ticking Clock is an incredibly fun record to listen to and get into. Nothing is over thought on this release as this is just straight forward, head nodding heavy metal.

Ticking Clock ends up working its way toward the ten minute closer titled The Awakening which incorporates everything that Skeletoon as thrown at you since song one. This track features the thrashing elements as well as the more stomping sections, acoustic elements, soaring vocals and more to present you a great closing track to Ticking Clock. Overall, this release is a solid one that provides you with a lot of music, a lot to listen for and most importantly, some great heavy metal.

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