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Saturday Spotlight: Convulsing: Errata

March 25, 2017

Australia seems to be a breeding ground for some of the heaviest music that is coming out recently and Convulsing certainly is part of that group. Convulsing is a one man band that mixes together black metal, death metal and some elements of doom to create a wholly terrifying, twisting and sinister sound that seems to crawl under your skin. Errata is the name of Convulsing’s record and it sports eight total songs of soul carving and flesh melting metal. Each song is raw and punishing and each note and the emotion that seems to have been poured into this record can all be felt through each song.

Each song is a complex and twisted composition that takes you on a ride through harrowing darkness and back again as you just can’t seem to stop listening. Convulsing does a great job of pulling you in and keeping you listening and intrigued. There isn’t a song on this record that sounds like any of the other songs as this entire record is incredibly varied and diverse. There is so much to listen to and for on this release that it will keep you busy listening for hours. And not only that, but even as dark and sinister as this release is there is something about it that is wholly  inviting and welcoming. Now that is an odd line to skirt but Convulsing does it very well providing you with tracks that are both entirely punishing yet completely palatable.

Errata is crafted wonderfully and there is not a single song on here that doesn’t catch your attention and there certainly isn’t one on here that you would ever feel inclined to skip. Each song is powerful and so well done that you end up having a very difficult time putting the record down or taking a break from the listen. Errata provides you with so much content and an incredible amount of diversity within each song transitioning between the harsh and poisonous blackened death elements to the abyssal doomed out elements to providing you with atmospheric sounds as well and so much more.

You can’t just spin Errata once as it deserves so many more listens than just one. Each song is just woven together expertly and the entire record has one cohesive sound to it which makes listening that much more enjoyable. Instead of sounding like eight songs that belong on other records, Errata comes at you as a whole punishing you with blackened death noise from front to back. This is a wonderfully dark and grim record that has you coming back for more and more and rightfully so. You really just can’t go wrong with this release and no matter which way you slice it, simply put, this is a great record.

You can find Errata right on Bandcamp.

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