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Buckshot Facelift: Ulcer Island

March 24, 2017

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With a mixture of death metal, grind and power violence, Buckshot Facelift storms out of your speakers with Ulcer Island, a fifteen track and forty-one minute record that is sure to make you look like you’ve just had a buckshot facelift. Within this record, Buckshot Facelift does a great job of morphing and twisting their sound seamlessly between death metal, grind and power violence keeping you guessing as to what sound you will be getting next. Each song sounds entirely different from the one(s) that came before it and the only constant through each song is just how in your face and violent they are.

There aren’t too many moments on this record where you get to relax as Buckshot Facelift comes at you full tilt from beginning to end. The only reprieve that you get are when certain songs have intros before getting into the brain and face melting metal, other than that you are presented with a barrage of razor sharp and incredibly deadly metal. Each song is sharp, furious and gets you headbanging until you sever your spine. Once you press play you are greeted by the title track which leads you in to the record with and intro that states, “If you clear out now, I won’t fill your ass full of buckshot”, and really that sets the tone for the rest of the record.

After that very brief intro on the title track you jump directly into the maelstrom that is Ulcer Island. Each track that comes after the first is just as bombastic, chaotic and ripping and there is just no hiding from the barrage of metallic fury. Through each song you are greeted with slashing riffs, tumultuous drumming and devastating vocals that transition between unearthly gutturals, gravel filled lows and raspy hair raising screams. Overall, this record is raw, powerful and utterly devastating and after only one listen you feel as though you have been through the wringer.

Ulcer Island is an unforgiving listen and even though that may be it is incredibly entertaining and unforgettable. Whether you wanted it stuck in your head or not, Buckshot Facelift does a great job of stomping this release into your brain so that you have to remember it for quite some time. Not only that, but Buckshot Facelift’s sound is unique and not easy to pigeonhole into any single genre. Their sound is ever shifting and changing throughout this release never sticking to a formula and that particular aspect among many is what makes this record so genuine and memorable.

This is a great release from Buckshot Facelift as it provides you with a plethora of songs, a substantial run time and overall head stomping and shredding tunes, and really, you just can’t go wrong with that.

You can pre-order Ulcer Island here.

And you can find Buckshot Facelift and throw them a like right on Facebook and you can find them right on Bandcamp. Paragon Records can also be found right here on Facebook as well.

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