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Distilator: Summoning the Malicious

March 17, 2017


Two years after their debut record Revolutionary Cells, Distillator brings forth their second full length titled Summoning the Malicious. This release is nine tracks long and the record as a whole is concept album about freedom across the globe. Summoning the Malicious a thrash metal enthusiasts paradise. Each song is headbanging, face melting and to top it off Distillator has that old-school thrash feel about them but twist that sound a bit to make it fresh, new and a sound all their own. This is a thrash release through and through and it no doubt will get you twisting your neck before you know it.

Distillator starts you off quick with Blinded By Chauvinism and keeps that pace going throughout the entire record. There is no compromise, fluff or filler in this record as what you get is nine straight chaotic thrashing tunes. Distillator roll out track after track without so much as a pause in between which means you just get zero breaks from the all out thrash assault. As this thrash tirade rolls on you can’t help it but to nod your head and headbang as much as possible and by the end of the listen you just might need a neck brace.

One right after another you are provided with solid song after solid song. There isn’t a song on here that drags the record down or seems misplaced. Each song plays well off of one another and each song is well crafted and executed to provide you with and intense thrash listen and experience. The musicianship is tight and technical and the vocals are high pitched and spot on and the production of this record is right there as well and all together it creates a great, thrashing and neck twisting listen.

Summoning the Malicious has a great overall sound to it as it draws from old-school thrash but twists in some new age thrash as well to have the sound not just be a clone. Each song on this record is unique and different in its own way which gives you variety and diversity within this record. This is pure thrashing madness and a very entertaining record to listen to and sink your teeth into.

If you are a thrash fan or just a heavy metal fan in general, you can’t really go wrong with this release. It is filled with nine ripping songs that you can easily listen to for large amounts of time one end without wanting to stop. Overall, this release is solid and provides you with enough headbanging tunes to give you permanent neck damage.

Summoning the Malicious will be out May 1, 2017 through Empire Records.

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